Bigg Boss 13 Written Update 16th November 2019: Fight between Vishal and Bhau gets ugly

Today’s episode opens with Salman khan entered the stage on the beat of dabangg title song. He welcomes the audiences and tells the summary of whole week. There, Paras reads out the personality tag task. Vishal, Kesari and Devoleena accuse Bhau and give the tag of bol bachchan to him. Bhau defends himself and Vishal again accuse himself for using abusive language. Bhau explains himself.

Ahead, Shukla and Shefali give the tag of bol bachchan to Kesari but Kesari defends himself and refuses to accept the tag. Later, Vishal and Bhau do the argument with each other and fight between the duos gets ugly. Housemates ask Bhau and Vishal to stop fighting. Bhau gets the bolbachchan tag.

Devoleena, Himanshi and Rashmi gives the leader tag to Arhaan while, Asim, Shehnaz, Kesari, Shefali, Bhau, Arti and Shukla gives the leader tag to Vishal. Vishal gets the leadership tag. Later, Mahira and Shefali do the argument on directionless tag. Shefali gets the dishahin tag. Ahead, Kesari gets Work in progress tag. After discussion Rashmi gets the tag of slow motion. Himashi gets the tag of lost. Later, Devoleena gets the tag of entertainer. Shukla and Asim do the argument and Asim ask him not to drag him in his matters. Shukla ask Asim to stay away from him.

Back to stage Salman Khan ask to on the control room. Salman meets the contestants. He talks with them and tells this time there will be twist in the eviction. Ahead, Salman changes the tag of the contestants based on the audience’s feedback. Kesari gets the tag of lost. Himanshi gets the tag of directionless. Next, Vivo caller of the week asks the question to Rashmi. She asks Rashmi to explain why she said that Mahira will not survive for long. Rashmi explains to her and Salman ask Rashmi if she gets the caller point of view. Rashmi says yes. Next, Salman praises Asim for winning the hearts. Arhaan gets the tag of Bol Bachchan.

Next, Devoleena gets the tag of work in progress. Vishal gets the coward tag. Hindustani Bhau gets the tag of entertainer. Bhau tells to Salman that he has captaincy traits and can handle the housemates well because they fight for minimal things. Salman Khan agrees to him but ask him to start playing for himself. Ahead, Shefali gets the leader tag. Salman khan asks her to give the advices to the other contestants. Shefali gives the fair advices to housemates. Further, Salman Khan again praises Asim for being real and playing well.

Salman counts the names of the nominated contestants and says he will announce the name of the evicted contestant tomorrow. Here, Siddharth Shukla and Asim patch up. His group mates get happy and hug each other. Arti pulls Shukla’s leg by saying he is changing because of Devoleena.

Other side, Salman Khan welcomes the Bollywood star Anil Kapoor on the stage. He says now he will host the BB along with Anil Kapoor tomorrow. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Weekend ka Vaar continues.