Chithi 1st December 2020 Written Update: Mallika orders Deveraj to Kill Saradha’s family

Chithi 1st December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shanmugam and Saradha talking about Yazhini. Shanmugam says she loves Yazhini so much and wanted her marriage to happen without any obstacles but the wedding broke. Saradha says man’s has one wish and God has another. Shanmugam says his heart paining to see her.

She has put lot of efforts for her marriage but everyone blames her for Yazhini’s broken wedding. His heart pains more when he thinks that their daughter-in-law is responsible for everything. Saradha says she doesn’t understand why she’s doing like this. Shanmugam suggests to leave the city leaving all the people who trouble her behind. Saradha says they shouldn’t run away as they’re innocent. Shanmugam says everyone blames her.

Saradha says it won’t take one second for her to prove her innocent but she doesn’t want Nandhini let her down. She admits she’s hurt and doesn’t expect Yazhini will blame. She promise to make Yazhini and Kavin’s marriage happen as it’s her responsibility. Venba overhears their conversation and cries.

At Police station, Mallika is remembering how she pleaded with Saradha and how she refused to relase Arun. Dharma comes to meet Mallika. He tells their institution was sealed and their bank accounts are blocked. He says he can’t bail her out easily. He feels helpless. Mallika asks to call Deveraj. Mallika tells to Deveraj to finish Saradha’s family before she comes out of the jail. Dharma asks they’re already in trouble why to add one more trouble. Mallika angrily asks him to watch out if Deveraj do the work without any mistakes.

Saradha is returning from market A goon with a knife follows her. At Saradha’s house, Shanmugam is alone. A goon dressed up as a gaz delivery person enters the house. Shanmugam goes to bring the cash. The goon takes a knife out. Elsewhere Venba is seen riding the bike. A car follows her. Dharma calls Deveraj. He asks to cancel the plan. Deveraj asks why. Dharma says it’s Mallika’s order. Deveraj calls his men one by one and says the plan is cancelled. One goon’s number is switched off.

Deveraj informs Dharma that the goon sent to Saradha’s house isn’t picking the call. Dharma rushes to Saradha’s house. When the goon is about to stab Shanmugam, Dharma saves Shanmugam. The goon runs away. Shanmugam is shocked. He asks Dharma what he’s doing here. Dharma lies he has come this side by chance and leaves. When he’s going out, Venba comes in. Dharma feels relieved that Venba is safe. He drives off.

Kavin phones Venba. The latter cuts his call. Kavin again calls her. Venba picks his call up. Kavin says he needs to talk to her and asks to be serious. Venba says everyone in his family misunderstood her chithi and blamed her. Kavin says he believes Saradha but at the same time she should understand others situation. Kavin asks Venba to meet him tomorrow.

 Venba refuses to come. He says he wants to talk regarding Saradha and how to prove her innocence. He says he will send an address and asks to come if she wants. He cuts the call. Venba wonders whether to go or not.

The episode ends.