Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 10th January 2021 Written Update: Shivani evicted from the house

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 10th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kamal Hasan enter into the stage and greeted everyone. He says that last week he said new year wishes to them. This time he gonna wish pongal wishes. He is talking about farmers. Pongal is farmer’s function. He wish farming will be a respectable job. He starts talking with the contestants. Bala says his costume is good. Kamal wish them pongal wishes. He connected Hamam caller of the week. He says his name is karthick. He appreciate Kamal and saying to him that he crossed four generation what he gonna share to our generation kids. He says that he wanna question Aari. He greeted him. He ask to him that he used to question other housemates to improve them. Didn’t he done any mistakes here? He says that he done it and correct it. He asking to Kamal about cow? He says he too have cows in his house. He is sharing about Jallikattu. He narrates his story to them. Kamal apologise to them for taking their times. Housemates said his stories are good to hear it. He says that he likes that Virumaadi because he used to confuse others. Aari says he liked his acting in it. Kamal says that he wrote that story emotionally.

Kamal says that final is nearing. He ask them to say what they gonna say in stage once he get the trophy. Rio says he will thank them for voting him and made him achieve it. Somu says that he will thank them for accepting this somu. Aari says that he will thank them and says he played this game honestly. Gabby says that they accepted her as gabby for that. Shivani says she will thank the people. This stage made her understand her ability. Bala says that he understand his own ability. He played very rude and arrogant here though they made him won the show its make him understand its a one day in their life he is so greatful. Ramya says she will thank everyone for voting her.

Who saved by people? He will say after a break. Housemates deny it. Its kiddish right Bala Kamal asked to him? Bala is blinking. Kamal question him did he thought he was the one selected when he casually mentioned his name? He nods. Kamal says yes he is the 3rd finalist here. Bala starts crying and thank him. Aari hugs him and housemates are clapping for him. Kamal takes a break and leaves. Bala crying hugging Rio. Gabby hugging him. Ramya hugs him. They are appluasing him. Bala says that he got scared because he thought may people think him as bad. One week will turn his image ups to down. But he is happy to know peoples decision its made him so emotional.

Kamal entered into the stage and starts talking with the contestants. Kamal asking to the housemates what they are gonna take outside from this house and leave inside the house. Ramya says that she used to think others mistakes for nomination process she gonna leave that. Bala says that he gonna leave his anger here. He wanna take unity in diversity. Shivani says that she wanna take

Gabby saying that she gonna take outside the honesty and she is leaving over thinking and learning process she will take outside. Aari says that he gonna take the quality to question others. He learned to respect woman here he will treat them equally. Somu says that he learned many things here. He will controll his anger and never throws words in anger. He will cry more and open up more. Rio says that he used to go far away from the person whom he has disappointed with he gonna leave that. He gonna talk with all. Kamal says to him about one famouse book and shares its feautres of it. He is narrating its quality.

Ramya says she need one body massage. Bala says that he learned how to to fit his body without jim. He didn’t take any diet or food but he still maintain the body. Kamal praise it. Bala says to Kamal that he talk with Aari if he evict from the house he will buy a farming land and do farming. Then he will go to Goa. Shivani says she will spend time with family and do vacation. Gabby too mentioned the same. Aari says he will spend time with his daughter. He will help his wife in cooking. Somu says he will go and hug his mother and take his dog for walking. Rio says he will see his daughter and go to forest. Kamal appreciate Bala words and says to them that he liked their thoughts because none mentioned about mobile yet. Its an good one.

Kamal ask the remain contestants to sit together. While going he asking to Rio where is he going? He can sit with them. He thank him. Kamal said he is the 4th finalist. They hugged him and Rio thank the voters. Kamal says he will reveal the remain list after a break.
Rio saying to all that someone said he will never go to finals. He is sorry for it. Bala talking with camera for saving him and thanking the people those who voted for him. If he do anything wrong please forgive him.

Kamal entered into the stage. He is promoting one book to audience. Theni seerudayam’s Nirangalin mozhi. He congratulated them. He wished them happy pongal.
He starts to talk with the contestants. Kamal says that three contestants are there. Two are gonna continue in finals. One gonna evict today. Kamal ask to male contestants to mention whom will evict today as per their guess. Kamal saved Ramya. Ramya thank the audience. Kamal takes the card and shows it to Housemates. Shivani name is on it. Bala hugged her and says she played well here. All are hugging her and wishing her good luck. They are clapping for her. Bala says to her that he is feeling proud of her. Shivani asking Ramya to pack her things and send it. Shivani takes her pot and going to garden area. She gives coin to all. Bala, Gabby and Ramya gives flower to her. Shivani bidding bye to her. Bala singing singa penne song for her. Bigg Boss calls her as Shivu he advise to her that whatever she faced in this house is a test. He wishes her good luck.

Aari saying to Ramya that after the task its feeling hurt to see her going out like this. Somu saying she done her task well. Rio teasing Ramya that she escaped somehow from the eviction. Somu too join with him and teasing her.

Kamal Hasan entered into the stage and welcomed Shivani on stage. Shivani comes to the stage. He says to her that she fullfilled her mom’s wish. She is a action filled girl not a talker. If her mom came few weeks before she may done good. He appreciate her for the great work. Kamal says that he liked her way of behaviour. Morethen he liked her obeying her mother its nice to watch her not talking a word against her in the platform. She didn’t behave like a 19 years girl. Shivani says that she felt proud because he is appreciating her. She says that she entered here for fun but she learned a lot in the house. Kamal Hasan played the send off video to her.

Shivani starts talking with housemates. She says that all are finalist so nothing is there to say. She wish her good luck. Aari says that she was missing in this house but she proved her best here. They clapped for her. Kamal ask her to use this stage and become a star. She thank him and leaves. Kamal takes a break.

Kamal starts talking with the contestants. Kamal wished them good luck. He says to them everyone are winners for him. He informs to them that Pongal coming on mid week so he can’t meet them so he wished in advance.

Day 98 at 8.20 Ramya praise the chicken. Bala says that she didn’t even drink her cold coffee. Bala says that she performed well. Aari says her family will be proud of her.
Ramya saying that Shivani and Ramya go together to dress up. Bala saying that Shivani is a good kid she never shares bad about others. Such a super personality.

At 9.20 Housemates are touching good day machine and getting sweet words from it.

At 10.30 Gabby saying to Ramya they won’t cook for 1 week. They are counting the numbers. Lights turns to off there.

Episode end.

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