#Relive: Beyhadh Season 1

On the popular demand of the fans Sony TV is again witnessing the season 2 of the thriller show Beyhadh.

Beyhadh got the recognition because the show was far beyond the saas-bahu saga and in this show not the male character but the female lead of the show was shown taking the revenge.

Starring Jennifer Winget, Kushal Tandon and Aneri Vajani in the lead show successfully ran for one year. The fans of the show missed the revenge drama and the chemistry of the trio and wanted them to be back together.

Beyhadh is back with the second season and Jennifer Winget is constant in the show but in place of Kushal Tandon and Aneri Vajani; actor Shivin Narang and Ashish Chaudhary is sharing the screen space with her.

Well, if you are missing Beyhadh season 1, so today will take you down to the memory lane of the story of the show. How Maya fell in love with Arjun to why she died in the arms of Arjun- check out the full story and relive BEYHADH!

Shows story start with Maya Mehrotra (Jennifer Winget), who is the owner of the fashion magazine. This bold and brave personality lives in fear duo to her dark childhood with her father, Ashwin Mehrotra. One fine day Maya meets Arjun Sharma (Kushal Tandon) who is a carefree boy and has started working, as a photographer in Maya’s magazine. Arjun gained Maya’s attention when he rescued her from the elevator. Maya falls for Arjun. Here, Arjun  shares his secrets and talks with his best friend Saanjh (Aneri Vajani), who loves Arjun but he consider her only his friend.

Maya proposes Arjun and series of incident makes Arjun fall in love with her and he proposes her back much to Saanjh’s surprise. Afterwards, obsessed with Arjun Maya thinks to ruin his friendship with Maya. And the other side, Ashwin tires to manipulate Saanjh and Vandana against Maya.

Maya learned Ashwin’s plan and she killed her father. Maya and Arjun gets married. Later,  Jhanvi learned that Maya is Ashwin’s murderer and tries to expose her but Maya harms Jhanvi and she slipped into the coma. Here, Maya fakes her miscarriage and accuses Saanjh for the incident. Furious Arjun misunderstands Saanjh and breaks all his ties with her. After this show took the jump of three years.

Three Years Later:

Arjun gets to know about Maya’s obsessed nature and looks for a way to get rid of her but his efforts goes in vain. Meanwhile, Saanjh returns with Samay from London to India. The duo about to marry each other but Saanjh learned that Samay is Maya’s obsessive lover from the last eight years. Arjun too comes to know about Samay and Maya’s truth but he saves Maya because she was pregnant with his child. Later, Ayaan tries to expose Maya but she killed him too. Show again took a leap of six months.

Six Months Later:

Arjun’s mother exposes Maya in front of him. Arjun breaks all his tries with Maya. Furious, Maya kills Arjun’s mother for separating her from him. She also fakes her death and traps Arjun in her murder case. Arjun gets arrested but he believes Maya is alive and thus escapes from the jail to kill Maya. There, Maya joins hands with Samay to destroy Arjun and Saanjh. But Arjun convinces Samay and tells him that she is just using him.

Maya learned about Samay and Arjun’s plan and she killed Samay too. She kidnaps Saanjh but Arjun rescued Saanjh and Maya was proved guilty in the court.

5 Years Later:

Show Beyhadh again took 5 years leap where Saanjh and Arjun was shown happily married. But the chaos happened in duos life when doctor declared Saanjh can’t conceive and Maya becomes surrogate of the duos child. She fake her death and came out from the jail. Maya again started to plan against Arjun and Saanjh.

Arjun confessed his love for Saanjh and hatred for Maya. Obsessed with Arjun, Maya accuses Saanjh for snatching Arjun from her and keeps her at the gun point. Maya’s act irked Arjun and he shoots her. Show Beyhadh ended with Maya taking her last breath in Arjun’s arm confessing the obsessed love for him.

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