Brahmarakshas 2 6th December 2020 Written Update: Prithvi announces Kalindi and Sid engagement

Brahmarakshas 2 6th December 2020 Written Update on

Kalindi shows washroom to Vardhan, she says she will stay outside in case he needs anything. He goes in and turns into Brahmarakshas, she hears his roar sound and asks what’s it. He comes out normal, she says stain on his clothes is gone. He stares into her eyes and remembers past. He asks who is she, she says Uma. He says human can lie but soul can’t, she is stranger to him but he feels he knows her soul.

 Kalindi feels awkward. Prithvi comes and apologizes to  Vardhan, he says no need of sorry, they gave him biggest dawat of his life. After dinner, Vardhan tells Prithvi as soon as they give him kali mandir trust, he will give them so much money that he will need appointment to meet them. Prithvi laughs and says their heart doors will always be open to him. Vardhan hand shakes with them, but Vikram folds his hands in Namaste. Vardhan leaves. Prithvi asks Vikram what was he doing, Vikram says he finds Vardhan strange. Prithvi convinces Vikram to behave cordial.

Angad applies balm to Kalindi’s burnt hand.

Gehna is angry as Vardhan didn’t do anything to Kalindi even though she was infront of him. She blames Kalindi for her husband death and their separation. Vardhan says Kalindi has to marry him wholeheartedly, only then he will get her powers and will become amar. Kalindi is sleeping and she gets dream of being chased by brahmarakshas in her bridal avatar. She shouts in fear and Minty asks if she got the same dream. Kalindi says she is getting this dangerous dream from childhood. She wonders if its linked to her past which she forgot.

Angad and his brother are playing badminton, Angad is mood off, his brother asks why is he behind a servant, he is turning harming ashique from charming guy.

Paridhi tells her mother that she asked Sid to marry Kalindi, Shalini scolds her and tells Prithvi what their daughter did. Prithvi praises Paridhi. Paridhi asks her mother to buy her solitaire bracelet as she held her hand tightly. Prithvi tells Shalini that Kalindi will turn 21 in 2 weeks, their image will increase if they marry her off to a rich guy, Shalini asks if Vikram will agree to marry his son to Kalindi. Prithvi says he will see to that. Shalini emotionally manipulates Kalindi into agreeing for marriage

Angad tries to tell his father about Kalindi, but he hesitates, Shakti says he has always been frank, why is he thinking so much now.

Same time Prithvi comes and tells Shakti that there have been list of goodnews ever since he came to India. Shakti asks what’s the goodnews, Vikram says all are settling, so he thought to do his son’s marriage as well. Prithvi says his daughter like Uma is the bride. He calls Uma and joins her hand with Sid. Angad is hurt seeing this. Kalindi goes to her room as its class time.

Kalindi shows her disappointment while teaching, Minty tells the student that they have so many functions, so class will be held later. Minty asks Kalindi why she agreed to marry Sid, he is casanova and had affair with Paridhi, whole college knows of it. Kalindi says that’s in college, people change as responsibilities increase. Minty asks what about past, doesn’t it matter. Kalindi says she is not interested in Sid, but he may try to be good husband after marriage.

Kalindi is folding clothes, Angad comes and asks what did she think, she rejected him saying he is rich, casanova, then what is Sid, he is also rich and same. She says she knows Sid from long time. Angad says he feels he knows her from long time, her heart beats faster when she is near him.

 He says he doesn’t know to cut potatoes but knows how to fold clothes, he asks her to see in mirror and tell why is she crying. She also likes him but doesn’t agree. He goes away. Kalindi thinks if Angad words are true, she says it can’t be true. Minty says she understands difficult formula easily, why isn’t she able to understand her heart, she understands her heart but doesn’t listen to it.

Madan asks police to get ready as bride, he will show brahmarakshas in hotel. He also disguises as bride groom.

Gehna takes Vardhan to forest, he asks why she brought him here. She says she has a big news to reveal, Kalindi’s marriage is fixed with Vikram son. Vardhan angrily turns Brahmarakshas and lifts Gehna in his hand, she says she felt good seeing animal in him, she tells him to think a way to stop Kalindi marriage. He becomes calm turning into Vardhan.

Madan, police come to hotel and start checking each rooms, Vardhan turns into brahmarakshas sensing a bride. Gehna sees Madan on the way to room and hurrily goes inside to stop brahmarakshas, he attacks her. She asks if he forgot her, he calms down and hugs her as Vardhan.

Vardhan comes to party and tells Prithvi that he knows everything of their past crimes. Prithvi announces he is marrying off his two daughters, Paridhi with Angad, Kalindi with Sid. Both couples dance and Sid makes Kalindi uncomfortable by being extra touchy. After dance, she escapes from Sid and dashes with Vardhan.

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