Trinayani: Nayani is disappointed

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Trinayani is a Zee Telugu’s show and is popular for its unique storyline. The story revolves around Nayani and her husband Vishal. Trinayani can see the future and she helps everyone whom she finds in a trouble. She then meets her husband Vishal whom she gets married to and he doesn’t like her. Gayathri Devi Vishal’s Mother’s spirit visits Nayani and guides her in saving Vishal. Later Vishal falls in love with Nayani and now Thilottama is trying to know about Nayani’s talent so that she can be careful.

In the today’s episode we will get to see Thilottama telling a plan to Jasmine asking her to take Vishal with her. Durandhara asks Vishal to take Jasmine with him and drop her on the way. They were standing near the car when Jasmine looks at Nayani with an evil smile. Nayani realises her intentions. Vishal drives the car but stops seeing Nayani fainting. He rushes to her stopping the car. Nayani who is hugging Vishal gives Jasmine a wink to her. Jasmine gets shocked.

In the upcoming episodes we will get to see Nayani asking the photographer to give the photos from the negative. He denies saying it’s a old one. Nayani tells Hasini the same who asks her whether she got what is in the negative. Thilottama who has come there hears it. Nayani says that she should do something to know what is there in the chip. Thilottama says that from the moment Nayani has entered her Life, she never knows from which side the problem comes. She decides to know what is in the chip..

How will Nayani save Vishal from Jasmine? What will Jasmine do next? What will Thilottama do?

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