Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 4th January 2021 Written Update: Ticket to finale part 1 Ballone task winner Bala

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 4th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 92 at 8.05 am. Morning wake up song plays at the house. Housemates starts dance for the song ” padayappa” they greet each other.

At 10.45 Rio advising to Bala that he is talking casually to Kamal sir that’s seem like he is not respecting him so be conscious infront of him. Because he is throwing words in anger. Actually he was triggering him and he is falling in it. He is advising to him again the same don’t mind him just play his game alone that’s it.

At 11.50 Ramya saying to Rio that she got his picture. She asked the question which was in her long. Rio explaining to her its about kitchen team. He changed it because of Anitha. Ramya explaining to him that she was in kitchen team none know cooking there. He changed team without asking her its hurt her. He is having something in his heart but conveying to them something else. He clears to Ramya why did he change the team. Ramya says this is what she mentioned he didn’t say the matter to her and changed the team. If he said it on that time may this problem shouldn’t come. He done the same mistake in Aari and Bala. He has something in mind but gave one liner reason to nominate them. Rio agreed it because he don’t wanna create problem here. Ramya says its safe game. Rio deny it and says nothing like that he is getting enough blame here and he is facing it too so don’t say its safe game.

At 12.05 Ramya saying to Rio that he said false reason in Freeze task. He says that he was pointing out everyone mistake in game but fails to see his mistakes. He is thoroughly playing blaming game.

At 12.10 Bala apologising to Aari for throwing words at him. He says to him that he talked like that in anger. When did he mentioned him as lazy he was triggered there. When he mentioned him as lazy and playing dirty game its really affecting him. He question him that he done cleaning though he nominated him as worst petformer its hurt him. This time he said kitchen work has many difficult. He is choosing house keeping. He says to him that he was in kitchen 3 times. He helped in kitchen voluntarily. He didn’t see it all. He ask him to clear the Shivani matter. Aari mentioned he was the one take that topic. Bala mentioned he said peoples are watching he will be caught. What’s that mean? Its affecting one girl name. Aari says that he apologise to her. Gabby matter discussing. She used to stay there as a pampered kid on that time she has less work. Bala deny it.

At 1.30 Gabby saying to Rio. In jail they are questioning him but he was answering to them that he accepted his mistake. Rio says that in jail he advise to him to concentrate on his game and mingle with others. He done it just one day and changed again. Is it a blame game.

At 1.35 Bala saying to Somu that housemates are less here but house size is same. But cooking for less people so work is not same. Is both same. Still he is not answering to his question. Somu ask him to leave this because he will never get answer to it.

At 2.05 Bigg Boss announce to them its the last nomination process. So nominate two person to evict from the house with valid reason. Ramya nominated Shivani and Gabby for less competitive.
Bala nominated Aari reasoning he is playing game because he fails to see the positive side yet and Ramya
to increase her potential.
Shivani nominated Rio reasoning he is getting angry soon and Somu for playing fair game. May be its his strategy. Gabby nominated Ramya reasoning she is giving her opinion and thoughts in unwanted place.
Bala for lossing his cool soon.
Aari nominated Rio reasoning
He follows the rules even after his daughter came though he didn’t see it and he went to jail. Bala for not doing his works properly. Somu nominated Aari and Bala for arguing always. Rio nominated Bala reasoning he is throwing words in anger And Aari reasoning he is provoking others.

Bigg Boss announce to the housemates that its an last nomination in the house so all are direct nominated in this week.

Ramya asking Gabby to clear her point. Gabby says to her that she felt she is not neutral. She is supporting who is she close with. She ask her to give example. Gabby says that she is close with Sam, Anitha and Bala. She don’t mean he is her friend but close with him. Ramya question her that she is feeling that she is always talking with Bala? She nods. Here Bala and Aari going outside hand in hand. Bala apologise to him and says he is getting anger often its his nature. Only two weeks left here so let’s do it healthily. He ask him to take the cup after play game fairly

At 3.30 Rio comes to store room and announce its good day.
At 3.40 Rio saying to Gabby that Aari is threatening him. He is creating unwanted fear in him that whenever we are point out at him he is replying that people are watching. He just said he was not seeing the rules.

At 5 .05 Rio is reading Ticket to finale task. They wanna hold the Ballone in one hand. They are not allowed to fold their hand nor bend it. They wanna prevent the ballone from touching anil and burst it.

At 5 35 All contestant are holding the water filled ballone straightly preventing it touch it the anil. Gabby, Ramya and Shivani are shouting in help. Shivani ballone break first. After her Gabby. They are saying that hands are shivering. Ramya whining so Rio ask her to give up. She break it. Rio ask the girls to claim their mistakes. They shouldn’t fold the hand, bend. Aari break it then Somu. Rio break next and Bala at last.

Aari saying to Somu that he is claiming 3rd position because he break the rule.

At 6.05 Rio asking to arrange the rank. He gives it in reverse. Bala 7points, Rio 6 points, Somu and Aari are fighting and arguing for 5th place. Finally Somu give to him. Aari is in 5th Somu in 4th place. Ramya at 3, Gabby at 2 and Shivani at last

At 8 .10 Shivani reading the Ticket to finale task 2. In garden area some wooden placed there along with frames. They wanna stand in the frame with matching wooden adjusting their height. They wanna balance it with head.

At 8.15 Housemates are checking the apt wooden
Gabby wooden falls first and Bala’s next. Somu wooden falls next. Aari’s next. They are appreciating them. Shivani’s wood falls next. They appreciate her. Rio’s fall next at last Ramya’s. They appreciate her.

At 9.15 They are arranging the points on table. Ramya has 7 points, Rio 6, Shivani 5, Aari 4, Somu 3, Bala 2, Gabby 1. She ask them to stop counting. Aari announce that Rio is in first place with 12points and Ramya second. Bala and Aari in same place. Somu , Shivani and Gabby are next. Ramya saying to Gabby it will change according to game.

At 11.20 All lights turns to off in the house. Episode end.

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