Channa Mereya 1st November 2022 Written Update: Rajvant faces humiliation

Channa Mereya 1st November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditya going to Kushwant’s photo and returning his ring then leaves the place. Aditya comes to his house. Amber asks what Ginni told and says that he knows that she must have put forth a condition. Aditya tells that he tried convincing Ginni but she refused to it. Shailaja asks Ginni must have told something to him right and mocks at the way she talks.

Aditya glares at Shailaja. He then tells the family members Ginni want justice only. She want the family members to confess their deeds to the world. Amber tells it’s nonsense. He also worries about the business loss. Aditya gets furious and lashes out at him for worrying about business loss and reputation. He also expresses agony how everyone in this family is selfish and not even caring about him then leaves the place.

Akash watches this from upstairs. Aditya goes to the place where he surprised Ginni for the first time. He then recalls his moments with Ginni which makes him angry and upset so he starts hurting himself by punching his hand in a near by pillar. Akash stops Aditya and takes him with him. He assures that Ginni will return to their house when Aditya shares his worry about how to convince Ginni. Aditya tells Akash even he wishes Ginni to return home.

In Grewal’s house Gulraj stops Ginni from going to the police station to complaint against the Singh’s because the Singh’s have money power and influence so they may trap her in any false allegations and ruin her life. Ginni refuses to listen to her. She tells Gulraj that she wants to give it a try then leaves the place. Gulraj gets worried. She then gets determined to expose the Singh’s truth to the world. She calls someone and asks the person about their friend who is working in the media then looks on.

In Singh’s house Rajvant asks Aditya is Ginni is ready to forgive them? Aditya says no and tells him that Ginni want something else which he can’t give it to her now. He then tells Rajvant that Ginni wants justice to her family and her father. Shailaja arrives there and tells the family Ginni wants to avenge them then switches on the television. In the news the reporter talks about Grewal’s family who is living a poor life and Singh’s who used Kushwant’s diary to become rich which shocks the Singh’s.

The journalist further tells that no one would have never thought that Singh’s could stoop this low and they all want justice for the Grewal’s. The Singh’s gets shocked when they hear the reporters and few people who joined them are chanting against the Singh’s. They all breaks the things by throwing things inside the house. Aditya and family members comes to the living room and gets shocked seeing its condition.

Aditya goes to the reporter’s and asks them to go back saying their lawyer will handle this with the Grewal’s but the mob refuses to listen. Aditya struggles to stop them. Amber decides to call the police. He then comes outside followed by other family members. Ginni sees the news and gets shocked. Aditya and the family tries to control the mob. Rajvant comes out of the house with so much difficulty by holding his chest. One men goes to him and throws ink at him which shocks the Singh’s and Ginni.

Goldie who is with Simran watches this news and tells this is what the Singh’s deserves for betraying his father also he won’t spare them at all for what they did to him. Simran also encourages him and tells him to not to fight alone but join his family members and earn their trust by supporting them in this matter. Goldie agrees. Simran smirks happily thinking that the Grewal’s are going to get half of the property from the Singh’s. In Singh’s house Rajvant falls to the ground and the family members rushes to him. Rajvant tells that he wants Ginni to forgive him then falls unconscious.

Amber orders to call the ambulance. Aditya goes with Rajvant to the hospital in the ambulance. Ginni goes to Gulraj and tells her about Rajvant’s condition. Gulraj expresses her happiness and reveals Ginni it’s her who is behind all this. She also tells they have to thank God for helping them. Ginni gets shocked. In the hospital Aditya pleads Rajvant to wake up and Amber tells Rajvant that he won’t spare the person who is behind all this. The doctor tells Aditya they will try their best though.

Aditya and family members looks on worriedly. Ginni tells Gulraj that she understands the pain she is going through but this isn’t the right way to punish the Singh’s also tells her if Kushwant was alive then he would never allowed this. Gulraj refuses and tells Kushwant must have done the same though. Ginni tries to tell Gulraj this isn’t a right way to get justice but the latter ignores her and asks her to go with them to the temple to thank God. In the hospital the doctor’s treats Rajvant.

Precap: Ginni comes to the hospital and pleads with Aditya to let her meet Rajvant once. Aditya refuses and lashes out at her for the reason behind Rajvant’s condition. He tells her that she broke his trust and they don’t have any relationship anymore and asks her to leave the hospital. Ginni leaves with teary eyes. Aditya looks on.

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