Bigg Boss Tamil 15th December 2022 Written Update: Bigg Boss Roast Task

Bigg Boss Tamil 15th December 2022 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 37 at 8.00 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song” Enge pogiratho vaanam” then greets each other.

At 9.05 am, Aysha asks Manikandan to say the morning menu. He asks her to cook Uppuma for today. She nods with her. Manikandan asks Kathir does Nivaa swapped with him? Let her inform him. Aysha asks him what happened? Doesn’t she asked him to take her in cooking team? Then why she is swapping? Kathir tells her that his hand got sprain. He isn’t able to wash vessels.

At 9.30 am, ADK says to Manikandan and Mynaa that Azeem said to them who will dare to nominate him? If he considered him as his friend. Then he would have motivates him instead of hurting him like that. He is repeating it that he will be out. It’s irritating to hear him mentioning about it often. Manikandan asks Nivaa Is she swapping with Kathir? She denied it. Dhanalakshmi asks Kathir to just help her to arrange the vessels. She will wash the vessels. Kathir adds that he doesn’t have problems to wash vessels but handling big vessels is tough. Dhanalakshmi asks him to wash the little bowls and cups. She will take care of rest of the things.

At 9.35 am, Azeem shares with Vickram that Queency is not depend on anyone much. She has her own standards. She was pretty close with Sherinaa. Later, Sherinaa finds a good bonds with Aysha. So Queency tries to be close with Nivaa. Nivaa has inferiority complex with her. She is trying to show herself as low to everyone for sympathy or something else. She has her own standards too.

ADK says to Manikandan that Shivin is a talented one. Only she is able to calm Vickram. Manikandan says that they are imaging like that. Vickram dealing everything clear here. He is giving points while talking. They doesn’t know how to do it. They doesn’t know to manage like him. Amudhavanan says that even audience like that too. He is conveying everything to audience through his points. He is a clever player. His points reach to audience then us.

At 11.00 am, Bigg Boss asks ADK what did he learnt from the Bigg Boss house? ADK says to him that he learnt to don’t loose his words to anyone unnecessary. He learns to talk careful here. Azeem used to target him or talk with him sarscasm. He doesn’t like his attitude. He wishes to say it on his face here after. Bigg Boss appreciates his thoughts. He asks ADK who he is missing a lot in this house? He mentions his son. He adds that he would have feeling happy with his mom. He won’t be happy with him. They were parted away when he was 2. It’s not only his decision. But he hopes his decision won’t affect him. He wants to be happy and study well. He is sorry towards him for not able to give the attention and care to him. He would have been angry on him for scolding him. But he did that for his better future. He shouldn’t hurt his mom in any situation. Bigg Boss asks him to sing about his Bigg Boss journey. He sings for him. Bigg Boss tells him that he is happy to talk with him. Stop overthinking and play his game well. ADK thank him.

At 12.35 pm, Mynaa reasoning new task information from Bigg Boss. Task name Bigg Boss Roast. Everyone might divide into two groups and roast each other. Other housemates will choose the winner with their votes. Who winning it will get 400 points luxury budget points.

At 12.45 pm, Azeem says to Dhanalakshmi that while roasting using body shaming is not good. It will affect others. Meanwhile, Queency discusses with ADK that she doesn’t know to act they asks her to compete with Dhanalakshmi. How is it possible. ADK says that he is going to take Aysha name. He isn’t prepared anything for it. Meanwhile, Aysha asks Mynaa to give any tips to her reasoning she needs 400 points this week. Mynaa adds that she already has no ideas.

At 1.20 pm, Housemates annouced that mile number 8 will perform now. Shivin and Kathir goes to stage. Kathir says to everyone that she used to apply make up before go to bed. He imitates Shivin the way she walk, talk and wearing Mike. Everyone appreciates his work. After him, Shivin imitates Kathir there. She uses his profession there to roast him. Mynaa asks her Is she really roasting him or appreciates him? Bigg Boss Press the buzzer. He asks Manikandan to take the votes. Kathir wins the competition with 13 votes

Bigg Boss says next jodi number is 2. Janany and Robert goes to stage. Janany uses rhyming words to tease him. She brings his relationship with Ratchitha to roast him. Robert also imitates her in returns. He asks her when will she start learn Tamil? ADK comments that they are talking with each other instead of voting. Janany wins the task with high votes.

At 3.30 pm, Azeem reads the new weekly task from Bigg Boss. This week Bigg Boss house will turns to King’s house. King’s family back to their ruling power after 22 years. Kings family should be happy. If they are not happy they will get the punishment.

King family has 6 members. King, Queen, Prince, princess, minister and commander. Then Supervisor, soldiers are 4 peoples. Servants are 4. Important notes that everyone might talk in Senthamizh. Azeem might announce in front of camera who is taking that role.

Housemates are arguing with each other to take the characters. After lots of discussion Azeem announced this to Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss asks them to discuss with each other and takes a final decision.

Azeem says to Housemates that Manikandan and Robert are competing for King. He counts the votes and announced Robert is the king of this house. He got 9 votes.
Ratchitha, Mynaa and Aysha stands for queen post. Most of the housemates votes for Ratchitha. Azeem announced that Ratchitha is the queen.

Mynaa, Ram and Manikandan for prince position. Manikandan gets huge votes and appointed as prince of the house. Nivaa, Queency, Aysha, Mynaa and Janany are competing for Princess. Janany gets huge votes and becomes the queen of the house. Mynaa complaints that no one raising their hands for her. Vickraman, ADK and Shivin stands for Minister post. Vickram wins with huge votes. Dhanalakshmi become Soldier. ADK become the guard of museum. Nivaa going to play the blind role. Aysha takes sleeping guard post. Later, Kathir and Ram swaps their position. Queency becomes the guard. Mynaa accepts deaf position.

At 5.55 pm, Bigg Boss Roast show started again. Amudhavanan and Manikandan roasted each other. Amudhavanan wins with huge votes.

Robert, Queency and Kathir are discussing about the eviction process. Robert adds that he is sure that he will be eliminated from the house. Queency adds that Dhanalakshmi, Ayesha and Azeem won’t get evicted from this house. They have reasons to stay inside.

At 6.00 pm, Queency says to ADK that Dhanalakshmi stopped him from raising his hands. It’s individual game how could she stop him? Queency says that she is stopping others.

At 6.50 pm, Bigg Boss house opens. Housemates are exclaimed seeing the arrangements. The Royal house looking so beautiful. They appreciated the atmosphere and interiors arrangements. They praised the arrangements and thank Bigg Boss. He sends the special costumes to everyone. They noticed that only Royal family are allowed to sleep in the royal bed. Dhanalakshmi wears the queen jewels and praised her beauty. She regrets for not stand for queen position. Azeem playing with the swords and sharing dialogues to them.

At 6.55 pm, Robert checks the sword. Ratchitha and Robert are pretending like doing sword fight.

At 7.15 pm, Kathir says to Dhanalakshmi that there is no shift in the vessels washing. Shivin asks her to be ready to wash the vessels on time. Shivin asks Kathir to leave she will wash the vessels. Kathir says that they are portraying him as a bad worker. Shivin says to him nothing like that.

Bigg Boss calls Queency to come to confession room.

Episode end

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