Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 27th December 2020 Written Update: Bhoomi Movie trailer released in Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 27th December 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kamal Hasan entering into the stage and greeting all. He says that its the last week of the year. Its an toughest year for everyone due to pandemic period. COVID made everyone in pressure. He starts talking with the Housemates. They praise everyone dressing style he ask them to follow the style. He says to them they played the task well.
Kamal asking to Gabrilla what’s her problem in dividing team. She says to him that she felt Bala trying to seperate her from Somu in game. He seperate Aari and Somu like strong contestant. It will be backfire to her so she leave it. Bala says to him that he joined in the group after bouncing bottle. Anitha says that her hand is very short so its tough ti catch the ball or cover it. Rio and Somu says that Bala was little uncomfortable to them. Kamal replies to him that Bala is height and weight that’s why nothing else.

Kamal saying to them that we can’t able to give credits to all in the team. Its tough to handle because it happens even in cine industry too. In team play someone will do a mistake it will affect the whole team. He is saying to them that many technicians are here behind this Bigg Boss. Even in this pandemic time all are working for this. Kamal asking to them Is there problem over? Anitha says to him that she starts to talk with him because its not a big thing. She used to fight with him and talks with him. Kamal advising to her sometimes she can listen others too nothing is wrong in it. He ask to them 4 members are remain in the eviction list. He will reveal the result after a break.

Kamal entering into stage after a break he starts to speak with Housemates. They greeted him. He says to them now Hamam caller of the week. Ramesh is in call from coimbatoor. He is asking to him that he is going out door, doing shooting, Election work and leading Bigg Boss show. How is this possible. He replies to him that he is always happy to reply to peoples. He ask to Aari that Ambi role in Anniyan no one like it. Because he used to question all. He is also doing this in Bigg Boss house why don’t he try to mingle with all. He replies that he is here to play not befriend with all. He likes to find the real talent by question them. Kamal saying to them that one person wish to come in this stage. Even he is ready to take all test to reach here. He welcome Jayam Ravi to the stage. He says to them count is less he likes to watch the house is full. Housemates turns happy to see him. He saying to them that winning time is nearing be themself it will lead them to victory. Its very entertaining show we are enjoying it from outside. Kamal asking to him will he watch it? He is replying to him that he will watch whatever he is showing he is his bhakthan. He was the one turns on the camera for his first movie. Many don’t get this oppurtunity. He used to scared come infront of him. Kamal says to him that he worked as a assisstant director in his Aalavandhan movie. He praised his dedication. Many learns from him. His movie Bhoomi gonna release in hotstar. Kamal saying that people won’t sit at home they will go and watch in theatre. Trailer plays at the house. Everyone clapps for them. They wished them good luck.

Kamal appreciate them for taking farmers life. Many are not realizing the fact that destroying farmers means tomorrow they will end up in hunger. Kamal praise it. Ravi thank him for noticing it. He replies to him that they take this topic to change some part. Kamal saying to him that youngsters must speak about farmers . He thank them. He ask him to assisst him. He ask Gabrilla and Anitha to sit together. Ravi questioning them Is there any christmas tree. There is gift box there. He stays there to see whom saving. Aajeedh opening it. Gabrilla name is on it. Gabrilla opening it Shivani name is in it. They clapps each other. They thank everyone those who vote them. Housenates wish him a Happy new year. He says to them that he will try to come in. He ask them to wait for the result he will come after a break. Ravi leaves the stage. Kamal takes a break.

Aajeedh saying to Bala that he is feeling stressed whenever he is coming at the last. Bala explaining to him that they are saving him every time. Anitha too comes out and says to him she needs a motivation too. He hugs her.

Kamal enter into the stage. He was 21st his guru Anand gives an book to him to read. He read that and became a fan of it. He went to meet the author he was very funny. Karaintha minnalgal very beautiful book. He starts talk with the contestant. They greeted them. He says to Aajeedh that he remind him many time he wanna raise his voice. He is at the edge. Anitha says she wanna celebrate her new year with her family. Kamal ask to her if she ask will they give it?
Anitha name on the list. Everyone hugged her and wish her good luck. She thanking everyone and bidding bye to all. She ask them to pack the things. Ramya ask her to give it without breaking it. She is giving coin to all.

Bigg Boss says Anitha name. He praise her for following all the rules. He ask her to break the pot. She deny it and says she won’t do it. Ramya hugs her and Bala hugs her. She ask them to play well. They ask her to sing. She is reading news for all about her eviction. Bigg Boss ask Bala to break it as a captain. Bala breaking it. He breaks it. Bigg Boss says All the best to her. She leaves bidding bye to all.

Kamal enter into the stage and welcome Anitha on stage. She greeted him. He is explaining to her about her results. She replies to him that she thought she will leave in 2nd week its proud to stay inside the house 84 days. He ask to her what did she learned here? She replies that she learned to be not emotional. They played Send off video to her.

Anitha waves her hands to them. Ramya saying to her she gonna miss her. Anitha ask him to open up he can take decision. She ask Shivani to play well. She says that she will miss Bala. She ask Aari to play well. He ask her to spend time with Prabha. She ask Gabby to play well. She ask Somu to play well and Rio she don’t wanna teach anything. They wish him happy new year to him. He says that this year Bigg Boss celebrating new year. She leaves the house. Kamal wish everyone a Happy new year in advance.

At 8.35 Bala saying sorry to Aajeedh for Anitha commenting about him. He ask to him when did he asked his opinion he has no idea about. He replies even he too. We are blinking on that time. Ramya said she too noticed it.

At 9.20 Aari saying to Ramya that Anitha is very brilliant that she is very aware to avoide her mistakes pointing out at the stage. Ramya ask him to stop mentioning about her mistakes after she left.

At 10.10 Ramya saying to Bala that caller should have avoide mentioning him as Ambi. She felt laughing hearing it. Bala saying that he is Ambi but not following the rules. Ramya saying that his friends evicted. Bala says that many didn’t shared their opinion here.

At 11.20 Bala saying to Aari that he will handover the captaincy after the breakfast. Aari says to them we shouldn’t waste food. Ramya is good cook. She says to them that she used to cook non veg in home so adjust her cooking. He is saying to them we can go alternatively to clean the house.

Episode end

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