Chithi 15th October 2021 Written Update: Venba gets accused of theft

Chithi 15th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with police arriving at Nathan’s house. The watchman gets worried on seeing police. The lady inspector asks Devaki when her jewel got stolen. Devaki explains that she forgot her bag which contained a diamond necklace in this house when she has come to discuss a case to her friend and lawyer, Subulakhsmi. The inspector asks Subulakhsmi if it’s true. Subulakhsmi nods yes. The inspector asks then where the necklace went. Subulakhsmi narrates that her cook put the bag in the cupboard. She says that Venba has told that she will come in 45 mindDevaki says that the cook took the necklace and to escape she said that she will come in 45 mins. The inspector asks for Venba’s address. Natraj gives the details about Venba written in form. The inspector says that her name is Venba, but they call her subulakhsmi. Devaki says that she has studied B.Com but working as a cook. She demands to arrest Venba and enquire. The inspector agrees and leaves.

Kavin and Venba get ready to leave for work. Kavin says Venba to change her bindi. Venba looks into her bag and gets shocked on finding the diamond necklace. She shows the necklace to Kavin and he’s also gets shocked. The police arrives there with Devaki and catches Venba with the diamond necklace in her hand. Devaki scolds Venba for stealing her necklace. Venba cries and says that she’s innocent. She asks Kavin to say. Kavin thinks that he should not let Devika knows that they’re husband and wife as it will complicate the matter more and decides to handle the matter differently. Kavin goes to the inspector and tries to convince that Venba is innocent. He says that Subulakhsmi trusts Venba so that she gave her the locker key and asked to put the diamond necklace in the cupboard. Venba keeps repeating that she’s innocent. The inspector slaps Venba. Kavin says to the inspector that she’s doing wrong by slapping an innocent.

The inspector drags Venba downstairs. Shivani mother and the neighbors ask what happened. The inspector says that Venba stole the diamond necklace in her working place. Kavin pleads with the inspector to leave Venba and tries to persuade the inspector Venba is innocent. The neighborhood ladies badmouthes Venba and Kavin. Venba cries and says that she can’t bear the insult and wishes to die. Kavin says to the inspector that he will bring Venba to the police station and asks not to take Venba like this. The inspector says that they should have thought about this before stealing in an elderly couple’s house. They drag Venba and took her in police jeep Kavin runs a free the jeep. Yazhini and Nandhini watch this and rejoice. Yazini says that Venba should at least get jailed for six months. In between time she will make Kavin hers anybow. Then Venba has to leave alone after coming out of the jail.

Subulakhsmi phones Devaki to know that Venba didn’t have the diamond necklace. However she gets shocked that the diamond necklace was in Venba’s bag. Still Subulakhsmi says that it may not be her diamond necklace. Devaki says that it was hers and Venba admits it, but she says that she doesn’t know how it came in her bag. Police arrested her. Subulakhsmi and Natraj get worried. Kavin comes to Subulakhsmi and Natraj. He says that big they know what happened with Venba. Natraj and Subulakhsmi say that they tried to stop this, but could not. He requests Subulakhsmi to come and say to the inspector that Venba is innocent. Subulakhsmi says that the necklace was in Venba’s bag, then how she can take the case. Kavin asks if they think Venba stolen the necklace. Subulakhsmi says that Venba saved her life, so how she can doubt her, but police will ask proof which we don’t have. Natraj says that Devaki is stubborn and if she doesn’t like someone, she will definitely punish him/her. It seems that Venba is at fault, what they can do. Kavin says that he will stay with Venba and prove her innoncence. Kavin gets ready to leave. The watchman salutes him. Kavin gets suspicious and wonders why he salutes him suddenly.

The episode ends.