Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 26th December 2020 Written Update: Aari got saved from eviction

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 26th December 2020 Written Update on

Kamal Hasan entered into the stage and greeted everyone. He says if we love someone share it to them soon don’t hesitate to express it out. He talks about the Paramasivam death. They thought to appreciate his work but pandemic time didn’t give the chance to him. He wished to bring the authors to the stage but some are not well. Only 3 weeks are left. Still they are not learning anything and committing the mistakes. He warned them many time but still someone repeating it. Let’s check something like this happened in friday. He ask us to check the friday episode.

Day 83 at 10.40 Morning wake up song plays at the house. Housemates starts to wakes up and dance for the song ” Enna mattum love pannu bujju” and greeted each other

At 11 Anitha asking to Aajeedh what’s his prediction. May be this topic going in. As she guessed Aari asking this to Ramya she replies as Anitha. But she don’t want her to go out. May be Anitha or Aajeedh will go out in this week.

At 4.30 Shivani reading the luxury budget task. Their points are 1800 because they played well in the task. They are taking the list to purchase the kit in the budget. Anitha writing it and Rio are counting it. Time up.

At 5.40 Hersheys milk shake and Hersheys energy drink. They allowed captain of the house Bala can open and take it. He is asking their favourite and bringing it out.

Gabby is complaining to Rio that always a miscommuniation here. They are taking responsibility and not doing their duty. She don’t wanna do their job. If its happening one or two day she will manage but its happening daily. Its really frustrating to her.

Day 84 at 8am. Bigg Boss theme music plays at the house. Everyone wakes up.

At 11.35 Somu asking to Anitha what happened to Uppuma? She replies she roasted some and not some. Gabby smiles. She says to him that she didn’t give the cooked one. Somu ask to her in teasing way why did they doing like this? Anitha gives the proper one to him.

Kamal Hasan enters into the stage and greet all. He says today same day before 16 years we faced storm. We lossed many things and even city in on that day. He explaining about Kaaraikudi history. He shares about his daughters circumstances. He ask everyone to be careful and be friend with Nature. He starts talk with Housemates. They greeted him. They praise their look. He says choise is life. He informs to them that he gonna start a fashion line to encourage

He says to Anitha that he shouldn’t bring dhaal here. Anitha replies
Kamal says to them that Bala starts worry for the food. Bala explaining to Kamal about the situation. As a captain he question them. He mentioned whom gave the complaint for that her replies is not satisfied she created an scene. Anitha replies she mistakely takes chana dhaal for sambar and left it to cook side dish or vada. Due to task she didn’t. She apologise to him for that. Kamal notice others reaction and ask to Somu and Rio why did they give that reaction? They replies to him they ask her to remove it for three days due to smell. Anitha accept its her mistake. But she feels him treating them like strict boss. He replies he felt ration is less so he wish to protect it. Kamal praise Bala’s rationing. He used to point out his mistake but this time he done good job. Anitha says that his approach to her is rude. Kamal replies is this rude then think about the first week. He says that he changed a lot. Ramya apologised soon. Kamal says he used to think what’s in there to prepare coffee. Anitha says to him that she used to do mistake while preparing coffe or tea. Here already insufficient food so she is not touching that area. Kamal says she done a good job. He thank her.
He ask about Shivani matter. Bala explain it to him. Shivani explain her side to him. He takes a break.

Kamal enter into the stage. He starts talking with them. Kamal asking to Bala who is not coperative in team. He says to him that Anitha wasted many things. He ask Gabby to throw the waste but she didn’t it so he did it. Then they didn’t give food on time.
Aari saying everyone ready to eat but not ready to work on kitchen team. They are wasting many food. Many are suffering due to lack of food. Kamal appreciate Gabby for learning cooking before going out. He takes a break.

Rio explaining to Gabby that you are going out with a talent. Rio and Aajeedh are teasing her to go out. Gabby saying to him that Kamal praised her for cooking well its an proud moment. Bala saying to Somu that Sir mentioned hin as Bala this time. Somu shekhar he never use this before.

Bala saying to Aajeedh that rationing milk is very important. Because we wanna save it till sunday orelse everyone will complain. He saw this problem raise in Archana captaincy. Aajeedh saying to him that learning rationing is very important.

Kamal enter into the stage and talks with housemates. Kamal says to them he asked them to stop carrying baggage. Kamal asking to Anitha and Aari still their baggages are continuing from Nari task. Kamal explaining to them TRP is not a bad thing. Its Television Rating. We should be proud to be a content king. He ask to them what’s the matter? Anitha raise her hand. Kamal saying to Anitha that he gonna talk for her. If she don’t want he won’t. She ask him to speak. Aari says to him that Anitha not giving freedom to talk in the house. When we are pointing others mistake she is quiet but when it comes to her she is reacting and not allowing others to point it out. She is very conscious about it. He is noticing it from last 80 days. Rio too agree with it. Kamal replies to him that she was worried because he bring the matter infront of all which she shared privately with Archana. Its not fair. He ask to Bala he says he too felt like that in the dhaal matter.

He ask Anitha to speak. She says to him that he takes her family name she don’t like it because its her weakness. She used to be very emotional hearing it. Kamal explain to her he already points out Aari mistakes but he didn’t target her family. She says that she gifted gift to him for christmas. She apologise to him for that.

Kamal enter into the stage he starts to talk with housemates. He question Anitha what did she gifted to Aari. She says that she gifted brush and buds. She narrate explanation too. Kamal question to all about Bala captaincy. Majority praise his rationing and rules taken inside the house. Kamal nods then says to them its an important time. He ask the nominated persons to sit together. Nominated 5 persons are there. He saved Aari. He bids bye to them.

Anitha saying to Ramya that she will evict this week.

Episode end.

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