Bigg Boss 14 Live Weekend Ka Vaar 6th February 2021 Written Update: Salman Khan bashes inmates for their behavior, asks Rakhi to leave the house

Bigg Boss 14 Live Weekend Ka Vaar 6th February 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Salman Khan entering the stage dancing on slow motion song. Actress Disha Patani joins him and dance along. Salman welcome Disha and audience as well. He tell Disha promote Salman Khan’s upcoming movie ‘Radhe’. Disha praise Salman Khan and shares on sets talk with the host. She praise Khan’s dancing skill from the movie. Salman next welcome Randeep Hooda. He welcome Hooda. Randeep tell ‘Radhe’ is going to release in MAY. Salman shows the first look from the movie on the stage. Ahead, Salman along with Randeep and Disha paste posters on the wall.

Salman shows Disha BB house and tells about inmates. He shows Devoleena and says she freaks out anytime and now he will meet them post she will leave and will take a class. Disha gets elated seeing BB house and housemates.

Salman does comedy with Randeep and Disha. Three of them laugh. Ahead, Salman meet inmates. He shock Rahul Vadiya and says because Nikki talked about Disha thus, they call Disha today. Rahul and Nikki sit shocked. Inmates gets happy seeing Randeep and Disha Patani. Disha promote once again ‘Radhe’. Salman asks inmates to go and watch the movie in theatre. Randeep praise Arshi’s Urdu language. He asks Arshi to make them meet inmates in her language. Salman, Disha and Randeep laughs along with inmates. Salman copies Arshi and all laughs.

Further, Salman performs ‘slow motion’ dance along with inmates and guests. He cracks a joke on Eijaz Khan. Salman asks Rakhi to show character Julie to Randeep. Rakhi performs for Randeep. Salman asks who is scarier Rakhi or Julie. Abhi, Rubina and Nikki takes Rakhi’s name. Rakhi thanks them. Randeep and Disha leave. Salman next tell before Randeep and Disha one more actor visited the house. Actor Harsh Rajput performs a task with Rakhi. Rakhi dance along with Harsh who is playing Vampire in the upcoming colors show ‘Kuch Toh Hai’.

Salman too promote on the stage ‘Kuch Toh Hai’. Ahead, Salman meet inmates and says now he will discuss and tell the feedback he got from the audience. He asks Rakhi to go to the theatre. Salman asks Rakhi last week he talked about line and alert her not to cross her lines. He says she is looking negative as she has crossed her lines inspite he alerted. Salman bash Rakhi and asks if she will make ‘shit’ paratha and will serve anyone. He quotes she also quoted ‘tharki’ and other abusive words. Rakhi tries to speak but Salman don’t let her. He asks Rakhi if it is her level of entertainment than she can leave the house. Rakhi apologize to Salman for her mistake. She assures Salman, she won’t disappoint him ever again. Salman asks Rakhi if she wants to leave the house or not. Rakhi says she will keep a control on her temper. Salman tell to Rakhi that if she reuses those words than BB will open the gate for her post he will leave.

Salman says to Rakhi because of her behaviour, he has been accused that he is biased towards few contender. Rakhi apologize to Nation, Salman and BB. Aly says there is something wrong in the place that people are going overboard. Abhinav agree with Aly. Devoleena appreciate Rakhi for accepting her mistake. Rahul shares a talk with Rakhi and Devoleena. On the stage; Salman tell inmates will soon meet their connection soon. Salman meet the connections. He introduced Jasmin for Aly, Jaan for Nikki, Rahul Mahajan for Abhinav, Toshi Sabri( for Rahul), Jyotika Dilaik for Rubina, Vindu Dara Singh for Rakhi, Arshi’s brother and Paras Chabra for Eijaz. Salman says Rubina claims things are done for content and asks Jamsin for her review. Jasmin tell her friendship with Rubina and animosity was not for content but it just happened. Salman says to Jasmin she meant it was natural progression. Paras, Rahul Mahajan and Vindu too tell to Salman, BB is reality show and none can create content.

Afterwards, Salman says Rubina thinks all are doing something for content and now he will go and figure it out. He meet inmates. Salman says BB is not content show but they give tough task to them to bring out their real emotion. He asks Rahul he proposed Disha do it was for content or real emotion. Rahul says it was real emotions. Salman asks Aly if his bonding with Jasmin was real or content. Aly says it was real but he was accused it was for content. Salman asks inmates one by one the same question. Salman yells at inmates then why they always highlight in this season that everything is done for content. He gets angry and says it is shameful they all calling real emotion ‘content’. Rakhi cries. Salman loses his temper on inmates.

Salman praise Rahul for taking the stand for good. Salman lash out at Rubina for quoting people behind the cameras are supporting Rakhi. Salman discloses to inmates that their behaviour is so rough that they have to cut 70% before telecast their mess. Inmates silently hear Salman’s yelling. Rubina apologize to Salman when he quotes she targets colors, endemol, Salman Khan and Bigg Boss. Rubina says she didn’t said that intentionally. Salman asks inmates to respect the work they are getting. His bashing continue on inmates. Aly apologize to Salman. Later, connections says they never saw Salman getting so aggressive. Inmates discuss on Salman’s bashing. (Episode Ends)

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