Bigg Boss 4 Telegu 23rd September 2020 Written Update: Day 16, Night out – Planning charging task

Bigg Boss 4 Telegu 23rd September 2020 Written Update on

Day 16, 12:00 am

Abhijeet talks about kidnapping, they discuss how to perform the task by holding other team members and get charging. The silver dressed team members plan about how to do kidnapped the opponents and get the charging. They just make a trail how easily they can catch the girl by folding hands by one and leg by one so that they can stop the people by not moving. Abhijeet forwards this plan and he explained how to execute this without any fails.

For this, they need to know the situation of the opponent they keep walking and crawling so that the opponents dont get doubt on them. But the mismering is heard by the one of the opponent girl she informed to the teamets that something is going on and dethadi Harika is something speaking behind the door then some opponents will move nd watch them All silver group members will move quickly from that place and Harika can’t stop laughing she continues her laughing and explain to the other teammate about happened one.

Day 16,  1:00 am

To execute this one abhijeet comes out to talk with the other team without getting any doubt the plan is about taking a girl inside by the name of using washroom so they convey that the wash room which is present outside is water less that didn’t had water so that that pink teammate can come to the silver team inside the house for using the washroom.

For getting clearance the silver teammate will go to the wash room beside the pink teammates so that abhijeet can say that water is not coming in the washroom. Finally the pink team decided to go inside the house mainly girls for the usage of wash room. Firstly divi needs to use the wash room so Abhijeet will move inside the house with divi. So when she enters the house after moving to washroom all girls will take their positions to kidnap her after seeing all this hurry the opponents will get doubt about what is happening inside the house and one of the member will get serious if all this is the part of game this matter will be serious and they thought that nothing was happening.

Finally when divi gets out of the room harika moves close to divi to execute the plan and all will attack her. She can’t able to move and starts screaming opponents get fired they starts shouting for making this as a part of game. After catching her they starts their work to keep charging mehaboob gets violent he shouts and asks to take him inside and not a girl. All the opponents gets frustrated.