Nikkhil Arya – Hand of God Diego Armando Maradona is no more

Argentine footballer Diego Armando Maradona passed away on Wednesday, leaving his fans all over the world reeling with shock. Actor Nikkhil Arya, who has always been passionate about football says that Diego was the one who got him interested in fame. “He was one of my greatest childhood heroes. Arguably, one of the greatest footballers who visited this planet. He is the reason why I am so greatly attached to sports, he made the game richer by his presence. That is why I call sports the greatest and the only true reality event that can ever exist. The world has lost a complete era of football, it is dead today,” he says, adding, “He was an inspiration, my entire batch grew up watching him. I remember each pass, each moment of that world cup. He is famous for the Hand of God goal. Unfortunately, today god has taken his hand away from Maradona.”

The actor says that Diego’s life post-retirement was quite turbulent. “He is a typical case of being so famous in his working years that that fame could not be carried after his retirement and he lived a very troubled life after that which eventually has caused his demise is what I think. I am very sad today, may he find peace. Hand of God Diego Armando Maradona is no more and I know he had a troubled life! Adios Diago!” he says.

Meanwhile, Nikkhil says that India, too, is coming up, where football is concerned. “The future of football is superb in India. The opportunities, leagues and sponsors the children have today are immense. For example, my school has a freshly laid AstroTurf and has a tie up with a foreign club. There is a huge soccer movement within the country. I see us playing a world cup in a decade from now!” he says.