Bigg Boss Telugu 17th September 2021 Written Update: The Housemates chose Natraj as the Best and Sunny as the worst Performer

Bigg Boss Telugu 17th September 2021 Written Update on

Day 12

09:00 AM

The inmates wake up to the song legend and they dance near the swimming pool ij the garden. They wish Bigg Boss Good Morning.

11:00 AM

Priya reads letter from Bigg Boss which says they are given a luxury task where they have to catch the ball as Bigg Boss calls theur names.

11:30 AM

Vishwa tells Shree Rama Chandra that there is a lot of change in Manas. He says thar Manas when loses a game, he doesn’t like it and would avoid looking at the person. He says he has given the band genuinely.

11:45 AM

Jessie tells Shwetha about the luxury task they are given. Shwetha calls him a sadist. He agrees to her. He makes her laugh. He pretends like the housemates and she continues to laugh.

12:00 PM

The task starts where they see Vishwa’s name. The ball comes. He loses the ball.

12:15 PM

The buzzer agaun Starts ahd this time it’s Lahari. She choses the game. Siri asks Sunny to calm down.

12:30 PM

The buzzer again cones and thus time it’s Lobo. He manages to catch the ball but it falls on the floor. Lobo curses the hole.

01:00 PM

Anne tells Uma that Sunny is behind Hamida. She says that he was staring her when she was getting ready. They tell Hamida that Sunny likes her. Hamida says Sunny is her friend. She calls Sunny and he responds calling her Bangaram. They laugh. He says they are friends forever.

01:30 PM

Bigg Boss says that they have done a lot of work to win in the groups and now it is time to chose who has done more hard work than the other. They should decide on the best performer with agreement. Vishwa says it’s Shanmukh and praises his work. Shree Rama Chandra says he wants to give to Natraj. Lahari choses Manas. Priyanka choses Shree Rama Chandra. Hamida choses Shanmukh. Shanmukh choses Manas and Lobo choses Natraj. Uma gives to Jessie. Natraj gives it to Shree Rama Chandra. Manas choses Natraj. Shwetha choses Jessie. Sunny and Ravi chose Natraj. Hence Natraj Master is the best performer.

01:45 PM

Bigg Boss asks them to decide worst performer. Vishwa says to Priyanka that he has no issues with her but she should come on time. Priyanka asks him when did she come late. Vishwa says a lot many times. Ravi choses Sunny because he is over enthusiastic. Sunny choses Ravi. Shwetha choses Siri because of her words. Manas choses Shree Rama Chandra because he is not as cool. Uma choses Sunny. Shanmukh also goes for Sunny. Kajal choses Sunny as well because he has difference of opinion. Priya choses Sunny as well because he has denied to talk with her. She doesn’t like his behaviour. Siri choses Sunny as well. Anne choses Uma. Shree Rama Chandra choses Ravi because of the words he has used. He says he is not sorry for what he did. Vishwa announces Sunny as the worst performer. Bigg Boss asks them to keep Sunny in jail till he asks.

02:15 PM

Lahari is talking to Sunny. Sunny says he has asked Jessie to take everything sportively. Lahari tells him aggressiveness is important in the game. Sunny says his was not needed.

02:45 PM

Kajal tells Priya that she got angry when she was washing the bowls and she has said that she deserves it. Kajal says she is working in the Kitchen even if she doesn’t like. This time Natraj name comes and he manages to catch both the balls. The house mates cheer for him. The buzzer comes again and Priyanka manages to catch the ball. The house mates cheer for her.

03:30 PM

Priya asks Kajal that she has asked how would she feel if she was told she deserve it because she can’t be a captain and it is totally different from not working in the kitchen. Priya says she would have felt that she has no manners. Kajal says it was her responsibility hence she has told her. She says she will leave her thinking it to be her manners. Kajal says Lahari should do the utensils. Kajal says she does after saying. Priya tells her that she don’t want to know about her. Priya says she lies fluently. Priya tells her that she is done.

04:30 PM

Kajal cries and Ravi consoles her. She says she wants to play and she is playing. Ravi asks whether she thinks strategy is a bad word. Priya apologises to her for hurting her. Ravi asks her to end this.

04:45 PM

Next names comes of Anne. Natraj rushes and gets the ball. He keeps it in her hands. Anne asks them to be ready.

06:30 PM

Ravi reads the letter from Bigg Boss which says they have shared both bitter and happy moments. They are given a bb news tasks. Ravi and Kajal should report the news to the Bigg Boss.

07:30 PM

Kajal and Ravi acts like the reporters. Ravi says they will go and ask every house mate. Ravi asks to start with Kajal.

07:45 PM

Vishwa says Kajal is the villain for him. She asks whom he will take as a lover to which Ravi says he makes sister with everyone. Kajal asks the same to Ravi and he says her name.

08:00 PM

Kajal aaks Anne about her Bigg Boss daughter who says she is glad that she has got a daughter here. Anne says she finds love triangle between Hamida, Shree and Sunny.

08:15 PM

Ravi asks to talk with Lobo. Lobo calls for Uma. He asks him why does he like Ravi soo much. Lobo says he is his good friend and he nominates him because he has changed a bit.

08:30 PM

Ravi and Kajal asks Natraj about his statement about fox and sheep. Natraj denies to say. Ravi says there is no time. Ravi says he had not expected Lobo to like Uma more than him. Lobo saya that there is no eyes for Lobo. He says they have looked into the eyes and proposed to each other. Lobo says Manas and Priyanka have good pairing.

08:45 PM

Ravi asks Shree Rama Chandra about his feelings towards Hamida and Lahari. Shree Rama Chandra says he had been close to many ladies in the show. Ravi asks him whom he choses as what. Shree says he has no clarity about Wife. He would chose Lahari and Priya as wife. Siri and Hamida as friends. He choses Kajal as his maid. Ravi then asks the same to Manas who choses Siri as best friend, Priyanka as sister in law, Hamida as girlfriend and Lahari as Wife.

09:15 PM

Ravi asks Hamida to chose between Sunny and Shree Rama Chandra. She choses Shree Rama Chandra. She says they will see about their relationship in the future.

09:30 PM

Ravi asks Sunny the same question as he did to Manas. Sunny choses Siri as Maid and Hamida as girlfriend. He asks the same questions to Jessie. Jessie choses Shwetha as Wife, Siri as Girlfriend and Kajal as his Maid.

09:45 PM

They ask Lahari to decide on the names. She choses Sunny as funny, herself as cute, Shanmukh as entertaining, Vishwa as bro, Manas as sensible. Lahari says Sunny and Hamida are cute. Then Hamida and Shanmukh then Hamida and Shree Rama Chandra.

11:00 PM

Shanmukh’s name flashes and he manages to catch the ball. The housemates cheer for him. They wish him Happy Birthday and throw him in the pool.

12:00 AM

Priyanka acts for the dialogue from F21.

12:45 PM

Shree Rama Chandra dances with Hamida for the romantic song Manohara in a romantic way. The housemates cheer for them. They dance very closely. The housemates clap for them. They both hug each other in the end.

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