Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 20th December 2020 Written Update : Archana evict from the house

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 20th December 2020 Written Update on

Kamal Hasan entered into the stage and greeted everyone. He says today is international Human solidarity day. He is explaining the meaning of it. Then he mention one Thirukkural and Bharathiyar words. He feels emotional seeing their knowledge. He starts talk with the contestants. He praised their look. He informs to them that caller of the week is there. Call connected. He feels happy to talk with Kamal Hassan. He feels elated hearing it. He says to him he wanna talk with Kamal first then Somu. He question him that he got many awards and having good acting carrier then why did he chose this Bigg Boss stage? He replies to him that he achieved lot but nothing made him this much happy.

Because he feels like connected with everyone through it. Not only elders even kids are watching it. He ask to Somu. He appreciated his game. He feels that he don’t feel the induviduality here. Somu replies to him that he is giving 100% in this house. Kamal praise Aajeedh for playing well in the game last week. He even got angry in the game and felt emotional too. He replies to him that Bala plucked his tail so he got angry. He appreciate him. Kamal says to them that everyone talked in the confession room.

Shivani cried a lot in the confession room she whined and burst out there. He ask to her how is she? She replies as alright. He explain to her its an mind game so she must be clear and confident. She nods. He calls her name many times and says he mentioned her name 11 times hopes she is happy. He saved Shivani from the eviction. He says to all its because of her hard work not his concern. He ask her to share something. Shivani replies that she was happy. She cried that day because she felt she didn’t done anything properly in these 70 days that’s why she shared everything to Bigg Boss. She is alright now she will play the game confidently hereafter.

Kamal enters into the stage after a break and starts talking with the contestants. He says let’s start with the Hen. All hens played different level. Different strategies. Archana done very well. But she got angry at the end. Archana replies to him that Somu break his egg but still he fighting with him. Kamal says to her its just a egg. She replies to him that he throw her picture down. Kamal says they even burned the picture inside the house on that time she didn’t get angry but now.

Kamal ask them to explain about Ramya’s captaincy. Rio says she took time to controll everyone. Somu deny it and gives best performer. Archana says that she felt inconvenience in the vessels washing or nothing else.
Anitha says she felt captaincy is well but she fails to controll all. Bala says she could have lead the luxury budget as an example. Gabby says she done well but one minus. When she was in Rio team she complaint that he didn’t discussed with her. This is what she done this week she didn’t discussed with her. Ramya deny it and says that she gathered everyone and inform this to all.

Shivani says she felt attentive is not well. Aari says that she took Volunteers in her own that’s wrong. Bigg Boss addressed her many time. In task she didn’t cleard it but said to him that he didn’t called her in confession room. Kamal saying to her that as an audience she should have understand the rules and explain to all. She replies that she don’t understand the rules honestly. Kamal says let’s come to the hen. Four are left in the nomination. He ask them to bring the hammer from the store room. He ask them to break from the order. Aari break it but none name is in it. Rio break the egg none name came. Aari break the egg Anitha name came. Anitha saved. Kamal ask Bala to break the egg. Somu name is in it. Archana congratulated him.

Bala walking in the garden. Rio hugs Aajeedh and Archana. Archana ask Rio to be calm. She knew well she gonna leave the house.

Kamal enters into the stage after a break. He promoted one new book to all. He explain an experience of him with that writer. He starts talk with the contestants. Only two left. He ask housemates who will go out? Aari says Aajeedh will be save. Bala too say it. Kamal shows the card to them. Archana name on it. She wished them good luck while hugging them.
Archana ask them to pack her things and send it to her. She ask to Gabby do she needs any jewelery. She says to them she will give her coins now. She takes them near the garden. He ask them to be happy. Rio hugs her and says she is leaving here as a captain. She breaks the pot and gives coin to Gabby. She wished her for her birthday. Gabby is crying hugging her. She ask them to cheer her. Bala says she is a tough contestant. Anitha says that she is a bold lady. Archana says to them she is so happy for them. She wished them good luck.

Aari saying to all that she is tough players . Anitha repeated she is an bold lady. Bala complaints that whoever went out didn’t ask to them to play for them. She is the one covered them. Somu is crying a lot for her. Rio and Gabby are consoling him. Gabby collecting her broken pot. Aari explaining to them that she cared for all so she wish to see them winning then for herself. Anitha says that it didn’t set for this house. Ramya says she is very active. Anitha added she left as a captain. Bala question them whom will cook for us then? Ramya and Anitha says lets share then.

Kamal enter into the stage and welcome Archana on stage. She replies to him that she is happy for this moment to meet him. He says that she entered into the 11th week so she missed this oppurtunity. He says to her that he is feeling her going too soon. She replies its very long for her. This is the first time she is participating in the reality show. Kamal says to her everyone said that love is her strstegy. She replies she never feel its wrong she will love everyone. She starts talking with the contestant. She ask Anitha to love all. She ask Ramya to play well. She ask Shivani to be happy. She ask Aari to keep the honesty. She says that Aajeedh is an good human being. She says to Bala she loves him inside and outside. She says to Gabby she is like a daughter. She says to Somu she loves him. She says to Rio that he is a winner. Kamal ask her to choose one captain from Bala and Ramya. She choose Bala as the captain of the house. As a part of the house. They played an send off video to her. He says to her he likes her spreading love to all. She will gain more love from audience too. He bids bye to all

At 7.40. Somu, Rio and Gabby helping each other to pack Archana things. Rio takes her emoji bord.

At 7.55 Bala thanking Archana for making him as a captain. He says to all that he appointed one bathroom cleaner. He says them to all let’s all help in kitchen. He informs to them he will ask who will do volunteers on that day. He says to them he will do all the meeting here. He ask vice captain to inform him whether any complaints. Anitha saying to Ramya that she thought as a game she will go but it happened. Ramya replies that she don’t understand anything.

Gabby saying to Rio that she is very emotional. Rio replied they fails to prepare before. Rio added that all are well prepared. He says that she survived alone as a bold lady. Everyone insulted her. He is happy because she left as a captain. They are saying that she is an good supporter. Rio says that he didn’t expect this eviction.

At 10.05 Rio saying to Somu that how will he play the fun task. Because they are picking words from the game. Shivani and Aajeedh are playing pillow game. Balaji commenting they shouldn’t beat the umpire. Rio saying to him that he only trust the voice and peoples. All lights turns to off.

Episode ends

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