Brahmarakshas 2 12th December 2020 Written Update: Vardhan tells Kalindi to come to Kali mandir

Brahmarakshas 2 12th December 2020 Written Update on

Kalindi dashes with Vardhan and apologizes, Vardhan controls a waiter and spikes the drink by putting his finger in it. Waiter gives the drink to Sid. Angad sees Sid going behind Kalindi, he tries to follow but Paridhi stops him. Kalindi cries talking to her mother’s photo. Sid comes there and tries to misbehave with her, she pushes him and runs to another room and locks herself. Sid chases her. Angad sees Kalindi room empty and searches for her. Kalindi escapes out through window, her dupatta strucks to gate while going out. She runs to jungle side, Sid and Angad go behind her. Sid sees Brahmarakshas and hides in fear. Kalindi also sees it and faints. Angad hears animal sound and turns to see Vardhan holding unconscious Kalindi.

At home, Shalini pretends to worry where is Kalindi, Sid comes and says he saw a wolf in jungle. Vardhan brings unconscious Kalindi and makes her lay down, Minty pours water on her and Kalindi gets conscious. Vardhan makes her drink water, Angad sees it and doesn’t like it. Vardhan smiles seeing Gehna who is watching everything hiding behind.

Kalindi is out with her scooty, Minty asks where is she going at night. Kalindi says she is just checking if scooty is fine or not. Minty takes out key, Kalindi asks what is she doing. Minty tells her to take rest, Kalindi says she want to go to jungle, she want to find her answers, Minty asks to which questions, what happened with them in childhood, how did their parents die, what happened today in jungle, why does she get fearful dreams. Minty says all these are past, they have to forget and think about future. Kalindi says she is right and thinks she has many questions to find answers.

Kalindi compares her drawings to wolf she saw, she remembers red color. Angad knocks the door, Kalindi opens to see red roses, she says she hates red color and closes the door, roses get struck in between doors and flowers gets separated. Angad feels bad, Robin comes and says girls fall behind him in London with roses, now he is doing it in India, Angad throws flowers in dustbin and also puts Robin face in dustbin.

A couple wearing red clothes stop in jungle as their bike got repair. Brahmarakshas takes away the woman. Her husband worries as she suddenly disappeared and complains to police. Police and he go to Madan house. Police trust Madan theory of some powerful creature is killing many young brides. They go to jungle in search of the girl. They find her hand, jewelers scattered. Police dog barks in a direction and they follow it. They go inside a den, Madan says Brahmarakshas wanted them to come here, so he left clues outside. Vardhan thinks he made them come here. Police says this news shouldn’t go to media and asks them to seal this place. But the news is leaked to media and news comes that police found many girls dead bodies in den. Injury marks look like wolf killed them. Raghav tells Prithvi that his son also confessed seeing wolf.

Angad climbs up to meet Kalindi, she gives hand and helps him come up without falling down. He asks her to come with him, he has a great idea. They both go to jungle. Angad gives her plates to break, in that way she can vent out her anger, frustration. Kalindi remembers Sid misbehavior and throws the plate, she laugus seeing broken pieces. She remembers Shalini taunts and breaks another plate. She praises Angad’s method. She is walking and he holds her feet to save her from stepping on broken pieces. He gives her heart shaped broken plate. Both spend some quality time.

Vardhan sees Kalindi drawings and asks her about them. She says she gets bad dreams regularly, her life is a question, she wants to know about Kali mandir. He tell her to come to kali mandir tomorrow night, she will get her answers.

Angad tells about his jungle date to Robin, he says he will invite Uma/Kalindi to Ishan’s bachelor party and propose her. Sakshi hears this and informs it to Paridhi. Paridhi gets angry and says she won’t leave Kalindi.

Kalindi is selecting dresses, Angad comes and says she is already preparing for party. He came here to invite for Ishan’s party. Minty laughs and says she won’t come to parties, that too late night, impossible. Kalindi thinks she got a reason to tell for going out. She agrees to come to party and asks if red wine is available in party. Minty and Angad are shocked hearing her talking about wine. Kalindi says she heard a lot about it tasting good. Angad asks her to wear red dress.

Precap: Kalindi comes to jungle in red dress, Vardhan asks why she came here in red dress, she says she want to challenge the demon. Sid misbehaves with her and both get shocked seeing Brahmarakshas.

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