Bigg Boss 14 28th October 2020 Written Update: Kavita argues with Rubina Dilaik| Pavitra and Rahul gangs up against Abhinav

Bigg Boss 14 28th October 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Jasmin saying Rahul was blackmailing him. Rahul says he didn’t blackmail her. Jasmin lose her cool on Rahul and splashes water on him. Shardul asks Rahul why he threw water on her. Rahul asks Shardul to cross-check as Jasmin first splashed water on him. He says to Shardul don’t take unnecessary footage. Rahul says she is playing victim card. There, Rubi, Abhi, Shardul console Jasmin. Jasmin cries and says how bad Rahul is. Rahul defends himself. Housemates argue with Rahul. Nikki and Pavitra defends Rahul.

Kavita explains to Jasmin that Rahul didn’t blackmail her rather it was his game trick. Jasmin refuses to accept the fact. She cries and Shardul pacifies her. Other side; Pavitra, Niki, Rahul and Jaan makes their game strategy for ‘World Tour’ task. Here, Naina says to Jasmin that it is game and such thing will happen. Jasmin gets adamant on her thought.

Ahead, buzzer rings and tasks restart. Naina asks everyone to play task with fun and clean. Pavitra tries to snatch Eijaz. Eijaz says he wants to become captain and he knows he will be a fair captain. Nikki goes to Shardul and tries to take his bag. Shardul convince Nikki why he deserves to be the captain. Later, Nikki and Pavitra take Kavita and Nishant’s bag. Task gets halted for the day.

Afterwards, Jasmin discloses for buzzer task Rahul was about to fix knife so that none attempts to ring it. Nishant, Rubi, Abhi, naina and others get shocked. Nishant confront Rahul about the same. Rahul accepts he planned but he quit later. All accuse Rahul and Rahul defends himself.

8:15 PM; Jasmin says to Eijaz that Rahul was literally threatening him that he will hurt her. Rahul defends himself. Both argue each other.

8:30 PM; Abhi talks with Eijaz. He says Rahul deserves to get eliminated. Eijaz half-support him. Rahul defends himself. Naina asks Rahul not to defend himself in this matter as it will frame him only wrong.

8:45 PM; Bigg Boss announces ‘BB World Tour’s’ task is over for the day. He asks Kavita to shut the red zone. There, Nikki asks Rahul not to bring such thoughts. Rahul asks Nikki being a friend supports him. Later, Rahul cries and Nikki pacifies him. Rahul says he defense but that doesn’t mean he is not hurt. Nikki says all is framing him unnecessary. Rahul says to Nikki if she will go he will be alone as he doesn’t talk with anyone other than her. He thanks Niki. Nikki and Rahul shares a talk with each other. They talk about Jasmin. Rahul says Jasmin tried to copy Rashmi.