Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 22nd December 2020 Written Update: Ball catch task

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 22nd December 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 79 at 8.09 morning wake up song plays at the house. Housemates starts dance for the song ” Mukkala Mukkappla song” then greeted each other.

At 9.15 Aajeedh singing song. Shivani is teasing him with her rhyming words. He is replying to him that its so irrittating to him.

At 1.05 Ramya reading new task name B for Ball. C for catch. Ball catch task. Pipes sets in the garden area. Big ball consider at 20 points. Small ball consider as 10 points. Short then that consider as 5 points. Housemates wanna divide into two groups. They can choose their team. They wanna catch the ball whenever the alaram plays. Which team collecting more balls will be the winner.

At 1.15 Bala saying to all let’s divide team and gives incharge. Gabby deny it and says let’s take the responsibility at each. Bala says to him then problem will comes. Aari says only 4 girls are here so lets divide with two two each. Bala puts Somu as incharge of one team and Gabby for another. Gabby says to him that everyone will blame her if its goes wrong. Bala says to her if she don’t like the responsibility she can reject it. Gabby repeats to him again that she don’t wanna get blames by others don’t misunderstand her. Bala ask Aari to take incharge for Team B. Aari takes Anitha, Aajedh, Shivani in his team. Somu takes Ramya, Rio and Gabby. Bala round the bottle it turns to Aari team so he joins with them.

At 1.25 All housemates gathered in garden area and checking the game settings there. Gabby saying to Rio that Bala is trying to separate her from Somu. First he separated Somu from Aari now her. Rio too agree with her points.

At 1.45 Ramya saying to Somu that they are dividing the team with heights. Big ball can catch by the tall one and short one will catch the small one. Rio asking them to concentrate on all balls. We shouldn’t allow the balls to fall down. Bala saying to them they can take it from centre. He alert him that rules will change according to the task

At 2 05. Syrun plays. Ball comes Rio catch it. Team A get 20 points. BiggBoss congrats them for taking big points. Bala complaint to Aajeedh that its has no sign. They changed the rules. BiggBoss ask to them did they understand the game. They nods. Bala measuring the place and stands in the centre.

At 2.35 syrun plays they starts play the game. Rio teams are catching the many balls. Somu complaining to Bala that he is disturbing him. Bala clears with him that he crossed the line and he just standing there. Somu keeps arguing with him that Bala hitting him with his shoulder. Bala clears with him that if they blames him he will also reply him in that manner too.

At 5.20 Bala saying to them he will attempt this time. Then they can play their turn then. Because they loss the ball first two time. Let’s separate it and catch it. Rio team also discussing about the strategy to catch the ball. Ramya saying to him that she will stand away from the line to catch the extra one.

At 5.40 Next syrun comes. Everyone arranged in their position. Bala team catch the small ball. Rio team catch the big one. Biggboss announce that their first round is over they wanna give the counts infront of camera. Team A gives their count as 90 and Team B as 50

At 6.50 Bala saying to Aari that he don’t feel to stand there. Somu pushing his hand and blaming him so its affecting his metality of game. Even Aajeedh too complained that. Bala says to him that he is complaining like kids. Shoulder is hitting while playing is usual one what’s their problem. Aari saying to Bala that Somu is like kid fight first and apologise next.

At 7 pm. Ramya reading the 3rd round rules. That this round new rules added. They can take the ball which is falling down.
Bala saying to Somu lets try to catch it then pushing it down. If we follow the rules then no problem will comes between them. If the balls fall on their side they can take it if its fall on his side he will take it. Somu agree with his idea.

At 7.15 syurun plays. Teams formed Rio team is leading now. Aari team miss it this time also. They cheered each other. Ramya and Somu catch the ball.

At 8.05 Another ball comes Anitha catch it. Aajeedh saying to Aari that let’s jump. He saying to him it will be unfair then. Ramya saying to Somu that they are rounding there.

At 9.55 Ramya reading the second part announced. This round they will get one danger ball. It will be like red ball if they touch it or catch it then that group score will be consider as zero. From both team two contestant wanna watch it. This task will continue the whole night. Team A appointed Gabby as the spy and Team B as Anitha.

At 10.05 Rio saying to his team that we need our points. We shouldn’t loss it at any cost. We can catch the remain one. But don’t touch the red ball. Bala saying to his team that we have nothing to loss let’s catch it with full power. They are cheering with each other.

At 10.15 syrun plays. Teams formed Bala touched the red ball. They loss their all points. Again one more ball comes they touch it too. Bala laughs. Ramya team laughed seeing it.

At 11.10 Rio team are eating Syrun plays. They rushed to the garden and starts catching the ball.

At 12 pm. All lights turns to off. Anitha says so task is over right?but if we sleep then loss is ours.

At 3.20 Bala team are dancing for the song. Kaathu adikkuthu kaathu adikkuthu. Anitha and Shivani are dancing for the song Bala and Aajeedh are singing.

At 4 am. Bala asking to them did they feel fresh now. They are talking with pipe through BiggBoss and asking to send ball. They are makong fun of all. Rio teams are sleeping there.

At 4.20 Anitha is talking to BiggBoss through the pipe. Anitha can’t able to adjust with the height. Ajeedh teasing her even after standing in stool she can’t able to adjust with the height. Syrun plays. Everyone gathered there. Big red ball comes there its touched Bala body and Aari. Gabby noticed it and says to Rio its didn’t touched their hands.

Episode end.

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