October 15, 2019
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Blast from the past on Vish

Colors late night supernatural show Vish is becoming interesting day by day with the makers are introducing engaging twist and turns in the storyline. The show is as a concept based on crossbreed creature. These creatures look,eats, talks like human beings but also carries traits of poisonous creatures. The newly launched supernatural flick is based on a love story of two such creators who had created a history. However, their survival is conditional and only the fulfillment of those elements can help them live.

In the show recently we had seen that Vishaili had married Mohit to get access to the wealth and status of the Kotharis and wants to look for a person with that special mark to save her lover. In the last episode of the show we have seen how the death news of Siddharth created a ruckus in the house. Where Vishera uses his powers and get to see the dead body of Siddharth inside of the well.

Whereas Sabrina got to know that Vishera is surrounds her, Aliya got to see the same mark in Siddharth’s body as her father. In tonight’s episode, people will get to know the past story of Sabrina and how she meets Mohit and Kothari family. Here Aliya will get to see Aditya different side with due help from Maria. On the other side Sabrina got scared after realising the presence of Vishera. She will get traumatized with the past memories of Vishera with her and Vishaila and she will go to him and warn him about the news of his comeback. Here Vishera will try to get hold of Sabrina and her powers as he wants her poisons to increase his own powers. For more updates about your favourite show keep watching this space.

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