Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 1st December 2021 Written Update: Chikoo gets shocked with Nupur announcement that Mini as their Payal

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 1st December 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kamini says I know that you’re lying as I know who’s real Payal and I may throw you out from home but I felt pity for you and if you follow my orders than you will stay at this place. Nupur comes to Mini room with food and asks what’s Kamini doing with Payal. Kamini says she is giving company to her. Mini says Kamini aunt is so good and helped me by repairing my doll. Nupur asks Payal to eat something as they have to leave to temple. Mini says she is not hungry but Nupur feeds her telling stories. Kamini thinks Payal chapter is over and this Fake girl is in my grip.

Hira amma men thinks their work will be over if they takes her on time, their car gets halted at signal. Chiloo teases biker and he fights with Hira amma men and at that time Chikoo manages to escape from them and she enters to to temple.

Nupur brings Mini to temple along with her family and she tells to Mini how much she missed her and we came to thank God. Mini asks if she get any food. Nupur thinks why she feel that Payal didn’t missed her like she missed her than she says she will get everything post Darshan. Chikoo prays Bappa to make her meet with Nupur. Chikoo sees back of Nupur and Mili and she admires their bond Nd dreams that she met her Mom. Lady asks Chikoo about her parents. Chikoo says Mummy. Nupur turns but Chikoo leaves.

Nupur tells to Mini that they have to tie Dhaga to tree to strengthen their bond. Kamini sends Mini to play with Nivaan and she asks Nupur to give sometime to Mini. Milind asks Nupur to tie alone. Chikoo hears wishes gets fulfilled if they ties dhaga to the tree. Nupur ties Dhaga and Chikoo ties from otherside and she notices Nupur and comes to her but kidnappers kidnap her. Nupur opens her eyes and thinks who touched her. Mini comes to her and than Nupur leaves with her.
People saves Chikoo from kidnappers and asks about her parents. Chikoo notices Nupur is leaving with Mini and she thinks if her Mom is sick than she asks for lift but she didn’t get than Chikoo takes bicycle and follows them. Nupur and Everyone returns to home and gets shocked seeing the arrangements. Savitri says she arranged party for Payal arrival.

Mini gets exited. Nupur says she will get Mini ready. Mini asks if she gets what she needed. Milind agrees. Chikoo tells to person she will return cycle after meeting her Mom. Nupur makes Mini ready.
Chikoo enters the Joshi’s house and notices the decorations than she saw Nupur is announcing Mini as their Payal to everyone which shocks Chikoo. Mini hugs Nupur. Everyone claps for them.

Episode ends.
Precap – blind folded Nupur holds Chikoo as her Payal and she asks why she is crying than she opens her blindfold. Kamini and Mini gets tensed.

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