Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 26th November 2021 Written Update: Rangoli reveals truth to Chikoo

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 26th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rangoli asks Hira amma to don’t say anything and she escapes from that room by taking Chikoo at knife point. Nupur hears sounds of Payal and she is about to fell down from window of building in her state but Milind saves her on time. Rangoli takes Chikoo to terrace. Chikoo request her to tell her parents nams. Rangoli about to fell down from building in tension of getting caught but Chikoo saves her.

Chikoo kisses Rangoli and tells her that she got scared for her. Rangoli says I did bad to you but you saved me and crying for me. Chikoo says you’re my mummy and hugs her. Rangoli says I’m not your real Mom and I did wrong to you still you helped me, why. Chikoo says I love you Mummy as I know that you’re not bad and you saved me from the dustbin and gave me good friends and Nupur aunty told me that we have to never forget people who helped us and you make me experience the love of Mummy and family so thank you and you’re so dood. Rangoli feels bad.

Rangoli asks if she still thinks she is good even after she ruined her life. Chikoo says yes as you’re good. Rangoli says you’re good for forgiving me than she says she is going to tell her important truth of her life. Milind asks what’s she doing. Nupur asks why you stopped me, didn’t you hear Payal voice? She needs my help so let me leave. Milind says their is no Payal here. Nupur cries Hugging him.

Hira amma and her Men caughts them before Rangoli reveals truth to Chikoo. Hira amma says Chikoo, did you believe her lies that she got you from dustbin? She asks Rangoli to tell the truth that you kidnapped her from her house and not only you she kidnapped your friends too.

Chikoo says my Mummy can’t do it and she asks Rangoli to says it. Rangoli cries. Than Chikoo realises Hira amma is saying truth than she shouts at Rangoli and questions why she kidnapped them from their families. Rangoli asks her to listen but Chikoo won’t. Rangoli in tears says  I’m not bad and it’s Hira amma who made me kidnap you guys but I saved you guys from her and did you know how I saved you guys from her as I don’t want you to face her torture and I’m wrong but I become true Mummy to you and that’s why I wanted to buy apartment so we can shift to that place.

Chikoo says stop it as you may return us to our family if you care for us. Rangoli says she don’t want to lose them. Chikoo says Hira amma made you like her and their is no difference between you guys. Rangoli says don’t say in this way and she escapes from Hira amma men and asks Chikoo to come with her but Chikoo denies. Rangoli says give me a chance, I will fix everything. Chikoo says you are lying. Rangoli says I know your mummy’s name and you know her. Chikoo asks who’s she than Rangoli says Nupur Joshi is your Mom. Chikoo gets shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap – Chikoo and all the kids go out free. Chikoo says I m coming to you, Nupur maa but She falls down. She asks Mini to give the locket to Nupur and tell her that her Payal is alive. Milind and Nupur asks Mini how she got locket. Mini says my mum gave me this locket. Milind and Nupur smile and say Payal.

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