Bigg Boss Tamil 6 6th October 2022 Written Update: Kamal’s Birthday celebration

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 6th October 2022 Written Update on

The show begins with Kamal Hasan enters on the stage. Audience wishes Happy birthday to Kamal Hasan. He thank the audience for their wish. He shares with them that their path or determination will decide how to face the challenges in our life. Housemates are also facing many challenges inside the house. If they face the challenge then people will appreciate that person and allows to stay inside or else eliminate from the house.


Kamal connects with the housemates. They wishes happy birthday to him. He shares with housemates that he got a chance to give TRP to their performance. He placed housemates pictures there. Today they wants to portray the Journalist role. They are allowed to ask their questions to anyone there. If they are dragging their conversation unnecessary then he will press the button to stop them.

Maheshwari choose Azeem to question him. She asks him doesn’t he used to mention everyone that he was a contestant here. She feels like he was using others for his needs. Doesn’t it his strategy? Azeem replies to her that he is accepting that he is also a contestant here. But he isn’t using others for his game play. Because he is capable to play his own game here. May be he wasn’t performed well in the last two week but he never failed to raise his voice against wrong things.

Maheshwari asks him how could he mention her as zero knowledge person. He shouldn’t have said like that. Azeem answers to her that she refused to accept her mistake in front of Vickram. He raised his voice for the right thing. She mentioned that he created that issue because she didn’t let him read the breaking news. Azeem cleared to her that Nivaa chose to read the news not him. Nothing is personal here. She shouldn’t have created fake story like that. Kamal press the button. Audience claps for him.

Azeem choose Dhanalakshmi to question her. Azeem asks Dhanalakshmi why did she walked away from the middle of group discussion? Dhanalakshmi shares with him that she will walk away when she started feeling they aren’t giving respect to her words. Azeem asks her why did she came to this house? Dhanalakshmi tells him that she wants to prove her talent.

Vickram asks Mynaa Is she here to play her game alone or team? Mynaa says to him when it comes to team play she will play with group or else alone. Vickram says to her that she said bad words to Manikandan when he asked her to wash the bathroom. She says to him that he was her friend. That is why she said like that to him. She wouldn’t have said like that to him if Vickram asked this. He complaints that she isn’t considering everyone as her friend. Kamal pressed the button.

Robert masters choose Ratchitha to question her. He asks her to share her expectations when she entered into the house. Ratchitha says to him that she wanted to change her name. She doesn’t have good name outside so she wanted to prove them that she wasn’t like that. Robert asks her what’s her option about him. She praised his talent and mentioned him as good human being. He asks her Doesn’t she understand that he was trying to say something to her. Rathchitha hesitated to answer him. Kamal pressed the button to stop it.

Janany gets Queency name. Janani asks her doesn’t she has beautiful name. Is she thinking she saved her name inside the house? Queency says to her that she didn’t did anything wrong to spoil her name yet. Janani asks her will she help others? Queency says that it someone needs help she will definitely help them. Kamal press the button.

Ram questions Janany doesn’t she came alone here to play her game. Now a days he feels like she lost her energy and being with groups. Why did she break the cup in anger? She says that she got angry. That is why she broke it in angry. He asks her how could she break the things in anger? Kamal press the button

Aysha asks Ram why is he always silent here? He says to her that it’s his nature. She asks him doesn’t he get angry? He says that he will get angry but he control it inside the bathroom. Kamal press the button.

Manikandan says to Vickram that he felt that he shouldn’t have go to jail for the worst performer. What’s the reason for it? Vickram says to him that everyone nominates him for not wash the vessels. Even Manikandan scold him for that. He, Azeem and Ram noticed that Bathrooms were not cleaned properly and informed him about it. They saw the response from Mynaa also. He showed partiality there. Kamal pressed the button.

