Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 16th December 2020 Written Update: Hen’s farm part2

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 16th December 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 72 at 10.30 Bala is singing there. Ajeedh saying to Bala that he needs money first. Everyone laughs hearing it

At 11.10 Aajeedh saying to Shivani that none question for him. He says to her that he will lay near hen. Shivani saying to him that if they ask us to shop like before wit

Day 73 at morning 8 am. Morning wake up song plays at the bigboss house. House mates starts dance for the song ” kozhi peda kozhi song” and greeted each other.

At 11.40 Rio and Shivani get their egg. Foxes are discussing about the strategy there. They are taking the count whom gonna approach the egg first. Bala and Aajeedh never approached first so they allowed them to do it. Somu demands for second place according to money. Anitha demands for second place. Archana argues with Somu that he touched Ramya egg yesterday. He replies its the deal. They decided the count. Bala and Aajeedh dip their hands in pain and gets ready.Ramya asking Is any counting there? She ask someone to count. Archana counting loudly. Many approached Rio. Rio shouts that he touched Aajeedh tail and Anitha tail.

Aari says to camera that he touched Rio egg. His hands are very clear in it. After him Bala says to camera that he touched Shivani egg. In bathroom all are discussing that they decided to don’t approach grouply. Why don’t they listening. As per the order Bala and Aajeedh approached the egg. As second Anitha why did Aari entered in middle. Somu says he didn’t come there.

At 12.32 Archana saying to Aari that he came there but he is not in the list. He don’t have shame to do it. How could he break the discussion and touch it. He replies to her he don’t have shame at all.

At 12.45 Rio saying to camera that he don’t know whom touched his egg actually many hands are there. He touched Aajeedh and Anitha tail. They approached him together so he doubt whether he is out or not? If Biggboss send two eggs next he will consider that he was out and one means he will continue the game.

Aari ask to Rio where is his money? Rio saying to Aari that he don’t know whom touched his egg first. Both approached him at the same time. He even touched Aajeedh and Anitha tail. He is also saying its his hands so he asked to camera to explain him. Aari says to him he don’t need the money its unfair. He even heard from Archana that he don’t have shame. Then why did he treating him like this.

At 1.05 Rio ask to Aari that don’t take that egg without permission. Aari says to him why didn’t he fought for him yesterday. Rio says to him that he is trying to explain all this from yesterday that according to rules don’t approach grouply. We wanna approach one by one or two. Archana and Ramya too comes there and joins with the arguement. They keep blaming him that his game is unfair after discussing that much. Aari says to them he only has 50 rs Somu has 75 then how can she enter into the game its not fair. Ramya says to him that he might say it before the buzzer. He says to her hereafter he will play his own strategy.

At 1.30 Archana saying to Rio that Anitha is number 2. Aari entered there its totally unfair. So don’t give money to him. Rio nods. Bala commented that its fox task but everyone behaving like real fox. Ramya says fox having cunning mind she don’t have it here.
Aari says to her that she is brilliant not others. Ramya replies to him that she didn’t mention him at all.

At 2.20 Gabby gets the egg. So Rio is in the game again. They congratulate him. Bala and Aari puts an deal there that they can share the amount half half if we touch it. Archana, Shivani, Anitha and Ramya planning with each other how to approach it.

At 3.15 Gabby and Rio is inside the nest. Bala and Aari is rounding Rio nest. Bala hides his tail and ask Aari to adjust it. Here Ramya, Archana, Anitha and Shivani taking round on Gabby nest. Anitha touched Gabby egg from behind here

At 4.05 Bala saying to Shivani that we can play alone. She explain to him that Ramya says to her she will go if they shares the money he agree with it.

At 4.15 Gabby arguing with Archana for changing the rules.Ramya replies to her that they four approached Rio so we are left. Nothing is wrong to touch her egg.

At 5.20 Archana washing her hands. Somu appologise to her for doing it. She didn’t accept it.

At 5.55 Aajeedh saying to Somu that he done something there. He gives money to him as per the deal. Somu says to him that he touched it. If the deal is cancel then this money will return to him.

At 4.45 Cokoo buzzer plays. Anitha and Archana eggs comes there.

At 4.50 Archana puts an deal with Ramya, to save her. Rio , Somu and Aajeedh puts an deals with each other another side Shivani, Gabby and Bala is focusing Anitha egg.

At 5.05 Somu and Rio discussing with each other to touch Archana egg.

Buzzer plays. Bala ask Gabby to join the strategy she refused it. Bala touched Anitha egg. Gabby says abouts rules. Bala says to camera that he touched the egg. Rio touched Archana egg she refused it. Ramya scold Aajeedh. Then Somu comes there and touch it. Archana says he break the egg. Both starts arguing each other. Somu gets angry and throw it down. Archana gets angry on him for throwing her picture down..

At 7.10 Somu teasing Archana there. She ask him to leave the place. Archana complaints that he done everything then how could he tease her.

At 7.55 Biggboss saying to Anitha that we are almost reached the end of the show. What did she done inside the house? Anitha replies to him that she done many things which she supposed to not do anything here she done it. She faced many ups and down. Biggboss ask to her if her husband comes here what will she says to him. She replies to him that she will appologise to him first. She enters here after so many discussion. He may be getting all merits and demerits. Biggboss ask her to continue her game happily and entertain the people. He mention her as Kannukutty. She starts to laugh hearing it.

At 8.48 Archana greeted Biggboss he greeted her back. She ask him to make her listen Zara voice. He tease her. He ask her to imagine that she is meeting her Zara and her sister. He ask her to stay there. Archana crying a lot inside the confession room. Archana send an emotional message to Zara. He ask her to being positive. He ask her to say about the house. Archana says to him that its an fighting house she wish to win all with love but its failed. She got too much negativity. He ask her to continue game.

At 9.35 Somu says to her that she don’t wanna accept sorry then what should he do? She ask him to don’t do it. Somu says to her he didn’t break it. She question him why did he throw her image? He replies to her its not in his mind on that time. He says to her that he went to show it to camera.

At 10 .05 Rio and Somu counting reverse all lights turns to off.

Episode end.

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