Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020 Written Update: Heated argument happens between Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia

Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Day 19; 6 PM; Pavitra speaks and asks Eijaz to remember what lowkey talk he did today by recalling that they nomination thing insipte she console him. Eijaz defends himself. Pavitra and Eijaz argue with each other.

Here, Jaan discuss with Rahul and Nishant and says whosoever becomes the captain but not Nikki because she don’t have mind. Nishant agree with him

There, heated argument happens between Pavitra and Eijaz. Eijaz ask Bigg Boss to take the decision.

6:15 PM; Abhi and Nishant discuss the task strategy. They decide to pick each other’s doll. Nishant and Abhi both agree they don’t want Rahul and Nikki to become captain.

Later, Rahul tell to Nishant that Nikki flipped. Nishant asks Rahul to pick Jaan’s doll. Trio discuss about the task.

Ahead, Eijaz and Pavitra discuss amid Abhi and Rubi who came out last from the house. Both get adamant on their decision. Eijaz says to Pavitra she is looking fool for this discussion. Pavitra says she is ok with it. Their argument continues.

Abhinav decides to settle the argument between Eijaz and Pavitra. He says he came last. Eijaz refuses to believe and says he will not agree with it. Pavitra says she saw Abhi came last. While, talking Pavitra keeps hand on Eijaz. Eijaz asks her not to touch him. Pavitra asks him to than keep distance from her.

Here, Jaan and Nishant keeps discussing whose doll they will pick and to whom they will back stab. There, ugly argument happens between Eijaz and Pavitra. Duo screams their heart out to each other. Nikki asks Eijaz to relax. She says if both will be firm than task will be cancelled. Eijaz says he knows and asks Nikki to make Pavitra understand. Pavirta asks Nikki not to her.

7:15 PM; Rubina and Abhi talks with each other and says dictator thinks they are principal. Abhi asks her to leave. Here, Rahul tells to Nishant he doesn’t see Jaan as a captain but he will support him. Rahul asks Nishant to lets flip with each other.

Jasmin comes to Pavitra and asks her to mutually decide fast else task will be cancelled. Pavitra refuses to bend.

7:30 PM; Bigg Boss asks Eijaz and Pavitra to finally tell their decision. Eijaz says for him Abhi and Pavitra say for her it is Rubi. Bigg Boss says just because no mutual decision they are taking thus he will decide. BB evicts Abhi and Jasmin from the task. He asks contestants to get ready for the second round.

Abhi and Jasmin get upset and says because of Eijaz and Pavitra they are out from the game.

7:45 PM; Second round starts. Again, Eijaz and Pavitra discuss on Rubina and Rahul. Rubina don’t have any doll. Rahul has Nikki’s doll. Eijaz and Pavitra evict Nikki. Nikki asks Pavitra to do something to save her. Eijaz says it is Rubi’s game plan. Nikki opposes the dictator’s decision. Eijaz says he is giving fair decision. Meanwhile, Rubi Abhi and Jaan discuss about the task.

Nikki asks Jaan, Nishant and Rahul to clearly tell whether they want her to become captain or not. Nikki says she wants to become a captain.  After quiet a decision Eijaz and Pavitra says Rubi is out. Rubi, Jasmin and Abhi defend and say Rubi can’t pick her own doll. Later, Nikki says her team is not with her so she doesn’t want to become a captain. She accuse that her friends are not loyal with her. Jaan, Nishant and Rahul defend themselves.

Nikki gets teary and she walks out from the task. Jaan loses his cool on Nikki’s behavior. Buzzer rings again; Nishant, Rahul, Rubina and Jaan run to pick the dolls. Nishant comes out with Jaan’s doll and Jaan with Nishant’s. Rahul has Rubi’s and Rubi has Rahul. Both sits inside the house and compete who will come out first. Jasmin asks Rahul to come with Rubi’s doll and he will not be at loss. Rahul asks Nishant why he flipped. Nishant said before the task he clearly said, he is going to pick Jaan’s and vice versa. He said to Rahul he asked him to pick Rubi’s and vice versa. Rubi supports Nishant. Nishant says to Rahul if he wants can misunderstand him his choice

Eijaz asks Rahul to come out. Rahul asks Eijaz not to instigate him he is evaluating things. Here, Nikki cries and Pavitra console her. Nikki decides to play alone. Rahul and Rubi both gets adamant and don’t walk out from the house. Later, Rahul comes out first.

9 PM; Pavitra hugs Rahul. She praises Rahul. Further, for the third round Rubina gets out from the task. Between Jaan and Nishant; Nishant becomes the captain of the house. Bigg Boss congratulates Nishant for becoming first captain of the house.

Afterwards, Rubi asks Nishant why Jaan got angry. Nishant tells to Jasmin, Abhi and Rubi that Jaan reacted when Nikki call her fake friend. Abhi says it is wrong. There, Nikki tries to talk with Jaan. Jaan asks Nikki to give him time.

9:45 PM; Rahul reads out privileges Nishant got being the captain. Inmates cheers for Nishant. Nishant is ask to distribute duties among the housemates.

10 PM; Nishant shares a talk with Jaan. Jaan says he is missing his mother. Ahead, he shares with Nishant about what Nikki came post hurting him. Jaan decides to choose friend wisely.

Other side, Rahul asks Nikki whom she considers her friend and later addressed him as a fake friend. Nikki defends and says she has considered Jaan her friend. Nikki cries and Rahul tries to console her. Nikki goes to Pavitra. She enters the red zone. Pavitra says Nikki she will get punishment for entering red zone. Jaan too enters the red zone. Pavitra and Jaan ask Nikki to leave the red zone.

There, Nishant says to Abhi, Jaan is back to square. Eijaz asks Jaan and Nikki to leave the red zone else they will get punishment. Nikki says she doesn’t care. Jasmin asks Nishant to take an action else he will be accused. Bigg Boss asks Nishant to sort the problem being captain because 2 contestants are in the red zone from long. Nishant asks Nikki and Jaan to come out. Nikki gets adamant and says she is ready for the punishment. (Episode Ends)