Celebs talk about who they would like to date

Celebs talk about who they would like to date
Celebs talk about who they would like to date

From Alia Bhatt to Hrithik Roshan, these celebs talk about their dream Valentine’s date!

Nivedita Basu: So, my dream date has always been Hrithik Roshan and he has only got better as he is aging. If there is any good looking boy in the industry, it is Hrithik. I mean look at his features, look at his face, height, the works… and I see some sort of honesty in him which attracts me towards him. So my dream date would be to be on an island like Maldives where he is cut off from the world! It is not like he can leave the island and get bored and go away, so he has to be with me on the island! My husband is gonna kill me because that’s where our honeymoon was, by the way! She laughs.

Pallavi Rao: Well hypothetically, I would like to go on a date with King Khan as he is the king of romance because if we have to go on a date, romance is what we want! And who can do romance better than him? So King Khan or Mr. Bachchan maybe, that will be my idol date and I would love to go beach side, with a candle light dinner, nice romantic music and obviously the sound of waves. I would order a nice rose wine and as I am a vegetarian so probably Khan sir won’t be able to have non vegetarian food. But I would definitely like some Italian food like pizza, pasta which I love a lot and some dessert like a Blueberry cheesecake and glass of wine, that would be an ideal date for me. I would talk about how he made us feel romantic in these many years especially in the era when Kuch Kuch Hota Hai released. I remember when I was in college, as a teenager, watching movies like DDLJ and many more which were released in that era, I understood what romance is. Whenever I used to see those films, I used to visualize and think why am I not there with him? I think romance started from there. I will definitely talk about romance and how he keeps doing it on the screen and the way he has developed it. I would definitely like to talk about his screen presence and the journey of being a romantic King because there are many artists who are action heroes but being a romantic hero is not so easy for everyone.

Hrishikesh Pandey: The best part about going on a date is to go with someone who can really converse, who can talk about their world and their knowledge. So it is very lovely dating someone like that. It is about much more and romance is not just about physicality. So, of course it has to be very romantic and, at the same time, you should have a lot of things to talk about. So when you have knowledge and you know somebody is sensible, it becomes beautiful to spend time with them.

Micckie Dudaaney: Hypothetically speaking, if I have to take somebody out for a date, I think that would be Alia Bhatt. I think she is one of the finest talents and the cutest girls we have in the industry today and I would like to take her to the underwater restaurant Ithaa which is in Maldives. I know she is a vegetarian and I am a hard core non vegetarian so the food option will be very difficult for us but I think for her rather than ordering, I would want to go in the kitchen and make some comfort food for her like Khichdi or dal chawal and French fries. For conversation, I think I would just let her talk and I would listen to her. I feel it would be great to listen to her.

Mohit Daga: I have a huge crush on Preity Zinta. I would love to go on a date with Preity Zinta. If I visualize my date, I would only talk about her smile, that dimple on her face and so on for an hour. I cannot plan my date more than this because if I plan and go, then the fun will get spoilt. It should be spontaneous that I would talk about something and then Preity Zinta would talk about something and that’s how the date would go on, in a flow. If I plan and go there thinking I will do this or that, it will look mechanical and she will go away within two minutes.

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