Bigg Boss 13 Written Update 8th December 2019: Ex- Contestant Vikas Gupta enters the Bigg Boss House!

Today’s episode opens with Salman Khan entering the stage on the beat of new movie Dabangg 3 song. He welcomes the audiences and tells to them that after he left yesterday what all happened. Contestants inside the house try to solve their misunderstanding. Shehnaz, Shefali, Himanshi, Mahira and Arti do the argument on the aggression that happens during the task.

There, Rashmi questions Arhaan why he hides the truth with her. Arhaan tries to explain to her but Rashmi cries. Other side, Shukla talks on the mike about his aggression and why he gets hyper during the task. Afterwards, Rashmi ask BB to open the gate, as she wants to leave and has decided. Madhurima, Shefali, Arti, Himanshi and Arhaan try to pacify Rashmi. Shefali advice Rashmi and Arhaan to go home and solve their issue. Later, Salman Khan enters the house and goes to Rashmi and Arhaan. Rashmi hugs Salman and says she wants to leave. Salman ask Rashmi to sit and talks with the duo. He discuss with them about their relastionship. After, Salman leaves Arhaan apologize to Rashmi and hugs her.

Back to stage; Salman Khan welcomes Dabangg 3 cast. He promotes his upcoming movie. Prabhudeva praises Salman’s acting in Dabangg3. Ahead, Salman Khan plays the game with Dabangg 3 casts. Afterwards, Salman Khan enters the house through control room and talks with the contestants. Contestant apologizes to Salman. Later, Salman plays clarity task with the contestants. Task starts with Bhau and ends with Rashmi. Next, Vivo caller of the week ask questions to Asim. Asim gives the answer to the caller who accuses him for being double standard.

Salman further tells the name of the two contestants who are in bottom two. He takes Himanshi and Shefali’s name. He says now it is time to tell the name of the evicted contestant but this time he won’t will tell rather ask contestants to guess the name. Amid Shefali and Himanshi; contestants choose Shefali and Himanshi gets evicted.

Bhau, Asim and others cries for Himanshi and she leaves the house. Shefali cries of Himanshi. Later, the argument between Siddharth and Asim goes ugly.

Back to stage; Salman Khan shows Devoleena’s message where she tells about her proxy who is going to play till she goes back in the house. Salman tells Vikas Gupta is going to enter the house, as Devoleena’s proxy. Vikas Gupta enters the house and BB announces that he is the new member of the house and welcomes him. Vikas meets the contestants and talks with them. Salman Khan bid good bye and episode ends.

Precap: BB announces Siddharth will be taken out from the house. Shehnaz cries for him. Shukla and Paras meets at the secret room and the duo watches the game from there. Nomination tasks starts for the next week.