Molkki 1st December 2020 Written Update: Priyu curses Naveen

Molkki 1st December 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Manas tells Juhi to not cry otherwise he will also cry. Prakashi tells them to open the door saying they didn’t ate anything since morning. Juhi says she won’t open the door and not going to eat anything also. Anjali says they will come out by themselves when they can’t tolerate their hunger. Purvi hears them and thinks how can they stay hungry that too they are small kids and wonders how to know about their condition. She sees them through window and hears their conversation.

Sudha tries to run away from her house saying she can’t tolerate anymore. Sudha’s mother in law was closing all the doors and goes backside to check there with gun. Manas says he is hungry. Juhi tells him that they can’t eat anything. Purvi thinks she will take care of this kids until she is here and curses Virendra for his bad attitude.

 Virendra hears her and she falls on his arms. She recalls her marriage and few other incidents. He asks what was she doing and asks about whom she was talking about it. She was about to say she was talking about him only and stops in midway and runs from there. He says she is strange like always. Sudha’s mother in law goes to back side. Sudha tried to escape from there but her mother in law catches her.

In dinning table, Virendra asks why everyone is so silent now. Prakashi says kids didn’t eat anything and he should not have slapped Juhi. He says they are messing whole house everyday once he leaves the house and if it continues then they will fail in their life too like they failed in all of their exams.

He says he should be strict towards them because others hiding their mistakes from him and today Prakashi injured, tomorrow it may happen with anyone. He leaves from there without eating anything. Prakashi says she also doesn’t want to eat and was about to move but Purvi stops her saying she will feed food to kids. Prakashi praises Purvi to Mama saying he choosed the right bride for Virendra.

Sudha’s mother in law scolds Sudha saying she is Molkki and she doesn’t has the rights to leave this house.Purvi asks about favorite dishes of Manas and Juhi. Servant tells her their favorite dishes. Puri prepares them for kids. Mama calls Om and tells him to reach tomorrow for meeting. But Om says he has some work to do in his house so they need to postpone the meeting. Mama says he will inform to Virendra.

Purvi reaches the room with food and calls them. Juhi tells Manas to ignore her. Manas says he is just going to smell it and says the smell is really good. Purvi says she is keeping the food outside their room and tells them to eat it saying she won’t tell anyone about it. She leaves from there. Manas says Purvi went so they can eat now but Juhi denies him. But he goes out and takes the plate inside and feeds Juhi. Purvi sees that and thinks after she goes from here who will take care of these kids. She says she got way to live here as Purvi not Molkki.

Priyu reaches Naveen’s house and says she will marry him after giving this money to his parents. She gets confused seeing the marriage mandap and guest’s and shocks seeing Naveen as groom. She shouts at him saying he is doing wrong with her. Naveen’s mother tells Priyu to leave from there and not interfere in his son’s marriage. Priyu says he loves her and it’s forced marriage for him and tells him to confess it to everyone.

Naveen pushes her saying he doesn’t love her. She tells Naveen’s bride that she had miscarriage and leaves from there after cursing Naveen. Prakashi says Purvi feed food to kids. Mama notices Virendra entering different room and asks why he is going to that room. Prakashi says Virendra sleeping there only after marriage. He says he will make sure that Virendra sleeps on his room with Purvi. Priyu decides to meet Purvi.

Episode ends.

Precap – Purvi applies for job and informs Virendra that she doesn’t know the deal of her marriage.

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