Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 31st December 2020 Written Update: Aari family enters into Bigg Boss house in freeze task

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 31st December 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 88 at morning 8.05 am. Wake up song plays at the house. Housemates starts dancing for the song ” i’m a kuthu dancer ” then greeted each other.

At 9.10 All housemates are in garden area to do the morning task. Aari and Somu are giving beats music. Shivani saying to him that Bala gonna do it. Bala says to all his task to do imaginary kate competition. He and Aajeedh pretend like flying kate then Somu, Aari and Gabby done it. Alaram plays. Then Gabby doing it alone Somu helping her. Then Bala and Somu doing it together and running here and there to give the real feeling and teaching to others the tricks.

At 10.15 Aajeedh asking to Shivani what did he advised yesterday thoroughly. Shivani replying to him that she listened to him but some are acceptable but some are not. What we need we can take it to heart and rest all we can leave it. Ajeedh nod it. She said that he ask her to play well in the remaining days because time is very short she might give her 100%. He ask her to play individual its unacceptable. He said it casually and talk its an main point.

At 11.20 Rio reading new circular. He is promoting Vasanth and Co furtnitures. He is reading the features of Vasanth and Co furnitures dealers. Vasanth and co task. Housemates wanna divide into two teams. In garden area vasanth and co placed two logo for two teams. Cubes are placed there they wanna arrange the cubes and make it into logo form. Whom finishing it first will be the winner.

At 11.45 buzzer plays both team start to arrange the cubes. Bala, Ramya, Gabby and Somu are one team. Rio, Aajeedh, Shivani and Aari is blue team. Bala team finish it first. Bigg Boss congratulate Team A. They takes their gift from store room. Ice cream and Cake. They cuts the cake together.

At 12.55 Somu saying to Rio that their family may said everything to their relatives and friends. Rio saying to him that he has some fears inside him because of show and some incident too. After seeing his family happy face he got relief.

At 1.40 Aajeedh asking to Shivani do she need cake? She is replying to him if she ask him will he give it. Bigg Boss ask Rio to do Rewind. He wanna place cake inside the box. They are teasing him. Bigg Boss ask him to do fast forward. Somu asking to him where is cake. He ask to Bigg Boss to give rewind to him. Bigg Boss said to Rio Rewind. Somu teas him that he gonna stay there full time. Bigg Boss ask him to do fast forward. Ramya says its smudged. Bigg Boss ask Ramya to do fast forward. He ask Rio to do rewind. He ask Ramya to release. Somu place band aid to Rio. He ask Rio to release. Shivani placed Band aid to Somu who is freeze. Then he ask Shivani to freeze. Rio and Somu are making fun of her.

At 2.05 Gabby is cooking in kitchen. Bigg Boss ask everyone to be freeze. Nenjil dil dil song plays at the house. Gabby mom entered into the house. Gabby runs towards her while shouting as mummy. Both hugged each other and crying. She is saying to her that she was doing make up for her and expecting her to come. She replies that she noticed. She saw Shivani and says to her she is looking beautiful. Bigg Boss ask everyone to release. All are greeting her and praising her.

At 2.22 Mom praising her that all are happy for her. She is enough matured to talk for herself. Only two weeks left for finals. Ticket to finale is there. She wanna play individual game she might understand that she is a strong contestant. Don’t doubt herself. Gabby saying to her that all are blind here and she don’t wanna fight for her position to create problem. Mom said she can put her thoughts polietly there nothing is wrong in it.

At 2.55 Gabby mom saying its nice. Gabby saying to all that she always used to think that who will cook for her. Her mom says that

At 3.15 Gabby mom saying to her don’t doubt herself she wanna increase her talent and boldness. Gabby saying to her that she likes to do cooking. She is friendly to everyone she is happy to see her playing well. She ask her to believe her words she can go to final. Just keep going.

At 3.30 Gabby saying to her. She is praising her for being comfortable to her. She says whenever she is down she used to be a mom to her and hugs her. They are talking to her happily. Bigg Boss ask everyone to be freeze. He ask Sunitha to go out using main door. She thank him for giving this oppurtunity to her. She hugs Gabby and leaves from there bidding bye to all.

At 4.10 Bala asking to Gabby what did her mom said to her about him. He slept unknowingly. He heard song everything but he couldn’t wake up. Gabby says that her mom wish to meet him but he was sleeping pretty good so we didn’t wake him up. She praised him as Handsome.

At 4.30 Shivani saying to Gabby that when the song plays the door was open she moves to go out its not in her mind but in her sub conscious mind. Gabby says to her that her mom says to her don’t get angry its an small thing.

At 4.50 Ramya is teasing Bala as title winner. She is saying to Aari if she go out she will vote for them. Aaari replies to her that she will talk like this and he will eliminate. Ramya says that her brother clearly said to her. Peoples have their own favourite right?

5.10 Arraaro aariraao song plays at the house. Aajeedh mom and aunt enters into the house she waves to all. Aajeedh hugs his mom and cries. They greeted all. Bigg Boss ask everyone to release. They are greeting each other. His mom saying to her that he still didn’t open up. She expect someone will give clear picture to him. Aari says he said it but all closed his mouth. They are praising their game and motivating Aajeedh

At 5.45 Aajeedh is singing mother song for his mother. Then hugs her. Bigg Boss ask them to freeze and thank his mother for entering into Bigg Boss house. He ask them to go out using main door. She hugs Aajeedh and motivating him to play well. They wish them good luck and bids bye to them.

At 6.55 They are sharing that they feel good after they came. Rio playing with Somu like slapping him so Bigg Boss ask him to loop. He is doing it. He ask Somu to be freeze. Then Gabby immittate him he ask her to be loop. Then he released Somu.

At 7.45 Bigg boss ask Aari to be freeze. Unakku enna venum sollu song plays at the house. Aari daughter enter into the Bigg Boss house. Housemates carry her and says she is dicto of Aari. They bring her to Aari. Both hugs each other. He is question her about her mom. They are listening her cute talk and praising it. They are playing with her. Bigg Boss talk with baby and ask her to bring her mom from Confession room

At 8.20 Everyone greet her. She is motivating Aari and saying to him that her game is good. She feels emotional seeing him break time in the house. After lot of talk she spend time with housemates.

At 9. 45 Bigg Boss everyone to be freeze. He thank her for coming to Bigg Boss. He ask her to leave through main door. Aari hugs her and kiss his baby. They wish them good luck. She leaves bidding bye to all.

Aari thank Bigg Boss for sending them to home.

Episode end.

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