Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 14th January 2021 Written Update: Gabby took the amount and left the house

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 14th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 102 at 8.05 am morning wake up song plays at the house. Housemates starts dance for the song ” pokkiri pongal ” and greeted each other.

At 10 Ramya, Anitha and Bala are doing Rangoli. Velmurugan singing song for them to cheer them.

At 2.30 Archana reading the circular. Bigg Boss conducted many different task to entertain the people. How many peoples are inside but only one winner is there.
This task is only for the 6 finalist Aari, Bala, Gabby, Rio, Somu and Ramya. Bigg Boss will send money to them. Other Housemates are not allowed to advise them or utter anything. Finalist can take this amount and leaves if they have less confident. If they fail to take the amount within time they can’t take it again. Amount will send buzzer to buzzer. They clapps for them.

At 2.40 Bala saying to camera Happy pongal to all. Bala saying to them that they send cash. If they bring this amount 10 days before he may go out with this money but he won’t go now becsuse some voted for him. If 10 people vote for him its matter to him he will play for them.

At 2.45 Bala singing kaasu panam thuttu mani mani song. Sanam and Anitha doing rangoli. Velmurugan singing song Samyuktha Ramya are dancing for it.

At 3. 20 Bala singing his own song. Somu creating music. Housemates are encouraging him. Sanam bring another suitcase. 5 lakhs is in it. Sanam saying to them no one is ready to go out like previous season. Gabby going and take the amount. Rio ask her to place it back he wanna go and see his daughter. Gabby says that she is confident in her decision that she wanna go. Rio says that he decide to take it that’s why he is standing near it. Bala asking to her doesn’t she have confident to stay here. Gabby says she wanna go but she is having confident. Rio ask her to give the amount. Gabby says she is not showing it out that doesn’t mean she don’t have struggle.
Bala hugs her and says she is a proud finalist. He says to her that he is his first friend. Nisha scolding Rio for being worried. She says that he is looking very dull and mad. Why did he behaving like this. Rio says he wanna go out. Nisha says why should he go out only three days left. Gabby saying to Somu that she wish to take this amount first. If she late by one sec Rio will take it. Somu says atleast she can wait till final. Gabby says she need it and take it for her.

At 4.30 Jithan and Archana scolding Rio for trying to take the amount. Jithan ask him to stay for 3 days. If he stand in the stage he will feel goosebumps. Don’t give up.
At 5.35 Bigg Boss ask Gabby to say her final decision. She says to him that she is leaving. He ask her to leave the house bidding bye to all. Gabby bids bye to them. Housemates are hugging her and appreciating her work.
Gabby break her pot. Bala says that she has too many coins. Gabby is giving coin to them. Bala says that he got thatha coin. Gabby says i love you to all. She says she will miss this place a lot. She says miss you to Bigg Boss and wish them all the best for finals. Sanam hugs her and wish her good luck. Aari says to her he will meet her out. Bala ask her to vote for him Sanam ask her don’t do it. Bigg Boss says love you too to her. Rio hugs her and crying. Sanam teasing Bala to go out. She waves bye to them and leaves. Archana starts crying after she leaves. Archana asking to Somu when did she grown up to take the decision.

At 5.55 Bala saying to Samyuktha that he don’t like her left the house. He never thinks she will go like this. She take this decision unexpected this is surprised him.

At 8.10 Ramya reading pongal potti. Its to entertain people. This competition to wish the audience for Pongal. Part 1 is cooking competition. Part 2 is Uri adi. And last competition is slow cycle race. Sanam is judge for cooking competition. Ramesh is for uri adi. Bigg Boss says if he wanna participate he can choose one to do it. Aari takes it.

Both team introducing the team. Rekha teams are Rio, Archana, Nisha, Ramesh, Somu, Aajeedh
Ramya teams are Sanam, Anitha, Velmurugan, Bala, Suchi, Samyuktha.

At 9.20 They are arranging the things to cook the pongal. Velmurugan singing the treditional song to cheer the team. Housemates are appreciating him by clapping. They starts dance to cheer the competitors. Rekha is cooking pongal first. They shouts Pongalo pongal.

At 10.20 Sanam saying that its the first time in Bigg Boss history we are celebrating the Pongal first time. Sanam tasting the pongal as a judge. She announced Ramya team are the winners.

Aari says Pongal competition starts. Uri adi started. Ramya and Ramesh are blind folded and going according to the team direct. Ramya break the uri first. They appreciate her then Ramesh break it. Ramya starts dance there Velmurugan singing for her. Team B won the task. Housemates join with her.

At 11.10 Slow cycle race starts between Velumurugan and Aari. Nisha singing song to tease them. Aari wins the match.

At 11.20 Bigg Boss announcing that housemates never fail to competite each other. They never hesitate to say their opinion. They argued many times and fought with each other. He played their fem memories in the house through plasma.

At 12.30 Anitha talking to camera and apologizing to the audience. She is asking them to wipe the negativity. She is asking the audience to forget it all. She got frustrated and got angry according to the situation. If its irrittate them she apologize to them. She lost her father in this. She apologize once again.

Episode end.

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