Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 21st December 2020 Written Update: Maatniya task

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 21st December 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 78
At 8.05 am. Morning wake up song plays at the house. Housemates starts dance for the song vethalaya pottendi. Then greeted each other.

At 8.40 Anitha asking Dhall to Gabby. Somu says to her lets cook what prepared yesterday. Rio teasing gabby that she don’t know cooking but all are asking doubt to Gabby its an good improvement.

At 11.20 Shivani question to Bala and Aajeedh where is her chocolate. She complaints that they stoled her chocolate. Bala says to her that he gifted that chocolate to her. Shivani shouts loudly for her chocolate. Anitha says to her that she will get panic of high pitch. She replies to her that she don’t care about it. Anitha complaint to the captain that she will get panic hearing high noise. Or gets dizzy she don’t wanna create a problem for it so clear it with her. Bala advised to her by explaining her problem. Shivani compared her behaviours with her. She apologise to her.

At 12.40 BiggBoss ask the housemates to nominate two person with valid reason to evict from this house. Aari nominated

Bala nominated Aari for blaming others and Gabby for getting angry for small small things. Ajeedh nominated Anitha because she says to Kamal sir that Bala helping him to play in the game. But he never done like that. He nominated Aari because he is always blaming others. Rio nominated Anitha reasoning she got influenced a lot. She misunderstand the game and following someone play and applying it here and arguing with all. Then Aari he breaks his confident many time. He used to a
Somu nominated Shivani reasoning that she is less competitive here.then Aajeedh for depending on others. Gabby nominated Anitha because she is getting angry soon and arguing with all unnecesaarily. She played the fox game wrongly. She says to him that she approached her wrongly. Then Shivani for less sportsmanship.

Shivani nominated Aari because he is not giving actual reason but blaming others for everything.Ramya nominated Aari because he is always blaming others. Shivani for not playing the game well.Anitha nominated Shivani for less competitive. Then Aajeedh for depending on Bala. Aari nominated Shivani reasoning she is not playing alone always depend on Bala. Shivani for not having sportsmanship.

BiggBoss announce the result of nomination. He says the reasons they nominated inside. Aari, Aajeedh, Shivani, Anitha and Gabby. They are the nominated list. They clapps each other. Rio and Somu gets surprised hearing it.

At 1.30 Rio , Somu and Gabby are hugging each other to console. Rio and Somu are teasing her before evicting from house and asking her to meet his wife. Somu ask her to meet his kuttu. Rio ask her to scold Gabby.

At 2.15 Bala saying to Ramya that he is taking incharge of it. He is complaint to Shivani that she might measure the milk. She is complaint to him back that she just helping her that he can question the incharge of it. Both Bala and Shivani starts to argue with each other over the milk matter. Gabby asking him to talk with her instead of Shivani. He question her then why did she doing volunteer work he might explain to her. She complaint to Ramya that Bala scold her for taking extra milk. Shivani saying to him that its insulting her. She is not here to take milk. Bala says to her that she misunderstand her.

At 3. 20 Ramya talking to the santa clause that today nomination process done today. All came out in minutes but one person took hours do you know who is it? She whispered to him don’t think its as Aari its her. Ajeedh laughs hearing it.

At 3.30 Bala saying to Shivani that he tries to make clear with her but she didn’t understand him. Shivani says to him that he showed his captaincy attittude to her.
Gabby complaining to Rio that no one cleaning the kitchen she complained many time. Bala ask to Shivani doesn’t she reacting like this to him only? She replies as no. She apologise to him.

At 4.05 Bala saying to all that he don’t like shortage of ration. So he wish to add one more person to check the ration. We are less people inside the house so let’s use things minimum amount and save it for later. Ramya says to him that dailu two packet milk will come. We can use one for curd then. Anitha says to him that she don’t know to prepare tea so she don’t care about ration. Bala ask them if they wanna change anything or suggestion? They replies as no.

At 4.25 Bala saying to him that he wish to change the captain because she didn’t reply to him correctly. He leave that matter because he don’t wanna create new problem. Why did he gives responsibility to her because she know cooking but she replying to him that she don’t know to prepare tea so she don’t care anout the ration.

At 5.25 Anitha reading new task name ” Maattiniya” All housemates wanna participate in this game. Two person should come infront. Whom touching othere hand first gets chance to question the person. They wanna question which mentioned in the chit which placed in the bowl.

At 5.30 Aari and Ramya forwarding the hand. Anitha ask him to play. Aari question Ramya. Whom will be her next nomination list? She replies as Gabby and Aari.
Aari and Rio. He question him which statement went wrong with whom? He replies as Anitha. He about to give good message to her but it went wrong.Bala won with Anitha. He question her whose contribution is hurting her. She mentioned that Aari he is playing vengence game here. She is feeling it from Fox task. Both starts to argue with each other for it
Bala question Gabby that which is her favourite task ? She replies as Manikkoondu task. Shivani question Anitha who is demotivated here? He mentioned Anitha. She shares her feelings to Archana that she don’t know how will her family accept her. He mention her husband name so Anitha starts arguement with him for taking her husband name. Don’t take her husband, Mom and Dad. He is arguing with her back. Anitha keeps saying to him don’t take her family in the stage. Rio, Ramya and Bala says to him that don’t take the family name. He mentioned his reason. Anitha saying to him he is taking vengence on her. Aari replies to her that she is doing this all for TRP. She question Rio who is carrying baggage on this house and now left all and behaving normal with all. Rio mentioned himself. He changed now but before he is not like that.

Anitha question him that who can reach till final and sacrificing her talent for whom. He mention Shivani name reasoning she will reach till final and Bala win the game this is what her thinking. He explains to her that she mentioned it on one task. Shivani clears with him that she never think like that yet.

At 7.55 Gabby asking to Aari where he felt injustice. Aari replies as Anitha matter. Somu question Aari who is fighting always? He mentioned Bala and Anitha. Now he changed all. Somu question to Bala who is the best kitchen team. He mentioned Archana team is good team and Rekha team is bad.

Rio question Aari what is influence. He replies to him that he find the caller task was influence. Rio question Ramya whom nominated whom? Ramya addressed everyone name there.

At 9.50 Aari complaining to Somu that Ramya is always supporting Bala always. Her opinion are expressed through Aajeedh. Aari complain that Bala never accept his mistakes same goes with Anitha.

At 10.15 Anitha saying to Ramya that she shared with Archana that night seeing Gabby’s birthday wish from her parents so she miss her parents. Ramya saying to her that she always feels that he is mentioning all baggage in that arguement. Atleast he can stop after mentioning don’t take parents name. How will she stay silent when did he bring her husband name in it.

At 11 all lights turns to off in the housen. Rio and Gabby are admiring the house lights.

At 2.20 Aari saying to Camera that he is sorry for everything what happrned with Anitha. He don’t have any intention to hurt her family at all.

Episode end

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