Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 25th December 2020 Written Update: Christmas celebration in the house

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 25th December 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 81
At 1am Rio reading the new circular that all housemates wanna gift to their christmas friend something from their side secretly. All housemates are preparing their gifts for their secret friend secretly.

At 2.45 Bigg Boss ask to Bala for whom he gonna gift?
Bala to Somu , Ramya to Anitha
Aajeedh to Anitha, Rio to Aajeedh, Shivani to Bala , Anitha to Aari,
Aari to Bala.

Day 82 morning at 8 am. Morning wake up song plays at the house and house mates starts dance for the song ” Oootha color ribbon unakku yaru appan ” they wished christmas to Bigg Boss. He too wish them back. He ask them to collect their gift beneath the christmas tree. Aajeedh finds out who send this gift to him. Gabby says she likes this gift a lot.

Ramya thank camera for sending that gift to Shivani. Shivani gifts to Ramya. She ask her to accept it.

Bigg Boss ask them to remember the ingredients name asap. Bigg Boss saying it very faster. They are blinking how to memory it because its too fast.

At 12.35 Rio and Gabby supervising all the housemates to create the plum cake. Rio team cooking seperate and Gabby team seperate. Both teams are excited to do it. Rio team cake is not come in correct shape but Gabby team cake came well. They are decorating it well.

At 2.20 They are tasting the cake and explaining to the both teams what’s best in their cake. Which taste attract them. Rio announce as Gabby team as the winner.

At 4 pm. Ramya reading the captaincy task rules. In the garden area three snowman bottles are there. One container place opposite side. They wanna fill snowman glass bottle with thermocoal. Whom filling it first will be the captain of the house.

At 4.20 They starts to fill the spoon with Thermocoal and walking inside the line and slowly slowly filling the snowman glass. Bala dictating Aari to walk in the line. Then he alert Somu to walk in line. Housemates are appreciating them. Bala saying to them if they don’t walk in line then it will affect the result. Time up. Bigg Boss ask Bala to announce the result. Bala announce that Aari has many thermocoal. Bigg Boss congratulate Aari for the new captain of the house.

At 4.55 Bigg Boss ask Bala to give the gift to Aari which is kept inside the store room. Aari won the captaincy task so he get 10000 rs gift voucher. They applause for him. Aari dividing the group one by one.

At 5.20 Bala brings another gifts from store room. Milk shakes kit to all.

At 6.30 Rio reading new circular. BB quiz. Bigg Boss will ask questions to them. They wanna reply it in 30sec. If they choose wrong option
10 sec will be reduced. They can take as much gift till the buzzer plays.

At 6.55 Bigg Boss asking to Ramya how many days they cooked Pongal in the house? Ramya laughing a lot. Her options are 36,
Bigg Boss asking to Gabby how many lights are in the bathroom area? 76 /77/ 78 he replies its correct answer
Bigg Boss asking to Bala whom went to rest room in his captaincy. He replies as Rio. Its correct.
Bigg Boss asking to Aajeedh? Sanam and Velmurugan danced for which song? Vachukkava
Bigg Boss asking to Somu how many lotus are in the living area? He replies as 20
Bigg Boss asking to Rio
He replies Bala or Anitha.Bigg Boss says to him if he replies like this then he will give 0 points to him.
Bigg Boss ask Shivani to say which is the first kitchen team? Rekha, Anitha, Sanam, Bala. Its an correct answer. Bigg Boss ask Aari to say How many days Archana stayed in this house? He replies as 76. Its correct answer.
Bigg Boss asking to Anitha ? How many times he ask Bala to wear the mike in this house? She replies as 40 above. He replies as correct

At 7.40 Bigg Boss ask Somu is he ready to take the gift? He takes two box. Next Bala goes in and takes many. Gabby takes next. Aari saying to Bala that he takes many but he ask him to don’t place anything down. Anitha takes many gift and walking slowly to not drop down anything. She is happy for taking many gift.

At 8.25 Bigg Boss asking to them why did they sitting open the gift. Rio takes Anitha gift. They exchanged their gifts each other. Rio family send many gifts for them. Somu gets his dog picture with greeting. Rio gets sweater. Bala gets his statue. Gabby gets greetings from mom. Rio gets greeting.

At 9.15 Housemates comes to the garden. Singers singing the christmas song for the housemates. They are snowing for them. Housemates are enjoying it. Bigg Boss thank the singers for their contribution and wish them merry christmas.

Rio is feeling emotional seeing his baby photo. Gabby and Somu are praising the baby cuteness. Somu is teasing him that she is looking different. Somu saying that many difference between these two pictures.

At 10.50 Housemates gets happy seeing the cake and the dinner table in the garden area. Bigg Boss ask them to enjoy the christmas dinner and camp fire. They thank him.

At 10.55 Rio place the jesus in the hut. Housemates are eating in the garden. Bala saying to all that one person gonna leave this house in coming week. He is sharing his happiness to all. He says to them that he learned how to be patient like Aajeedh. He likes Anitha’s enjoying moment. He likes the involvement from Aari. He learnt from Somu how to be patience. She admired Ramya as a brave lady. He learnt from Shivani to be like her. Be ourself. He realized that all are not bad and good. May they have
Ramya says to him that she likes his straight forward nature. Anitha saying that we have many misunderstands she wanna erase all in this christmas. She ask them to forget all and be happy. They thank Bigg Boss for the beautiful night.

Episode end

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