Story 9 Months Ki 23rd December 2020 Written Update: Sarang makes Mr. and Mrs. Poonawala’s anniversary special

Story 9 Months Ki 23rd December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with mr Poonawala calling Alia and asking her to arrange cake for midnight because his wife’s chemotherapy is tomorrow. Alia gets frenetic since she had planned a lot for the anniversary. Mr Poonawala says that it is not his mistake since he hadn’t checked the calendar and adds that it’s ok if she cannot arrange the cake.

However, Alia remembers how important the anniversary is for mr Poonawala and calls Rahul. She also calls the baker asking him to prepare the cake before midnight otherwise she will stop ordering from him. Only one hour is left to midnight but Alia manages to get the flowers also and cake gets ready too.

Alia gets out of the car holding the bouquet and cake but drops the latter. She is stunned and feels guilty. The security guard says that he will get it cleaned. Alia reaches mr Poonawala’s house and thinks to personally ask for forgiveness.

The door opens and Alia is surprised to see Sarang there. She angrily asks him what he is doing there. Mr Poonawala comes and asks Alia to get inside. He seems happy. Once inside, Alia sees that the hall is all decorated with balloons. Mr Poonawala loves the bouquet too and says that the flowers are his wife’s favourites. He compliments her for sending such a good boy from her company as he has arranged everything. Sarang jokes that he has only moved the air from his mansion into the balloons. Mr Poonawala laughs and then leaves to get his wife.

Alia asks Sarang to leave immediately. He refuses. They funnily argue. He reveals that he got Mr Poonawala’s secretary number when he went to get some signatures. She tried calling her and office but, getting no answer, she called him and he arranged for all this. Alia doesn’t want Sarang to spoil the anniversary but Sarang says that it’s important for him since he has never seen such a lovable couple before.

Mr Poonawala comes with his wife who is on wheelchair. She says that Alia and Sarang are a good couple. Alia clears that they are not couple: she is Alia. Before she can add anything further, mrs Poonawala says that she knows she is Alia, Aarush’s wife. She thinks Sarang is Aarush, her son. She is happy to see him there. Mr Poonawala apologizes but Sarang acts like her son only. Mr Poonawala says that he is a sweet guy to Alia.

It’s midnight. Mr Poonawala asks Alia about the cake. Just then the door bell rings. Sarang says that cake is coming. Alia stops him saying that cake isn’t there. Sarang says that it’s there: he has ordered mawa cake. Alia grabs him pulling him closer and stops him saying that he doesn’t want him to spoil her company’s reputation. He assures her that the anniversary is very important to him.

He brings the mawa cake and mrs Poonawala loves it since it’s the same cake they used to have in early times. Suddenly she asks Sarang if he got the milk thinking him as her servant. She can’t recognize her husband too and asks Sarang who he is and why he is looking at him like that. Alia and Mr Poonawala are disheartened.

Sarang says that he will introduce him through a story. Mrs Poonawala says that she loves stories. Saran whispers something in Mr Poonawala’s ear and then plays song on stereo. “Pyaar ki ek kahaani suno” plays and Sarang dances around Alia recreating some moments of Mr Poonawala and Mrs Poonawala while the former shows the latter some frames.

Mrs Poonawala gets emotional remembering those moments and cries. Mr Poonawala gives a handkerchief to his wife. Alia is touched too. Mrs Poonawala looks at “J.P.” written on the handkerchief and says that it stands for “Jehengir” and “Persis”. Mr Poonawala gets happy because she took his name after so long. They hug wishing each other happy anniversary. Sarang recites a poetry which is loved by the old couple. Persis is tired and asks her husband to take her to the room. Jehengir takes her to the room.

Sarang looks at them and remembers his father insulting her mother’s food. Alia recalls Veer bashing her. She thinks that she didn’t know such a love existed. She is waiting for her baby to come so that she can give them all the love. Sarang wonders if he will get such a love in life too.

Episode ends

Precap: Sarang and Alia are in the car. Old songs are playing. Kamleshwari is in room when Brij Mohan comes playing a romantic old song. Sarang asks Alia to stop the car. He gets off. They walk towards a jungle. Alia gets scared by something and screams. Sarang is behind a tree.