Brahmarakshas 2 13th December 2020 Written Update: Kalindi’s father is alive

Brahmarakshas 2 13th December 2020 Written Update on

Minty asks Kalindi if she is fine, its unbelievable that she is going to party. Kalindi asks her to stop teasing and help her in getting ready. Minty asks what is she wearing, her favorite or Angad favorite. Kalindi says its a coincidence that she decided to wear red saree. Minty says news is showing psycho is killing young girls wearing red dresses. Kalindi says psycho may get afraid seeing her.

Paridhi performs at Ishan bachelor party, she calls Angad as Angie. Kalindi comes there, Angad greets her. Sakshi, Paridhi plan against Kalindi, they spike drink, but Angad drinks it. Sid comes but security guards don’t allow him as he doesn’t have invitation, he says he is family and calls Paridhi, but she goes away. Kalindi says her time is over, she will leave now. Angad calls her name Uma loudly. He proposes to her and she accepts it. His father slaps him saying he gave word to Prithvi, Angad says he gave his heart. This is all revealed to be his dream. Robin pours water on Angad and he gets conscious. Kalindi feels Angad wanted to tell her something, but he fainted, she wanted to hear him.

Vardhan tells Gehna that he wants to trap Kalindi more, he wants to make her believe him that he is going to find her parents killers. He wants to do all this in few days, he can’t wait for months, years. He wants Kalindi to marry him wholeheartedly, then he will become amar. Kalindi comes to jungle, Vardhan senses the presence of red dress girl, he partially turns to brahmarakshas. He asks Kalindi why she came wearing red saree. Its very risky for her life. She says she knows it, she is laying herself to find about the wolf, she wants her answers of her dreams.

Vardhan calls her plan childish, he disappears. Sid comes and taunts she came here with her new lover, that rich guy. He knows how to show girls like her their real place. Kalindi asks what he means by girls like her, he says she pretends to be so innocent at home, but night she came wearing red saree to spend first night with that Vardhan. He says she will spend first night with him. He comes close but Kalindi pushes him, she tells him to leave, may be devil will come to save her from him, another devil. Brahmarakshas comes and attacks Sid, Kalindi is shocked and runs away to kali mandir, brahmarakshas is unable to enter temple.

Brahmarakshas is wild and attacks a man passing in truck, man escapes and goes to Madan house, he tells Madan that he saw a very dangerous creature, half human, half animal. Madan thinks Brahmarakshas got human form, he is out in open, they have to catch him in human form and shows a pic, otherwise daily they will get many dead bodies.

A man gives black shawl to Kalindi in temple, he tells her to leave and not remove black shawl until she goes out of forest. Kalindi asks who is he, what is his name, but the man doesn’t tell anything. Kalindi leaves. The man is Kalindi father who is still alive. He feels sad as he couldn’t show his face to his daughter, he felt like hugging Kalindi. Kali ma kept him alive for a reason, he is living in darkness for 16 years, he has to help Kalindi against that demon, he will reveal everything to Kalindi soon.

Angad comes to jungle and asks Sid where is Uma, Sid mumbles Vardhan, wolf and runs away. Angad looks for Kalindi and finds her, he asks why she came to forest, he thought she went home. She says Vardhan called her and remembers Sid taunting Vardhan ran away. She doesn’t understand anything and asks Angad to take her home. Angad, Minty make Kalindi sleep. Minty asks what happened, Angad says he don’t know exactly what Uma saw in forest. Minty cries saying Di is everything to her, her world starts and ends with Di. Angad consoles her saying Uma is fine. He says he read in newspaper that crying makes girls fat. Minty stops crying. Paridhi asks Angad why does he worry about Uma who doesn’t care about him, she went to meet Vardhan after party.

Gehna does some puja and prepares something, she asks injured Vardhan to dip his hand in it, it will hurt initially, but he will become fine.

Police enquire people near jungle if they saw anything strange in jungle. They say a deadly animal lives in jungle, every night it becomes so dangerous. Madan tells police about its power.

Raghav, Prithvi discuss who attacked Kalindi in jungle, Kalindi has only one enemy, tantrik who died 16 years ago. Wolf killed him, Raghav says he read in books that if animal kills a man with incomplete desire, his soul captures animal and it becomes brahmarakshas. They fear tantrik will take revenge from them also. Prithvi says Kalindi has to die for them to stay alive.

Paridhi complains about Kalindi to her mother. Shalini wakes up Kalindi and scolds her.

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