Bigg Boss Tamil 20th December 2022 Written Update: Nivaashini evicted from the house

Bigg Boss Tamil 20th December 2022 Written Update on

The show begins with Kamal Hasan enters into the stage and greets the audience. He shares with them that balance is important in their life. He noticed many housemates triggered particular housemate to add spices in their game. But they fails to balance themselves in that task. He adds that it’s his duty correct their mistakes and motivate them to play their game well. Kamal starts talking with the housemates through Plasma TV. He shares with them let’s start a game. He mentions to them sword and knife were kept in store room. He asks someone to bring it there.

He asks them to give the sword to their strongest opponent and knife to the the least active person. Amudhavanan gives sword to Manikandan reasoning he is strong in physical task. It’s tough to win against him. He gives knife to ADK reasoning he isn’t considering him as a strong competitior. He has the confidence to win against him. Vickram gives sword to Shivin reasoning she is a mentally so strong and has good game play. He gives Knife to Azeem reasoning he is going overboard in over confidence. He lost his balance in game. Ram gives the sword to Kathir reasoning he is capable to win the physical and metal task here. He gives knife to Azeem reasoning he didn’t performed according to his expectations. ADK gives sword to Vickram for maintaining decorum in the house. He is trying to be right here. He gives Knife to Amudhavanan reasoning his comedy sense is hurting others. According to him Amudhavanan is not a strong competitior to him. Robert gives sword to Amudhavanan reasoning he is short then Ram. Though he won against him in that task. He gives knife to Azeem reasoning he isn’t strong according to him. Ratchitha gives sword to Shivin reasoning she is proud to mention her as her strong competitior. She gives knife to Nivaa reasoning she isn’t strong compared to her. Shivin gives sword to Vickram for not able to decode his character. She gives knife to Nivaa for not opening up.

Dhanalakshmi gives sword to Manikandan reasoning he is strong contestant. She gives knife to Azeem for being over confident. Janany gives the sword to Amudhavanan for being a friendly person to all. She gives knife to Ram reasoning he was influenced by others. Azeem gives knife to Aysha and sword to Vickram. Kathir gives sword and knife to Azeem to encourage him to bounce back. Queency gives sword to Shivin and Knife to Azeem. Nivaa gives sword to Queency and knife to Azeem. Mynaa gives the sword to Shivin and knife to Azeem. Manikandan gives both knife and sword to Azeem. Kamal asks Manikandan to clear that he isn’t a good competitor to him. He nods. Aysha gives sword to Shivin and knife to Azeem.

Kamal appreciates Shivin for received many swords. He captures her picture in his advanced coolers. He takes a short break. Aysha says to Queency that Azeem used them to play his game. Now they got alert and stayed away from him. Later, Mynaa explains to Aysha the reason why did she choose Shivin over Azeem. She adds that he is using their weakness to score his points. He doesn’t care about the positive and negative reach. He wants to reach outside.

Kamal returns to stage and inquires Kathir about his leg injury? Kathir says to him that Its still hurting him. He adds that they locked hands scuff on his leg. Kamal says that ADK locked him rights? ADK says to him that yesterday someone already locked him. He just continued the game like that. But he forgot where did he kept the key? Kamal adds that he argued there instead of searching for it. ADK says that he did mistake.

Kamal asks them who took that key? How many aware of this incident? Dhanalakshmi says to him that she doesn’t see it. But she heard from servants that Azeem hidden the key in his shoe. Mynaa adds that Shivin found the key and gave it to her. She handsover it to ADK. Kamal asks Amudhavanan doesn’t he aware of it? He says that he doesn’t know who took it but he noticed him throwing something down. Kamal adds that no one mentioned to ADK who took that key? He didn’t aware of the incident yet. He adds that ADK was trapped in their plan. Doesn’t he already warned them to don’t do like that. When they are going out of the game they might stop it. It seems they targetted him as a group. They are aware he will be burst out when ther trigger him.

