Chithi 13th February 2021 Written Update: Saradha and Shanmugam along with Kalai and Deeba leave for Singapore

Chithi 13th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mallika saying she hasn’t changed, she was always like that in her son’s matter. She has only one son and she can’t go against his wish. She asks Yazhini to take aarti for Venba. Yazhini thinks in mind that she will separate Venba from Kavin and will get the life she always wished for.

Mallika calls Venba and Kavin to come inside. Venba lights the kuthu vilaku in the puja room. Yazhini cries seeing this. Saradha asks Kavin and Venba to take Mallika’s blessings first. Mallika looks at Saradha then blesses them. Yazhini cries hugging Gowri. Mallika asks them to take Dharma’s blessings. Then they take Saradha’s blessings. Saradha advises Venba hereafter this is her house, they all her relations. She should adjust with everyone. She then says to Mallika hereafter Venba is her responsibility and asks her to take care of her. Mallika says she will take good care of Venba.

Saradha takes their leave. Venba calls out chithi. She cries hugging her. Saradha asks her not to cry. She further says Mallika hasn’t accepted her wholeheartedly. She has some plan in mind. She says she believes that she can handle any situation. Kavin assures Saradha that he will always support and take care of Venba. Saradha looks towards Yazhini. Yazhini looks away. Saradha leaves.

Kalai announces to Anbu and Nandhini that he and his wife got job in Singapore, so they’re moving there. Shanmugam says he and Saradha also leaving along with them. Saradha says she got a teacher job there. Venba got married. She also needs a change now. Nandhini says it will be boring without them. Saradha says finally she realized the family’s worth.

Saradha remembers her moments with Yazhini. Venba comes to her. Saradha says to Venba that they’re leaving for Singapore tomorrow. Venba worries how she’s going to manage everything alone. Saradha says Kavin loves her lot. He was ready to compromise everything for her. His love will help her to overcome all problems and also though Mallika is bad, she can’t see her son sad.

Saradha then requests Venba to treat Yazhini as her sister. Venba says Yazhini is angry with her. Saradha requests Venba to heal Yazhini’s wounds and make her move on in her life. She asks her to promise that she will take care of Yazhini. Venba promises to her. Saradha thanks her. She says now she can leave for Singapore with a peaceful mind.

The next day, Saradha talks to Yazhini’s photo. She says she hopes that one day she will understand her and call her for her marriage. She will return the day she will call her back. Venba and Kavin come there to send them off. Saradha says she trusts Kavin that he will look after Venba. Saradha asks Nandhini to bring a cover placed in her room.

Nandhini brings it. She says this is for you and asks her to open. Saradha says this is their house document and asks Anbu and Nandhini to lead a happy life in that house. Nandhini takes Saradha’s blessings. She apologizes to Saradha for her rude behavior with her. Saradha says to Venba she has a responsibility that’s to make a place in Mallika’s heart. Saradha, Shanmugam, Kalai and Deeba leave for the airport.

The episode ends.