Bigg Boss Tamil 10th January 2023 Written Update: VJ Parvathy entered inside the Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss Tamil 10th January 2023 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 92 at 10.05 pm, Ahamad and Suresh Chakravarthy gave special entry inside the house. They gave reviews about housemates game play. Vickram was disappointed with Ahammed review about Vickram game. Vickram asks Ahammed does he really thinking he travelled 90+ days inside the house just by questioning others? Ahammad tells him that he isn’t mentioning like that. It’s also a one of the reason. Vickram tells him that people don’t like the same strategy. They wouldn’t have voted for him. Ahammad tells him that he got a strong competitior here to argue with. Obviously people will support the person whom questioning in right way. But he felt he took it as advantage. It may be his strategy. Vickram tells him that he isn’t taking it as advantage. It’s not his strategy.

At 10.10 pm, Azeem asks Suresh who said to him that he is giving tea to convince the contestants. Suresh asks him doesn’t he using this technique to convince them? Azeem says that Amudhavanan cracked that joke. He complaints to Amudhavanan that his joke reached to audience and made it as a big issue. Amudhavanan stays silent there. Suresh says that it’s not a joke. He used that trick to convince them. Azeem denies it and asks him who is doing like that. He isn’t doing like that.

Shivin complaints to Ahammad that whenever she gets ready beautiful. Someone entering inside the house to roast her. Ahammad tells her nothing like that. She has positive side outside. Shivin complaints that no one saying like that yet. She is getting only negative reviews about her. Ahammad denies it.
Later, Amudhavanan and Kathir are inquiring Suresh about their game play. Suresh advise him to stop fighting for first place. He asks him to wait. He is eager to get first place in all task.

At 10.30 pm, Amudhavanan mentions Shivin as poison bottle. Suresh denies it. She isn’t a poison bottle. Bigg Boss asks Suresh and Ahammad to come out using main door. Azeem says that they prepared tea for him. Suresh tells him that he will come out drinking tea. Suresh says to Shivin that she isn’t a poison bottle. But Amudhavanan is poison factory.

Suresh asks the housemates to try hard. Everyone has the chance to lift the trophy so use the remaining days useful. Suresh asks Bigg Boss to congratulates him for using this platform for the 6th time. He congratulated him. Ahammad pretends like crying for not wish him. Bigg Boss teases him that his acting is bad better luck next time. Housemates laughs hearing it. They bids bye to them.

At 10.35 pm, Azeem says to Shivin that Suresh teased Amudhavanan and ADK a lot. Amudhavanan denies it reasoning he just commented about his gossiping topic. But he teased Azeem a lot here. Shivin says that he teased everyone here what’s there to feel proud about it? Mynaa says that she got a good name outside. Shivin says that he said her voice was irritating.

At 10.45 pm, Azeem says to camera that he mentioned yesterday he doesn’t mind about their words. He didn’t meant Kamal there. He wore this bracelet admired by him. He is respecting him a lot. Housemates nominated him as most undeserving person inside the house. Chameleon. These words hurted her that’s why he mentioned he doesn’t care about it.

At 11.50 pm, Vickraman says to ADK that Suresh said he will give 80/ 100 for his game play. Amudhavanan says that it’s according to his perception. Vickram says that Azeem apologize to us after the argument. He isn’t complaining about it. He needs a genuine sorry. Amudhavanan says that he teased a lot. He would have feel low hearing it. ADK says that they are talking about Azeem now. He mentioned it as gossiping around. Vickram says that its not gossipping. It’s just their opinion about him.

At 12.05 am, ADK is singing a song. Others are beats the bests to encourage him.

At 1.10 am, Vickram says to Amudhavanan may be they are entering inside the house to spice up the game. Mynaa says that they are coming to check whether they have shame or not? Amudhavanan says that two people came to check our patience. Two people will come tomorrow to confuse them. Next week will go with grooming. Show will end in one week. He adds that lets give a reply to them. No needs to hide our option.

Day 93 at 8.00 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house and housemates are dancing for the song ” Antha maari” then greets each other

At 8.30 am, Kathir shares with Amudhavanan that they are laying on floor due to tired. They have no strength to walk. But BB sending guest to ask them why aren’t they fighting? They cracks the jokes. Kathir says to Vickram that Amudhavanan didn’t expected him mention as poison bottle

At 9.25 am, ADK says to Amudhavanan that they are saying we are reconcile after a fight. If they are watching 24/7 they wouldn’t ask this question to us. He brings one past incidents happened between them.

At 1.05 Azeem reads the new task information from Bigg Boss. This task name ” Sacrifice”. How much people will go for this game? 1-10 bombs are kept inside the house. When announcements comes they want to explode the bomb one by one. They might do the sacrifice mentioned in it.

At 1.10 pm, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to search for bomb number 1. If they finds another bomb just keep it back. First bomb kept it kitchen area. ADK find the bomb.

Mynaa wants to cut her hair without looking at the mirror uneven. Mynaa assures him to cut the hair. She asks them to send scissors. Mynaa cuts the hair without looking the mirror. Bigg Boss appreciates Mynaa for her braveness. Azeem gives special appreciation for her. Mynaa says to Shivin that Yogi will scold her. He don’t like her cutting her hair. Shivin says that it’s not showing much diffence here. Kathir also appreciate Mynaa.

Kathir shares with ADK that he got disappointed to shave his beard. It’s a Bravo moment for Mynaa. Shivin asks him what will be Azeem’s task. She teases him that Bigg Boss will ask him to tattoo her name on his hand or hair color in yellow. Kathir says that he won’t do like that. Even previous season people refused to do it.

At 1.25 pm, Bigg Boss asks them to find the next bomb. Azeem wants to wear the dress sent from Bigg Boss team. Azeem gets surprised to see baniyaan and Lungi sent for him. He shouldn’t comb his hair or applies make up. He wears it. Shivin tells him its looks nice on it.

Later, Bigg Boss asks them to find the next bomb. Vickram wants to vaccine his hand and leg. Vickram nods with him. Mynaa helps him to vaccine his hand and leg. They hears VJ Parvathy’s sound. She gives special entry inside the Bigg Boss house.

Episode end

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