Bigg Boss 14 Live Weekend Ka Vaar 22nd November 2020 Written Update: Rubina wins the immunity stone defeating Nikki

Bigg Boss 14 Live Weekend Ka Vaar 22nd November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ekta coming asking contestants who, according to them, won’t reach the upcoming weeks. Rubina replies that according to her Pavitra and Nikki won’t survive until week 13since their truth came out. Pavitra says that if they are sweet then they are asked to be real and when they be real then they say like this. After Rubina, also Eijaz takes Pavitra and Nikki’s name. Jasmin agrees saying that Pavitra and Nikki’s names too, pointing out at the former’s fake aggression. Rahul takes Abhinav and Pavitra’s names while Abhinav takes Rahul and Pavitra’s. At the end, Eijaz, Rubina, Jasmin and Aly are left as the top four to remain in final week.

Weekend ka vaar starts with Salman Khan’s entry on stage. He welcomes Ekta Kapoor on stage. She says that what she did was just a trailer while now the immunity stone is there. She is all set to enter the house and give tasks to the contestants. The latter appear on screen. Salman asks about Ekta’s opinion about the performance of the contestants. Ekta replies that she judged them about their madness of winning, about their fearlessness and their passion and she has seen a bit of all in everyone. Aly feels nervous in front of Ekta.

Salman asks Ekta what is next. Ekta says that she is known to change actors but keep the characters so today’s challenge is that the contestants will play each other’s role. Salman asks Rahul to get something from the storeroom. Once he is back, Ekta remembers the big fight between Eijaz and Kavita. She asks Aly to play Kavita and Rahul to play Eijaz and recreate the fight. Aly and Rahul do that in an hilarious manner.

After Aly and Rahul, Ekta asks Kavita to play Eijaz and Rubina to play Pavitra and recreate the moment he sacrificed himself for her. Rubina and Kavita enact Eijaz and Pavitra. Ekta praises them and then asks Salman to do Pavitra’s acting. Salman does that. After that, Ekta reminds Jasmin’s breakdown after the task and Abhinav and Rubina handling her.

Nikki plays Jasmin, Pavitra plays Rubina while Eijaz plays Abhinav. Jasmin is then asked to play Abhinav who often gives lectures. At last, Ekta wants to see Nikki and Jaan’s bickering. Abhinav plays Nikki while Jaan plays himself. However, Nikki says that she isn’t like the way Abhinav portrayed her and adds that none can copy her.

After this challenge, Ekta announces the immunity task: she has shortlisted two contestants whom she will talk personally and the one who will win her heart will get the immunity stone. The contestants are Rubina and Nikki.

Ekta enters the Big boss house and meets Rubina personally first. She says that she is public’s and her favourite and then says that some opinions of hers try to fit into Abhinav’s ones but, while his equations with housemates are clear while hers sometimes get confused. Rubina replies that sometimes situation gets tricky for her and she listens to Abhinav not to disrespect him since, whatever he says is for her well-being, therefore she doesn’t follow her instinct. However, she promises that she will follow her instinct now onwards after Ekta says that Abhinav would be the happiest if she does that.