Kamal inquires Azeem about it? He shares with him that diamonds were left to steal so he hide the key. Kamal complaints that he didn’t even asked sorry to him after the game. He didn’t even tried to correct the misunderstanding between them. ADK and Kathir were the victims in it. Kathir says that he was aware Key was with Azeem. He warned him to return the key to him or else game will be ruined. He doesn’t want to ruin the game. That is why he stayed quiet.

Kamal says that Azeem mentioned about Rap while arguing with ADK. He shouldn’t looked down on his profession. How much karnatic music and classical music important to India. Rap song is important to African and Americans. When white people fails to hear their words and continue slavery. They used Rap song against racism and slavery. He praised Rap Song. He asks ADK to sing a Rap song about independence. ADK sings a Rap song there. Kamal and Housemates appreciates him. He asks him how he is feeling after sing it? ADK tells him that he feels relieved after sing. Kamal warns Azeem don’t use such strategy to them. Azeem tells him that he didn’t used any strategy there. He adds that when he stayed quiet everyone said that he wasn’t active. When he was playing they are comparing his activities. Kamal asks Vickram what’s his opinion about it? Vickram says that he is confused about his behaviour. Kamal says that even Shivin played a game but she stopped it when it went overboard. He saved Dhanalakshmi from the eviction. Housemates appreciates ADK for his rap. Amudhavanan and Azeem are discussing about the situation. Azeem adds that he doesn’t know how to play his game? Amudhavanan says that he doesn’t understand how are they taking this game? He advises him to discuss with Bigg Boss about it. Azeem says that he didn’t hurted anyone. He feels like they are personally targetting him.

Kamal returns to the stage and start a another game with the housemates. He adds that bow and arrow kept there. Who is bow and Arrow here. He asks them to explain it. Dhanalakshmi gives bow to Azeem and Arrow to Kathir. She brings the recent task as a example. ADK, Ram, Vickram gives bow to Amudhavanan and Arrow to Janany reasoning he was influencing him. In the task Amudhavanan sang a song. He wasn’t uncomfortable with that song so asked Mynaa to sing. Janany asked the housemates to give their opinion about it. She would have asked this straight to him. Robert gives bow to Mynaa and Arrow to Manikandan. Amudhavanan gives bow to Vickram and Arrow to ADK. He narrates the situation him and says that they are forming group against him. Janany Nominates the same person.

Azeem gives bow to Dhanalakshmi and Arrow to Aysha. He says to him that Dhanalakshmi used to manipulates others. She is always a bow in influencing others but she will change the people often. Kathir gives bow and Arrow to Amudhavanan and Janany. Queency gives the bow and Arrow to Janany and Amudhavanan reasoning she saw him protecting her in the factory task. Mynaa gives the bow to Amudhavanan and Robert. Manikandan gives the same reasoning Robert taking his advise in everything. Nivaa gives the bow and Arrow to Ram and ADK reasoning she is able to feel the resembles. Aysha gives bow and arrow to Azeem and Kathir and advise Kathir to play his individual game in the house. Kamal saved Robert from the eviction.

Amudhavanan says to camera that he wanted to go out. Self respect is important to him than anything. He is just talking with a girl. How could ther portray it in another way. Discussing about game strategy is not a wrong. He complaints that they are trying to portray him bad here. He asks him to prove his innocence of else send him out.

Kamal returns to the stage and suggested book to read. He praised about Bollywood actor Dileep Kumar. He shares his expectations on him. He wishes to see him acting in Devarmagan in Hindi version. He informs to everyone that many filims going to release together in theatres.

Kamal asks the nominated person should sit together. He asks the housemates to guess who is will go out today? Aysha says that whenever she guess something it will go negative. It won’t happen. Aysha guess Azeem name. Mynaa guess Nivaa. Others contestants mentions that Azeem will go out. Kamal saved Azeem from the eviction and says Nivaa is evicted. Kamal asks her to come out. She nods to him. She bids bye to the Housemates and leaves. Kamal welcomes her on the stage. He plays the journey video of her. He wishes good luck for her future and send her out.

Episode end

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