Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 19th December 2020 Written Update: Aari and Rio saved from eviction

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 19th December 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kamal Hasan entered into the stage and greeted everyone. Game became a life to everyone. We taught to kids how could play with rules. We can’t say them as kids but we can teach them. Its the voice of 4 crore people. He ask everyone to check the friday episode.

Day 76 at morning 8 am. Morning wake up song plays at the bigboss house. House mates starts dance for the song ” Tera tera bite song” and greeted each other. They wished happy birthday to Gabby.

At 1.05 Anitha saying to Aari that she has no idea about his fans. Rio has many fans. He says to her if he has any problem he can sit and talm with her straightly. Even Bala clearing his point and apologising to all.

At 7 pm. Ramya reading the promotion of Hersheys. They allowed Captain of the house to take one Hersheys item out from the fridge. Shivani saying to Aajeedh let’s became an captain and take those items out. Aajeedh says to her he don’t like that idea. She says to him its her opinion.

Kamal Hasan entered into the stage He starts to talk with the contestants. They greeted him he too greet them back. They praised his look. He says to them its hand made dress. He shares about his father experience to them. He ask our youngsters to promote farmers hardwork.

Kamal says to them that last week best performer and worst performer task done well. He thank them for listening to his advise. He appreciated Bala, Ramya and Archana. Special appreciation to Archana for won the captaincy task. He says to them this time one different Nomination happened how was the experience? Rio says its different one. Kamal says to Bala that he doubts how will Aari nominate others. He nod. Gabby says to him everyone said frankly. Kamal tease her that they said frankly here then think about how much they will frank in the confession room. He takes a break.

Kamal enter into the stage after a break. He starts talking with the contestants. Aari says to him he saw everyone nominating everyone openly. Aajeedh says to him its nice but he don’t like the way. Kamal ask to Archana what was the perceptive she found out in the garden area with Somu. Archana replies to him that she feels its as number game. Kamal Hasan ask to her let’s ask to the opposite team about it.

Archana says they are not opposite team but housemates. Anitha says to him Somu, Gabby, Archana nominated her. Somu deny it. She says to him so she feels its number game. Kamal ask to them why did she got angry on Rio for sharing his thoughts. He ask to Aari? He says to him that Bala straightly said to him that he won’t nominate Shivani and she won’t nominate him. Bala accept this blame and feels guilty about it because its will show the difference in game. Anitha complaints to him that she felt Bala helping Shivani and Aajeedh to continue the game with him.

Because he choose the team first. Bala replies he asked everyone to break the pot. In fun task he participated with Aari and Anitha. Aari complaints that he gives best performers to Shivani but actually she went inside as worst performer. Bala clears with him that he may forgot the reason he gave. Shivani didn’t break any rules that’s why he nominated her. Aari added that he nominated Anitha that’s not reasonable. He replies she said to all she will learn and clean the bathroom but she didn’t that’s why he nominated her. Kamal says that Anitha didn’t went to jail so don’t need to bring it here.

After a break Kamal enters into the stage and starts talking with the contestants. He says that he saw fox and Hen game. He ask them to choose the best Hen and Fox in the game. Anitha ask him to explain the quality of them. He replies as cunning. Anitha mentioned Archana as hen and Aari as fox.

Ramya mentioned Hen as Archana and Fox as Bala reasoning Archana tried best in saving her egg and Bala’s strategy. Aajeedh says he about to say this but he is scared to mention it because of comments. He mentioned Bala as fox and Hen as Archana. Bala mentioned hen as Archana and fox as Aari. Reasoning he has both cunning and truth with him. Shivani mentioned Archana as Hen and Fox as Aari. Aari mentioned Anitha as fox because she is very cunning. He mentioned Archana as Hen.

Gabby mentioned Bala as hen and Ramya as fox. Somu mentioned Bala as Fox and Archana as hen. Archana mentioned Bala as Hen and Aari. Rio mentioned Archana as hen and Bala as fox. Archana gets highest votes for Hen. Then Aari and Bala got equal votes. Balaji says he is happy for that. Kamal appreciate Bala for his change and apologising to Rio and Aari. He liked this changed Bala then raged bull. He thank him. He says to them let’s talk about rules after a break. Bala mentioning Archana as Hen. She replies he is the hen here.Rio saying to Archana that two foxes are here. She is saying to them that she don’t mind anything but its not acceptable when they are talking about her proffession.

Kamal question them what did they don’t understand in that rules. Archana says to him that one time they will fix one rule and change it in second time like this happened in whole round. He ask to the first hen’s Bala and Aari about their experience. Aari says to him first time whom doing it facing many problems. Many approached his egg he clears it with Rio many time but none listen it so he too start play according like that. Kamal ask to Bala about it. He replies to him that he too confused with the rules. He even touched Aajeedh tail. Kamal read the rules for them and explain it to them. He appreciate Rio for explaining it to them often. Aari complaint that everyone played for that special power and money.

Kamal enters into the stage and greeted all. He starts to talk with the contestants. He starts with the rules topic. He break it so we can also break it. Its wrong. He says that Rio talks alot about rules but he got 0 currency. This is the result for the honesty. Kamal says that Aari’s approach is not well its someone opinion. Let’s clarify it. Bala says to him that his egg was broken so we discussed to don’t approach together. But he was the one break the rules first. He is not ready to accept his mistakes and blaming others. Aari explain his side. Kamal says to him he might accept it. Ramya says he is accepting it infront of him not to them just blaming others. Kamal saved Aari and Rio from the eviction and bids bye to the show.

Episode end.

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