Naga Bhairavi 6th February 2021 Written Update: Yogi Shivudu suggests Krishna to perform Bhairavi marriage immediately to save her from Pranagandam

Naga Bhairavi 6th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nagulu and Malli can’t enter Vishwambari place because of the protection layer. Nagulu says this is the same place where you get attacked by eagles. Malli says true. Nagulu says some bad witch may staying at this place. Malli says who’s she. Nagulu says witch who wants to destroy our Nagajathi with Sarpayagam. Malli says she is trying to eliminate us to enter the temple. Nagulu says I won’t let her step in temple steps also, we must be more careful from here onwards. Malli asks who can be the person runs to Vishwambari’s place. Nagulu says I know that woman, she wants to harm Bhairavi family and combined with this witch to know the temple secrets. Malli says we have a responsibility to save Bhairavi family too. Nagulu agrees. Malli goes to save Bhairavi.

Arjun questions lord Shiva whether he is testing Bhairavi or punishing her for believing him and he questions what’s Bhairavi mistake. Malli reaches to temple. Kaushalya, Annapurna, Krishnam Naidu asks Lord Shiva to save their Bhairavi. Arjun says If something happens to Bhairavi than I will bring her to your temple even though it’s restricted, answer me.

Yogi Shivudu says Lord Shiva won’t get scared with your threats, think with your brain and implement with your heart, do what you can do than God will help you. Arjun thinks and goes to collect herbs he knows. Malli tries to cure Bhairavi with her powers but she can’t. NagRaj warns Malli to never change the fate written by God. Malli feels helpless.

Arjun makes Bhairavi drink the juice of leaves which gets power from his Nagabhandam and poisonous gas leaves from Bhairavi body and she gains consciousness with Lord Shiva blessings. Arjun and family members feels happy. Bhairavi asks how she came to temple. Everyone happily hugs her and they thanks lord Shiva for saving Bhairavi.

Bujji questions why they are thanking God when Bhairavi’s saviour is Arjun. Krishnam Naidu and Annapurna thanks Arjun. Arjun says God helped my attempt that’s it. Kaushalya says you attempted it. Krishna says you saved my daughter from big danger, they about to leave but Yogi Shivudu says it’s Prana Gandam, did you forget that how I informed your family that she have Pranagandam upto 25years, did you forget it? This is just indication of Pranagandam, only marriage can save your Daughter’s life so get her married as early as possible otherwise it’s risky to her life.

Sam goes to Vishwambari and tells how she saw Malli as a snake through a Drone camera and that girl is the same one who tried to stop us when we tried to enter the temple and you make her like stone too, don’t know why I saw her like Snake. Vishwambari says that girl is real snake who’s protecting temple and Bhairavi from us. Sanvi asks why she is not killing that snake. Vishwambari says she is Nagini not ordinary snake.