Sathya 14th February 2021 Written Update: Prabhu’s excitement to meet Sathya

Sathya 14th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya is thinking about Prabhu’s sudden change and the way he is treating her. She is blushing to herself. Makhan and Panagha mandayan staring her in confusion and enquires to her what’s the matter why is she looking so happy today? Sathya informs to them that Prabhu asked her to do all his works. They are staring her while sigh. Mandapoona says to her that they are lazy to do their works so they are giving all works to him.

Pankha mandayan questions him that what did he done here except buy tea for them or cleaning the bike. Sathya scolds them for teasing her feelings. Mandapoona questions her what’s there to feeling happy in it? Sathya informs to them that Prabhu used to think her as friend that’s why he never disturbed her but now he starts thinking her as his wife that’s why he starts taking his rights on her. He mentioned her as his mom.

They teases her for mentioning her as mom instead of wife. Sathya scolds them for teasing her and informs to them that they are going to Agra. Makhan says that he mentioned Taj mahal as graveyard. He can’t able to expect anything from him. Sathya informs to him its nothing like that. She can able to see the love in his eyes. He missed her so much in these 10 days that’s why he wishes to propose her in Agra.

Here Sasi narrating to Prabhu whatever he collected from the staffs. Prabhu is feeling happy thinking about it all. Sasi asks him to transfer 1lakh rs to his account for treat. He asks the manager to do it. Sathya informs to her brothers that she is leaving. They questions her why is she leaving early? Makhan says that she wanna do shopping for Agra trip. Sathya replies to them not only shopping she wanna buy nuptial chain for Latha too. She already talked with Groom family.

Sathya asks them to take care of the service centre in her absence. Its very precious to her because Prabhu brought it for her. Makhan feels something wrong. Sathya leaves from there. Prabhu is going in car listening to music. Sasi is staring his expressions. Prabhu calls to Sathya and enquires her when will she reach home?

She replies to him in 10 minutes. He says to her that he will reach there in 5 minutes. Sathya wishes to reach there asap and driving faster. Goons lorry is following her. Head asks the driver to smash her bike. He hits Sathya bike. She flies over the bike and her head hits on the lorry. She falls down while shouting Prabhu name. Prabhu puts break down. Sathya is bleeding on the road.

Episode end.