Story 9 Months Ki 31st December 2020 Written Update: Sarang becomes Alia’s secret Santa

Story 9 Months Ki 31st December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alia staining her shirt with the dessert she is eating out of stress. On the other hand, all employees are enjoying the Christmas celebration. Mala and Rosy suggest to do the Secret Santa game: they’ll make chits of their names and pick up the chits, then each one will have to be the secret Santa of the person whose name they will get.

 Faheem says that they don’t have time to get gifts. Sarang suggests to use Direct dil se gift samples but Rosy says that they need to ask permission from Alia. The latter comes out to clean her shirt and Sarang explains her the matter and ask for permission to use Direct dil se gifts sample. She allows. Everyone is happy.

Rahul is waiting for Rishi to call and confirm the sperm donation. He sits at his computer and is shocked to see that someone has taken up his general knowledge quiz and has given all right answers. Sarang comes and takes his diary from the desk. He also apologizes to Rahul for using his computer and answering the questions but he couldn’t resist. Rahul is shocked to learn that he is the one who took the G.K. question.

The employees of the company pick up the chits. Rahul gets Alia’s name and sees that Sarang got Mala’s. He asks Sarang to give him Mala’s chit since he has already bought a gift for her. Sarang teases him and accepts to give him the chit. They exchanges the notes and Sarang is surprised to see Alia’s name.

Alia is waiting for Rishiì’s confirmation. She looks at Santa’s hat and remembers when in childhood she used to wait for her mother and Rabia offered her to share her mother with her but Alia ended up asking Santa to give her mama. Rabia calls Alia who tells her that she has always asked her mother from Santa but then growing up she realized that Santa is only in stories. Alia wants to believe in miracles one time too and tells Rabia about the perfect donor who is not confirming yet though. Rabia cheers her up telling her that she will have to celebrate upcoming Christmas with her kid after this one.

All the employees exchange gifts. Sarang gets a big box but it is just a bucket. Sarang pulls Param’s leg for gifting him just a bucket and not a mug with it. Mala loves the watch she got and guesses it’s from Rahul since none knows her better than him. However, Param insists for Mala to give the gift back to Rahul since it is not from Direct dil se gift samples as per rules. Rahul whispers to Mala that he will give it to her after office.

Sarang enters Alia’s cabin and tells her that he is her secret Santa and has thought a lot about what to gift her but couldn’t find anything so he came himself. Alia says that it’s fine but Sarang insists that it’s Christmas. He brings guitar and starts singing some lines from “Ladki kyun” for her. Alia tries to stop him. He is about to fall but she grabs him.

Alia smiles. Sarang stares at her. Rahul looks at them and thinks that Sarang is good by heart and he can also make Alia smile. Alia wishes Merry Christmas to Sarang and he wishes her back giving her also a bowl with notes which have wishes from the employees. He leaves.

Alia reads the notes. She guesses that the first wish is from Param. She reads the second one and understands it’s from Sarang. The latter is looking at her through the glass. Alia looks at him and smiles.

Everyone is dancing in the office. Rahul is waiting for Rishi’s call. He looks at Alia. Sarang picks up a call on office landline. It’s from Nandini who wants to wish Alia for Christmas. Sarang greets her and transfers the call to Alia’s cabin. Alia picks the call up. Nandini wishes her Merry Christmas. Alia looks at Sarang who is giving her a thumbs up from the other side.

Alia walks towards Sarang angrily but before she can reach him, Rahul comes to her and tells her that they found a donor of her choice. He leaves to dance with others. Also Sarang is dragged to dance by others. Alia gets filled with joy. She starts dancing too. She is immensely happy. She controls herself in front of her employees and goes in another room.

Employees plan to do something the next day since it’s Christmas holiday. Sarang suggests to play football and then goes to get more chips. He is surprised to see Alia dancing happily and eating sweets. She stops noticing him. She asks him what he is doing there but suddenly the food gets stuck in her throat.

Episode ends

Precap: Rishi talks with Sarang about his dilemma: he has a commitment but doesn’t know if he should listen to his heart or mind. Sarang suggests him to listen to his heart. They hug.