Chithi 14th October 2021 Written Update: Venba is in great trouble

Chithi 14th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavin saying to Venba that he gave her bedsheet to a needy. Venba understands that Kavin has some plan and decides to not sleep.But lavin forces her to sleep. He tries to get to romantic with Venba. The TV gets turns on when Venba’s hand touches it by mistake. A scene from Suryavamsam movie plays on the TV. Venba sees this and gets inspiration. She decides to stay away from Kavin and goes out. Kavin cries and says that Venba could have seen hero and heroin consummating the marriage. Venba smiles looking at Kavin’s antics from standing outside.

Yazhini meets Nandhini and confirms that today her boss,Devaki is returning to India. Yazhini persuades Nandhini to remind her boss immediately about the diamond necklace. If they delay there’s chances for Venba to check her bag and notice the diamond necklace. Then she will inform Subulakshmi about it and their plan will be spoiled. Nandhini agrees and phones Devika and says that she asked her to remind about her diamond necklace when she will return to India. Devaki thanks Nandhini and decides to go to Subulakshmi’s house. Other hand Venba searches the ATM card in her bag, but fails to notice it.

Devaki comes to Subulakshmi and Natraj’s house. The watchman gets nervous on seeing her. They have a casual talk. Devaki asks to return her diamond necklace. Subulakshmi goes to bring it. She searches in the cupboard and gets shocked not finding it. As Subulakshmi is taking long time, Natraj goes to check. Subulakshmi says that the diamond necklace is missing. They phone Venba and enquires her about this. Venba gets shocked and assures Subulakshmi that she put in the cupboard. Subulakshmi asks Venba to come home immediately. Venba agrees and says that she will reach in one hour. Natraj and Subulakshmi go and tell Devaki that they cook had put her diamond necklace in the cupboard, but it’s not there. Devaki gets shocked and asks Subulakshmi how she can give such a costly necklace to a cook. Natraj and Subulakshmi say that though Venba is a cook, she is like a member of their family. Devika says that Natraj and Subulakshmi get fooled by such people easily as they don’t have own kids. She demands to get her diamond necklace, which was gifted by her husband. She phones police and file a complaint that her diamond necklace is missing. Devaki asks if Venba is innocent, where the diamond went. She isn’t emotional fool like them. She wants her necklace. Subulakshmi and Natraj look on helplessly.

Venba informs Kavin that Devaki’s diamond necklace is missing. Kavin assures her that it must be there in the locker, they will go and find it. Venba says that it’s not big a locker for Subulakshmi can’t find it. Venba cries getting scared recognizing the future tell her words. Kavin reassures. Venba and Kavin pray to God that the necklace should be found.

The episode ends.