Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 23rd December 2020 Written Update: Rio got rank 1st in the task

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 23rd December 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 79 at 5 am. Syrun plays at the house. Balls comes there. Everyone miss to catch it and searching it in down. Bala asking to his team why did they pushing him away. He was supposed to take the ball. He ask to Shivani why did she pushed it away. She replies to him that she didn’t done it. Bala says to them some one will spoil the game always. Shivani gets angry on him and leaves crying.

At Day 80 at morning 8 am. Morning wake up song plays at the house. Housemates starts to dance for the song ” Oodi oodi vilayada ” and greeted each other. Syrun plays big ball comes. All turns to be alert and miss the ball. Anitha takes it. They appreciate her works.

At 8.25 Aari complaining to the captain that they wasted dhall. They puts dhall in water on sunday morning and its didn’t take after that. Yesterday they throw it in dustbin. Ramya wasting food. Bala questioning regarding it to Ramya. She replies to him that they done it for Pongal but mistakenly they put chana dhal in it. That’s why its got wasted. Ramya says to him that Aari wasted the food. Its not considered right? He replies both are wrong.

In garden area Anitha saying to Ramya about this matter. Ajeedh replies to her its not a big matter. Anitha agrees with it. Bala explaining to her its his duty to question all from his position. Anitha keeps dragged this matter. So Bala enquired all and blames Anitha.

At 12 pm Aari reading the third part rules of the game. Housemates wanna divide

At 12.05 Aari saying to all let’s divide the points equally. Because they are having less point. If we gives high points to someone and less to another its not fair. They decides to share equally.

Team B points. Bala saying to camera that he got 22 points. Shivani 22, Aajeedh 22, Anitha 22.
Team A points. Ramya saying to camera that she got 53 ,Somu 54 ,Gabby 54, and Rio saying he got 55 points.

Bala saying to Aari that Gabby assures to him that she will take care of it. He ask Aari to take care of his side too. He assures to him he will take care of it.

At 12.20 Anitha complaining to Ramya that she don’t like the way he is treating her. He is targetting her. All are there why did he only questioninh her. Its rude to her its not school to follow the rules. Ver kiddish. She don’t like to apologise to her even though its her mistake.

At 1.50 Anitha saying to captain that its her mistake to waste dhall. But its an team work everyone sharing the works. She don’t like to apologise him because he only questioned her not to the team. Its feel like he is targetting him. Bala saying to Aajeedh that she is the captain its her responsibility to take care of the ration and the team. He didn’t complaint anything though he asked it because he got the complaint. Anitha says to him its her mistakes but she don’t wanna appologise. Bala apologise to her if he is harsh towards her. He is not targetting her.

At 2.10 syrun plays. Anitha name shown in the plasma Tv. She missed it. Bala name comes next. He catch it. Rio name comes next he too catch it.

At 3.45 Ramya name comes she catch the ball. Bala name comes next he missed it. Anitha name comes next she catch it. Shivani name comes next she catch it. Aajeedh name comes he catch it. Aari name comes next he catch it. Gabby name comes next she catch it. Somu names next but he didn’t get the ball. After few minutes somu catch it. After him Anitha catch it. Rio then catch it. Shivani catch it. Aajeedh loss it. Gabby catch it. Ramya waiting but she didn’t get the ball.

At 5.45 Aari questioning Somu how comes he get 3 balls. Somu saying that his name comes again. Rio asking to him did he missed the first ball. He nods. Aari said he missed it. Everyone clearing it to him that he missed to catch his ball and catched Anitha ball. So everyone counting got mixed. Now we don’t have the ball.

At 7.50 Bigg Boss announcing the points of the team. Ramya 64, Bala 32, Anitha 32, Shivani 22, Aajeedh 42, Rio 64, Somu 52 and Gabby 64.
Bala saying to all that Somu catched rest all ball. So everyone ball counted lost.

At 7.55 Shivani saying to Bala that she catched the ball but its not hers.

At 10.45 All are sleeping inside the house. Bigg Boss plays the Thoongaathe Thoongathe songs. Everyone wakes up. Bigg Boss greeted them.

At 11 Aari name comes he runs and catch it. Rio name comes next he catch it. Gabby name comes next she missed it . At 12.10 Rio reading the new information from Bigg Boss. Housemates wanna discuss each other and gives the rank to all according to their performance. Those who taking rank 1 to 3 will get super power.

Ramya narrates her reasons and ask her to give 1st rank. Bala stands for the position number 3 reasoning he saw two persons playing better. Anitha stands for her 4th position. Shivani stands for 8th point. Somu stands for 1st position. Rio stands for 1st position reasoning he calculating and predection he catched many balls. Aari complaints that he slept and blames that Ramya and Gabby didn’t stand in his position because they allowed him to stand. Aari and Rio keeps arguing for the rank 1st. Aari ask him to defend his position. He played his game and takes 3 balls but he only catched 1 ball.

Rio saying to Aari that he is cornering him. Aari ask him to take the position. He don’t need it. Ramya explaining to him that their team has 5 members but they have only 4 members that’s why they allowed him to cover it all.

They all discussed and taking votes counting for ranking. Rio stands at the 1st position. Ramya stands at the 2nd position. Somu at 3, Bala at 4th, Aari at 5th, Anitha as 6th, Aajeedh at 7th, Shivani at 8th and Gabby at 9th position.

Bigg Boss wished them good luck for the first three place and ask everyone to sleep well.

Episode end.

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