Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 20th July 2022 Written Update: Payal helps Indu

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 20th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Zoon asking Ritesh if he will do what he is asking her to. Ritesh tells Zoon that she told her he is a jeanie so he can able to do anything for her. Zoon asks him to find her a father. Ritesh gets shocked but he changes the topic to food and asks her what she wants. Zoon says everything. Ritesh asks his worker to bring all the food that Zoon wishes to have. The worker obliges. Ritesh asks Zoon to wait until he goes and freshen up then he will take a selfie with him.

Zoon agrees. Ritesh leaves the place. Other side Indu looks at the clock and says to herself the day when she wants to leave early is the day she will get so much work to be done and starts typing across the screen. Her friend Payal comes to her and sees Ritesh’s photo with his autograph and questions Indu about it. Indu tells that she can’t exactly give this photo now to Zoon. Payal asks Indu to keep it with her and tells her she and Ritesh is made for each other. Indu asks her to stop talking nonsense and tells her she has to go and pickup Zoon from Ritesh’s house.

Payal gets surprised and Indu explains her how Zoon went to Ritesh’s house. Payal tells Indu to marry Ritesh in that way Zoon can get her father also. Indu scolds her. Payal tells her the Garland which she is carrying with her. Indu recalls Ritesh throwing it and feels embarrassed but her friend suggests that this is what true love is. Payal then tells Indu that she will cover for her today so asks her to go and pickup Zoon. Indu thanks her and leaves the office.

Zoon happily have all the food items that’s infront of her. Kaamna comes there and notices Zoon. She takes the food from her. She then asks whose child is this. Vivek tells it’s his friend’s daughter. Kaamna insults him and Zoon by pointing at their status also how they can’t able to afford all these and using this as an opportunity to enjoy the life they only can able to have it in their dreams. Zoon tells Kaamna its Ritesh who offered her this. Kaamna tells Zoon its because he must thought she is hungry but he isn’t aware they are using his innocence. Vivek pleads Kaamna to not to behave like this with Zoon as she is kid.

Kaamna asks Vivek to make Zoon leave the party. She also tells him that she will cut his salary too. Kaamna then receives a call from a reporter who tells her that their chief want Ritesh’s interview today itself. Kaamna tells it’s a private party where reporters aren’t allowed so she will do one thing that she will ask Ritesh to give them interview within two days. The reporter says that they want an exclusive interview before any other news channel approaches him. She then tells if Kaamna does this then her chief told they will arrange a photoshoot for Sameer.

Kaamna gets shocked. She then asks the reporter to send a new reporter also make sure the reporter shouldn’t ask any personal questions to Ritesh the latter agrees. Kaamna says to herself that she hope Ritesh’s wont get that angry. Vivek hears it and thinks that reporter must be in this party. He goes to Zoon and cleans her up and asks her to not to take Kaamna’s words seriously and tells her Indu is on her way to pick her up. Zoon gets happy.

Indu reaches Ritesh’s house but the receptionist refuses to let her in saying her name is not in the guest list. One of the security personnel receives a call so he asks Indu to use the backdoor to go inside. Indu agrees and goes inside. She takes a wrong turn which lead her to go inside Ritesh’s room. Before she leaves Ritesh’s comes out of the washroom only in his towel. Indu goes and hides herself in his closet. Ritesh calls his worker and asks him to bring his dress. Shivangi his co actor brings his dress. Ritesh asks her to enjoy the party. Shivangi tries to get closer to him. Ritesh tells her that he want true love something that’s similar to his father and mother’s. Indu hears it and gets surprised.

Shivangi tells him that she loves him truly which leads Ritesh to ask her what she even knows about him. She tells he is passionate handsome hot. Ritesh tells her that she knows only about an actor not who is real Ritesh. He then talks how he wish to meet his mother but he can’t able to because he feels guilty seeing her in that state. He also tells how he misses his father and during night time he and his father have a conversation and looks at the moon. He then tells Shivangi that she is good looking and talented but she is not the one for him. He calls Rahul who enters the room.

Ritesh asks Rahul to take Shivangi with him. Shivangi gets upset with Ritesh and calls him egoistic then leaves the room. Ritesh gets ready for the party. Indu leaves his room before that she hope whatever Ritesh told is true and he remains the same. She then finds a woman coughing in her room. She helps her have water then learns through the nurse she is Ritesh’s mother. Indu tells she may be paralyzed for years but she is sure she understands everything and there is a reason she isn’t losing her hope to live. She then asks the nurse it’s a family party so they dont take her down. The nurse remains silent so Indu decides to leave but her shawl gets stuck in Ritesh’s mother hand. She smiles at her.

Precap: Ritesh dances with everyone. Ritesh’s mother comes to the party. Indu and Vivek talks about Ritesh’s mother and Ritesh showing the world that everything is perfect in his life but he is going through so much pain.

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