Bigg Boss Tamil Season4 spoiler of Day 53: Rio questioning Aajeedh about Favoritism?

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BiggBoss show is very famous inbetween the fans. This show launched in Tamil and three seasons were completed successfully. Now the Third season kick started from October 4 hosted by Kamal Hasan. About this show 16 contestant were locked in the house for 106 days without contacting their family and friends. They must played with those housemates and win the title tackling all situation inside the house.

In the first promo Rio calling to Aajeedh and questioning him. Who is saying in the house all is game and strategy. He replies to him as Bala. Rio mentioned about Anitha, Sanam and Bala saying its all game when someone giving unexpected love they are accepting it. But when they asking it and receiving it why don’t they accept it. Sanam complaints that he is asking the question to Aajeedh instead of Bala.

In the second promo Sanam is lashing out at Rio for critising her. Rio explaining to her that he is praising her friendship with Anitha. Sanam complaints that he spoiled the image and narrating here is useless. Anitha ask him to explain to the camera. He is explaining it to camera.

In the third promo Sanam complaining to Rio. He replies to her that he was showing favourism to Aajeedh. Ramya saying to him if he was discussing something he must talk it infront of all. Shivani complaining to him that he was waking up everyone here when they are sleeping except Jithan. Sam saying to him that she heard that when Anitha is in kitchen there is more vessels to wash. He replies to her that he never said like that. He saying to them that he felt like played roller coast after talkes inside the confession room. Shivani raise her hand to question him. He pretends like crying not anymore.

What’s the new game and strategy is waiting for us in the BiggBoss today episode. Stay tune with our space for more upadate and information about the task and game play inside the house.