Bigg Boss Tamil 6 25th October 2022 Written Update: Save or Steal the Dolls

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 25th October 2022 Written Update on

The show behind with Day 15 at 11.25 pm, Asal discussing with Nivaa about the gossiping around them. Asal tells her that everyone complaining that they are going in different track. According to him he wasn’t behaving strange here. He is playing his own game. Lers focus on our game instead of giving heed to their advise. He adds that he won’t change his attitude for others. He will be like this only. Meanwhile, Janany shares with captain that her team members aren’t helping them. It’s not her duty to force them to work here. Queency asks them to inform them before cleaning. If they aren’t helping them, than inform her. Janany tells her that they already informed Azeem about it. He was eating. Nivaa is not helping them. Queency asks her Is she inform her about it? Dhanalakshmi tells her that its already decided to clean at night.

At 1.05 am, Azeem mentioning Queency as baby. He is looking for her. Camera focuses on him. He shares to camera that he is just making fun stop recording it. Nivaa and Asal teased him.

At 2.10 am, Amudhavanan shares his Paapkovaa to Nivaa and Queency to taste it. Azeem complaints to Queency that she is his girlfriend. She wants to feed him instead of tasting it alone. He shares it with Amudhavanan. He asks him Is he talking seriously? He blinks at him. Azeem again plays Queency and mentions her as his girlfriend. She warns to beat him playful. Nivaa says to him he shouldn’t force her. He asks Nivaa Doesn’t she feed to Asal? Is it mean she loves him? She tells him that she wanted to feed him. But Queency doesn’t want to feed him. So he might understand the difference between it.

Day 16 at 8.00 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house and housemates starts dance for the song “Vaathi coming” then greets each other

At 10.35 am, Mynaa and Maheshwari are immitate Robert Master. Bigg Boss calls Mynaa. She asks him what’s the matter? He pranks her that he was checking her whether she is alert it not? Everyone laughs at her.

At 10.45 am, Sherinaa shares to Vessels washing team that plates are dirty. They are complaining to her it’s not clean. Asal asks her who said to her its cleaned? Sherinaa says to him she take it from here. If it’s not cleaned what’s the need to place it in the rack? Asal says to her may be someone keep it there mistakenly.

At 10.50 am, Vickraman asks Queency to call the vessels washing team. They are not collecting the coffee cups from here? Asal asks Robert Is it their duty to collect the coffee cups? He denied it. ADK tells him actually it’s every Housemates duty to keep the coffee cups on zing after they drink it. Or else vessels washing team wants to clean it.

At 11.05 am, Ayesha returns to house after the check up. Queency and Dhanalakshmi gets excited to see her back. They hugs her and kiss her happily. Housemates welcomes her happily.

At 11.30 am, Asal shares with Robert Master that Sherinaa was questioning him why didn’t he cleaned the plate properly? He cleaned everything night itself. If she point out small mistakes like this. Then he will complaint about her cooking too. ADK says that she was talking about cleanings right. Once check her bed then everyone will understand her neatness. Asal says that it’s their personal. They shouldn’t poke their head in it.

At 1.20 pm, Azeem reading new luxury budget task information. Task name ” Neeyum Bommai Naanum Bommai”. Housemates name written dolls were kept in a box at garden area. When buzzer plays housemates wants to take one doll and runs to the tent. Only 18 racks are there. Last two person holding dolls will be eliminated. Whose name in that doll will be out of the game. There are many ways to reach their target. They are able to block their opponents to reach there. Whose name last long will be escaped from the next week Nomination.

At 1.50 pm, Shivin and Ratchitha are discussing about the game. They are convincing each other to take her dolls. Ratchitha tells her it’s tough to choose her name in that situation. It’s all about luck. Shivin tells her that she will try her best to take her name. If she isn’t able to take her doll just run away taking someone name.

At 2.15 pm, Buzzer plays there. Housemates runs taking dolls and place it in rack. Maheshwari argues with Manikandan that he shouldn’t take the empty doll. He wants to choose the doll having names. He argues with her that name was stick on it when he take it. It’s fell down. Bigg Boss announced that they are not allowed to place doll in other’s rack. They are arguing with each other over this issue. Manikandan doll was not picked up by anyone there. Manikandan complaints to Maheshwari that she didn’t pick his name. Doesn’t he treated her as his friend. He disappointed with his friend. Maheshwari clears with him that she wasn’t pick anyone name intentionally.

At 2.25 pm, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to mention their doll names. Housemates mentions their doll name. Bigg Boss gives a last chance to Manikandan and Ram to have a friendly competition. Whose name in the Late comer will be eliminated.

Buzzer plays there Manikandan runs holding Sherinaa’s name. Ram holding Manikandan’s name. Manikandan reach to tent before Ram. Sherinaa saved because of him and Manikandan eliminated from the task.

At 3.00 pm, Housemates are getting ready to run again. Buzzer plays there. Housemates runs taking dolls and keep it on rack. They announced their doll’s name. Queency’s doll eliminated from the task. Bigg Boss says to her that she isn’t allowed to participate in the game

At 3.15 pm, Azeem and Maheshwari are planning to block their opponents. She says to him that whole house will turns opposite to her after this. He tells her that it’s game play. They wants to block them to make this game interesting. Later, Shivin informs Ratchitha about it and asks them to be alert.

At 5.05 pm, Housemates starts run from there taking dolls when buzzer plays. Azeem team argued with Dhanalakshmi team for passing the doll. It’s against the rules. Dhanalakshmi says that Bigg Boss wants to mention it not her.

At 5.15 pm, Mynaa argues with the others Housemates for passing the doll. It’s not in the rules. They are showing the favourisim for others. She complaints to Shivin that she took two dolls. She wants to decide whose doll to pick. He shouldn’t choose it. She was disappointed with their argument.

At 5.30 pm, Bigg Boss asks Mynaa to throw her doll on dustbin. She is out of the game.

At 5.45 pm, Housemates runs from there after the buzzer plays. Sherinaa takes Janany’s doll and didn’t run from there. She informs to all that its getting bored. She wants to start the real play. Janany’s doll didn’t get rack so she is out of the task.

At 6.00 pm, Azeem gets into an argument with Dhanalakshmi. He lashes out at her for throwing his doll. She complaints that he pulls her dress and hand. He gets into an argument with her. Amudhavanan tries to console him. But Azeem picks a fight with him too.

Episode end

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