Imlie: A new beginning for Imli and Aditya?

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Star Plus’s newly launched show Imli has already made a lot of suspense in the launch week of the show itself. The viewers are already thrilled with the twist and turns that the show managed to present in front of them with their arrival only. While we have seen the central character of the show have met each other already. Both of them are really different from each other personality wise. While only has a dream to make it big for herself and her mother in the City by winning a scholarship program.

Aditya comes to Pagdandiya to fulfill his professional commitments and his goal is to meet satyakam and take his interview for his next story. Coincidently satyakam has become the common factor between the true and now when all three of them will be coming together and facing each other, It will be interesting to see what turn this union will take ?

In the episodes of last week, the viewers of the show have seen that Aditya is getting desperate to meet Satyakam as soon as possible and he is not even ready to wait for it for so long. On the other hand, Imli is able to successfully fulfill the first step of her towards success by winning the scholarship program from her school. She is enjoying her days in the village before going to the city with her mother for higher studies and in between all these she meets Aditya in an unlikely way.

In the upcoming week viewers are going to see that Aditya will get trapped and will be taken into custody by Satyakam and his men because they will develop a doubt. Satyakam will misunderstand him as an informer of police. While imli will try to help out Satyakam because she thinks of him as her big brother. Satyakam will attempt to kill Aditya and Imli will get scared to see the entire scenario.

Now it will be interesting to see whether Aditya will be able to come out of this crisis. will a little become successful in making Satyakam believe that he is not an enemy of him. Will this union make a way for the friendship of Imli and Aditya?

Only time will tell these answers. For more such exciting updates keep following this space.