Bigg Boss 13: #7Days #7Contestants #7Highlights!

Colors show Bigg Boss 13 will get over soon with out of 7 contestants; one holding the trophy of the season in their hand.

Show this season made many records and created new history in the book of Bigg Boss. Season 13 has seen many new moments in the house which was never seen before. Right from Joy ride with Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone to contestants winning the BB Elite Membership; Bigg Boss 13 was full of entertainment with Fight ka tadka in between. In just 7 days show will wrap up and at present 7 contestants are entertaining the audiences. Thus, here highlighting the moments of all these 7 contestants of the house. Let’s start with contestant Asim Riaz who made the record of trending online with 15+ million tweets.


 Contestant Asim Riaz won millions of heart with his strong performance inside the house. Actors fight with Siddharth Shukla fetched camera attention many times throughout the season. And after the fight Asim was always seen walking towards Siddharth first to apologize. But amid all the moments; his dedication towards the show and task was praiseworthy when he accepted all the pain given by the other team members during the nomination task. This moment of Asim Riaz will always be close to his admirers without any doubt.

Siddharth Shukla:

Siddharth Shukla too made a record of trending online with 10+million tweets. Actor aggression was the highlight of the season. But Siddharth Shukla is adored the most because of his game strategy. His strategies made him win the tasks most of the time inside the house. Actor was always seen playing for himself but during the Robot task Siddharth played for Shehnaz Gill. He released himself so that Shehnaz Gill can become the contender for the captain of the house.  

Rashmi Desai:

Actress Rashmi Desai was accused most of the time for back bitching whole season. But actress act of hiding the stuffs can be counted as the highlight. Right from eating Pasta secretly, taking the cheese without the permission to hiding the tea leaves; Rashmi Desai made the highlights with her acts inside the house.

Paras Chabra:

Paras Chabra was constant throughout the season. His clear thoughts towards the task are praiseworthy. But the highlight moment of Paras is; he is involved more in cancelling the tasks. Right from train task to towards the end immunity task- if counted Paras will be on top for the maximum cancelation of the tasks.

Shehnaz Gill:

Shehnaz Gill is adored for her bond with Siddharth. But highlight will be her strategy during the immunity task. Shehnaz asks Rashmi to evict Mahira Sharma from the game. She tells her to raise the point that Mahira’s hand is coming out from the shell thus she can’t continue the task. Shehnaz’s strategy worked well.

Aarti Singh:

Aarti Singh was seen sitting with everyone. She made good bonds inside the house. But her panic attack will be remembered because she got it when Siddharth refuse to support her against Paras. Aarti got upset with Siddharth and thus cried hard.

Mahira Sharma:

Contestant Mahira Sharma’s every highlight includes Paras Chabra. The duos friendship is adored the most. And Mahira and Paras proved they shared strong connection inside the house when the duos counted 17 minutes for each other in spite of distraction.

So these are 7 contestants and their 7 highlights. Tell us whom you think will win the Bigg Boss 13 trophy? Shoot your comments.

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