ADK choose Sherinaa for the interview. He asks her doesn’t she said her hear got wound? Is it real or lie? She asks him to inquire the doctor about it? He asks her to spills the beans. She says to him that she got hit in her head. He asks her she is in the elimination today. What’s her opinion about it? She says that it’s in people’s hand whether she to stay inside or go out? Either Kathir or Aysha. Who should go out? Sherinaa mentioned Aysha name reasoning she is weak at this moment. He asks her to say why is her confidence drops down. Sherinaa says that she isn’t fluent in Tamil. It’s hard to speak in it fluent. When she realised it she will try to correct it. Aysha is also Malayali so she connected to her and talking in Malayalam normally. She is trying hard to change it. Kamal appreciates their interview.

Kathir choose Nivaa to question her. Kamal pranks them by pressing the buzzer. He questioned her about Asal. Her answer is not satisfied so Kamal press the buzzer.

Shivin choose Aysha to question her. She asks her doesn’t she showing less interest in the game? She isn’t seeing that old confident Aysha here. She says to her that she was tired of this mentally and physically. Shivin asks her to say the reason. Aysha says that she doesn’t want to prove herself to everyone here. She is tired of explaining her side to them. Shivin asks her who is troubling her a lot. Aysha says that she doesn’t want to mention particular person name. But she is tired of this game. She failed actually. Shivin asks her Is she ready to go out? She nods to her.

Kamal says to them it’s his review time. They are here to show their talent. Many persons are craving to reach this platform. But they are not showing their cent percent in it. Everyone getting paid to play this game. If they violate the rules he is able to eliminate them by showing red card to them. They are not wearing the Mike properly even after they got warning many times. They are sharing secrets or talking in other language and coming late to the task. He asks them to follow the rules here. It’s not Malayalam Bigg Boss to talk in Malayalam. It’s a Tamil Bigg Boss.

He asks Dhanalakshmi and Shivin to understand the rules and follow it. They are always coming late to the task. He gives a strict warning to them. He asks Aysha and Sherinaa to talk in Tamil. He takes a short break.

Kamal starts talks with the housemates. He asks them to take the things from the store room. Everyone gets surprised to see the snack there. He asks him to give the mixture to the person who is less active here. Housemates gives the mixture to the co contestants who is less active according to their point of view. Most of the persons nominates Nivaa, Ram and Aysha there. Kamal says that he thought Kathir’s plate will be full. But his change may changed their opinion. He advise him to don’t say thank you for everything. He saved him from the eviction. Kamal takes a short break.

Housemates congratulates Kathir. Later, Azeem says to Nivaa that she was isolated herself after Asal’s eviction. She isn’t listening to him. That is why he staying away from him. Nivaa says that she is close to others. Queency and Azeem are explains the situation to her. Queency misunderstanding the conversation and provoke Nivaa against him. Azeem walks away from there. Queency consoles her.

Kamal talks with the housemates about the weekly task. Kamal demands Ram to be in Vessels washing team. He didn’t saw him wash the vessels. Ram says that he used to wash it in night time. Vickram to say his opinion. He tries to support him there.

Kamal asks the nominated persons to sit together. Aysha and Sherinaa sits together. Aysha says that she wants to go outside. Sherinaa adds that she has little hope to stay inside. Kamal asks the housemates to share their opinion. Mynaa, ADK, Ratchitha mentions Aysha name. Kathir mentions Sherinaa name reasoning Aysha was upset the whole week. Kamal says that they won’t send her out for that reason. Dhanalakshmi says that Aysha will be out. Janany mentioned Aysha wil be save. Kamal showed Sherinaa name to everyone. He asks her to come outside.

Aysha cries seeing her going out. Sherinaa asks Kathir to take care of Aysha and goes out bidding bye to all. Kamal welcomes Sherinaa on stage. He talks with her about her experience inside the house. He says her journey video. Sherinaa enjoyed her video. Sherinaa thank him for the beautiful video and leaves from the stage.

Housemates celebrates Kamal Hasan birthday. Kamal cuts the cake and thank them for their love.

Episode end

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